Young Bucks confirm The Elite negotiated new AEW deals together, ‘majority rules’ vote, Matt Jackson considered retirement

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

The Young Bucks speak about the process of re-signing with AEW. 

The announcement was pushed out from All Elite Wrestling that The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Hangman Adam Page) inked new long-term deals with the company

Matt and Nick sat down with Swerve Strickland and Teasy Jones to record a new episode of the Swerve City Podcast and they dove into the process of re-signing. Nick joked that it’s an NBA-level contract. 

Nick: When we signed it, we’re like, ‘This is like an NBA-level contract. That’s pretty crazy’ (he laughed)… No (we’re not talking Jaylen Brown type of contract). I wish, I wish. But who knows? Maybe one day. 

Continuing on the topic, Nick said WWE being hot right now helps the overall business. There’s the idea of who might jump ship and Matt added that The Elite did not know what they were going to do. He confirmed they negotiated their deals together. 

The group was sticking together regardless, but their votes did not line up all the time when it came to their decision. Matt contemplated retirement but Nick talked him out of it. 

Nick: It’s weird, WWE being hot helps us because wrestling in general is hot right now. 

Matt: And then the threat of guys from our company going there, it helps the wrestling business. 

Nick: And that’s interesting. I wanna see stuff like that because it’s interesting. It’s real life. Who knows who will jump ship and whatnot. 

Matt: And we honestly, we didn’t know. We talked about how we just signed these contracts. It’s funny because a lot of fans I’m sure… I don’t read any of it but I’m sure they’re thinking, oh, how unsurprising. The Elite re-signed. Bro, we didn’t even know if we were gonna re-sign. We had no idea and there would be times, because we knew, not just the two of us, Hangman (Adam Page) and Kenny (Omega), the four of us, we negotiated together as a team and which I don’t know if it’s ever really been done. 

Nick: We were gonna stick together… And it’s crazy because all four of us, we all agreed, we’re sticking together. 

Matt: And the votes did not line up every time, because we said, ‘Majority wins on this’ and there was a lot of emotions in the last year as the world knows so one day, this person’s voting to leave, this person’s voting to go. We weren’t even on the same page the whole time. 

Nick: I’ll say this, there was many times where Matt just said, ‘You know what? I have enough. I’m ready to just retire.’

Matt: I talked about that. 

Nick: And I had to talk him out of it. I talked him out of retiring. 

Matt: I’ve been toying with that for a long time and he even told me, he’s like, ‘Let’s just do at least one more big one.’ 

Nick: I think it’s fun to fantasize about retirement. So I get it. He’s almost in his 40s now. 

In addition to The Elite re-signing, Kip Sabian publicly stated that he re-signed and Evil Uno confirmed that Dark Order (Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds) are going to be with AEW for years to come.

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