Brian Pillman Jr. states that he has ‘huge opportunity’ coming up in his career that’s in the works

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He said he can’t say too much about it because it’s in the works. 

After being signed to a contract in the summer of 2021, Brian Pillman Jr.’s time with AEW came to an end this summer and he’s no longer with the company. Following Pillman Jr.’s departure from AEW, it was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he was present at the WWE Performance Center. 

Pillman Jr. was the focus of a Captain’s Corner virtual signing and stated that he has a huge opportunity coming up in his career that he can’t speak too much about. Pillman Jr. added that it is in the works. 

It’s a tough business. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. But, being here today and getting to reminisce on some of my past moments in my career has really cheered me up and put me in a position to where I’m excited for the future. There’s a lot to come. I can’t speak on it right now. It’s kind of in the works right now but I’ve got a huge moment, a huge opportunity coming up in my career to continue making memories, continue coming up with new gear ideas and sharing my idea of pro wrestling with you all.

For a period of time, Pillman Jr. teamed with Brock Anderson and that was a pairing he enjoyed. He said they had natural chemistry and it’s unfortunate that a television run didn’t come out of it. 

As Pillman Jr. was speaking, he mistakenly said he and Anderson had matches in NXT and jokingly added that he was jumping the gun with that comment. He teased the idea of a reunion with Anderson elsewhere. 

This is a memorable match for me (teaming with Brock Anderson at Ric Flair’s Last Match event) because it was the first time Brock and I wrestled on a really big stage. I mean this was a pay-per-view, this was Ric Flair’s Last Match. So not only am I wrestling on Ric Flair’s Last Match, making history. But I’m also doing it with somebody that has the same type of lineage as me and shares that bond with me in Brock Anderson and we would go on to have some really good development matches in NX — not NXT, sorry. AEW. Jumping the gun here (Pillman Jr. smiled). At AEW, we would do Ring of Honor and Darks and stuff and had some really cool matches. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up getting the TV push but, Brock was somebody that I had a lot of natural chemistry with, we gelled very well, our personalities worked really well together, our wrestling styles worked well together and we complimented each other. Where he was different, I was different and we weren’t two of the same and that’s probably how our fathers got along there in the ring as well so super, super, super, super huge moment in my career. Probably one of the best weekends of my life.

And who knows? Maybe me and Brock will reunite in the future, in another promotion. I think there’s a few other wrestling companies out there.

He was signed to AEW alongside Griff Garrison as the Varsity Blonds. He thinks they were split up too early and is interested to see where Garrison’s journey takes him next. 

It was just an honor to relive that (Hollywood Blonds) with Griff (Garrison), you know? The Varsity Blonds, and who knows where his path will go, where Griff will end up but I feel like, sort of a similar story, I think they broke us up too soon, I think we were on to something and I think we’re both gonna become stars down the road.

Garrison and Pillman Jr. were engaged in a program with House of Black as they were swaying Julia Hart to their faction. Pillman Jr. feels he cut one of the best promos of his career against Malakai during that program.

And you know, people say what they want about the feud with House of Black (and Varsity Blonds) but, it made for some interesting television. I cut one of the best promos of my career against Malakai Black in Jacksonville in front of a live crowd once we started allowing live crowds in there. Obviously, the feud didn’t go our way and Julia (Hart) went with them and they’re continuing to do great television with her and with the House of Black so, no hard feelings there. Young, up-and-coming tag team that didn’t quite hit a home run but, you know, we were in the game. ‘98 Braves baby.

The 29-year-old Pillman Jr. last wrestled for AEW as a part of their House Rules tour in May. His most recent televised match was on the February 3rd episode of Rampage

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