G1 Climax 33 Contest: Night 15 Results

Below are the contest standings after night 15 headlined by Shingo Takagi vs. EVIL. With only one more night of block matches to go, we have two of the four opening round matches for the elimination round of the G1 confirmed:

  • SANADA (A Block Winner) vs. EVIL (C Block Runner-Up)
  • David Finlay (C Block Winner) vs. Will Ospreay (B Block Runner-Up)

For those tracking the listener contest, today will be the last update of listener standings until after the overall G1 has concluded. There will be a post tomorrow after the D Block finals for those interested in seeing the group prediction accuracy but final contest standings will be held until the G1 concludes.

Jeremy Finestone continued his winning ways today and widened his first-place lead to four points which guarantees that the worst he can do is finish tied for most contest points earned but there is an outside chance that tie-breakers could still play a factor. In the POST Wrestling E Block, Brandon Thurston has ascended to first place with a two-point lead over the John Kleinchester and looks well-poised to win the block but will need to finish strong to ensure a victory.

  • CLICK HERE for the full PDF report for Night 15
  • CLICK HERE for a full list of listener predictions for this year’s contest


Below are the current point standings for all of the wrestlers in the G1 in their respective blocks.

Rank A Block B Block
1 SANADA (14) Kazuchika Okada (12)
2 Hikuleo (8) Will Ospreay (10)
3 Yota Tsuji (7) El Phantasmo (6)
4 Kaito Kiyomiya (6) Great-O-Khan (6)
5 Ren Narita (6) KENTA (6)
6 Shota Umino (6) Taichi (6)
7 Gabe Kidd (5) Tanga Loa (6)
8 Chase Owens (4) YOSHI-HASHI (4)
Rank C Block D Block
1 David Finlay (10) Jeff Cobb (8)
2 EVIL (10) Tetsuya Naito (8)
3 Tama Tonga (9) Zack Sabre Jr. (8)
4 Eddie Kingston (8) Hiroshi Tanahashi (6)
5 Shingo Takagi (7) Hirooki Goto (6)
6 Aaron Henare (4) Alex Coughlin (4)
7 Mikey Nicholls (4) Shane Haste (4)
8 Tomohiro Ishii (4) Toru Yano (4)


Points Contestant
77 Jeremy Finestone
73 Eric from Cork
72 Big Iron OG
72 Scotts
71 Anthony C
71 Trevor S.
70 Tom H
69 JamesTD
69 Nick G


The following contentants accurately predicted all eight matches today:

Big Iron OG
David J
Dr Bathroom
Jen F
John Service
Marky Mark
Mick Cooper
Optimus Maximus
Randobot 2000
Shawn Phillips


E-Block Competitor Total Points Points Today
Brandon Thurston 66 3
John Kleinchester 64 2
Brad Copping 63 3
John Siino 63 3
Low Down Davie P 63 3
BrandonfrmNJ 62 3
Bruiser Brady 61 2
Eric Marcotte 60 3
Bruce Lord 60 2
John Pollock 59 3
Neal Flanagan 59 3
Jon Pine 56 2
WH 53 1
Randobot 2000 51 4
Wai Ting 51 3


Below are statistics showing what percentage of listeners, as a group, correctly predicted the winners of today’s matches. Winners are in bold.

Correct % Correct # Match
71% 144 Tomohiro Ishii vs. Mikey Nicholls
69% 139 Eddie Kingston vs. David Finlay
64% 129 Tama Tonga vs. Aaron Henare
22% 45 Shingo Takagi vs. EVIL