Sam Adonis Loses Hair, Vikingo Retains AAA Belt At Triplemania XXXI Mexico City

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Sam Adonis Loses Hair, Vikingo Retains AAA Belt At Triplemania XXXI Mexico City

  1. Chik Tormenta, La Hiedra, Maravilla def. Dalys, Lady Shani, Sexy Star
  2. Laredo Kid def. Octagón Jr., Aramis, Arez, Komander, Mr. Iguana, Murder Clown, Dave The Clown, Myzteziz, Niño Hamburguesa, Willie Mack, Pagano (Copa Bardahl)
  3. Flammer def. Taya Valkyrie (AAA Reina de Reinas Championship)
  4. Nicho el Millionario vs. Negro Casas
  5. QT Marshall def. Pentagon Jr., Texano. Dralistico (AAA Latin America Championship) (Four Way Match)
  6. El Hijo del Vikingo def. Mike Bailey, Daga, Jack Cartwheel (AAA Mega Championship) (Four Way Match)
  7. Psycho Clown def. Sam Adonis, LA Park, Rush (Lucha de Apuestas Match)

AAA’s third and final Triplemania XXXI event of the year on Saturday night included the shaving of hair, the crowning of two new champions, and another win for hot topic talent El Hijo del Vikingo.

The evening, which took place from CDMX Arena in Mexico City, Mexico, concluded with a Lucha de Apuestas hair vs. mask match, where Psycho Clown scored a pinfall on Sam Adonis, costing him the slick blonde hair that he walked into the venue with.

The match also included LA Park and Rush, although it was the wrestler who took the pinfall in the match that would suffer the fate of either losing their hair or mask.

Psycho Clown became the prime target late in the match, as a number of wrestlers did a run-in that went against him specifically. A series of thumbtacks and a light tube was put on him after Adonis scored with a piledriver.

Park speared Rush, buying Psycho Clown time to get to his feet, and hit Adonis with a light tube to the head. Psycho Clown followed this up with a Spanish Fly off the top rope. He scored a three-count on Adonis after this move, ending the match and causing Adonis to lose his hair under Lucha de Apuestas rules.

Before Adonis was shaved off his blonde hair — which was partially dyed red due to his blood on that night — Psycho Clown was taken out of the venue on a gurney. This moment caused the crowd to fall silent and put a somber note on the English broadcast, although experts noted that this was likely a work.

The four-way Lucha de Apuestas match was made last month at Triplemania Tijuana when a tag match took place between these four wrestlers. The stipulation at the time was that the winning tag team would go on to have a singles match under Lucha de Apuestas rules. However, after two wrestlers successfully scored pinfalls at the same time, the call was made that they would all be put into the match at this weekend’s event.

Vikingo wins four-way, continues extensive reign

El Hijo del Vikingo’s historic AAA Mega Championship run continued in the co-main event of Saturday night, beating Mike Bailey, Daga and Jack Cartwheel in a four-way match.

Vikingo closed out the fast-paced, high-spot heavy match with a 630 senton off the top rope onto Cartwheel. This came a few minutes after he delivered a springboard 630 splash senton from Vikingo onto the three other wrestlers outside the ring.

Another notable moment in the match came when Bailey landed their “Ultimo Weapon” move on the back of Cartwheel, who was being held by Daga, who was also carrying Vikingo. 

Vikingo’s reign is the third-longest reign in AAA Mega Championship history. Longer title runs in the title’s history have been done previously by El Texano Jr. (735 days) and Kenny Omega (765 days).

Vikingo previously defended his belt at Triplemania Tijuana last month, overcoming Omega in a rematch.

Marshall earns AAA Title

AEW talent QT Marshall won the vacant AAA Latin American Championship, prevailing in a four-way match against Pentagon Jr., Texano, and Dralistico.

Near the end of the bout, it looked as if Pentagon Jr. was closing in on a victory — but that’s not how things happened. Pentagon Jr. hit Dralistico with a Fear Factor piledriver on top of a table that was on a series of chairs. Marshall stole Pentagon Jr.’s momentum, ripping off his mask and then scoring a quick roll-up pin to win the title.

Texano was replacing Brian Cage, who was originally scheduled to appear in this four-way match.

63-year-old wrestling legend Negro Casas won a singles contest against Nicho el Millionario, getting the best of a hardcore match that included numerous run-in attacks. Casas finished the match by taking off a boot of el Millionario and landing his foot on thumbtacks, then scoring the roll-up pin, La Casita, to win.

Casas remains active as a wrestler more than 40 years into his career. He appeared at AAA’s Tijuana Triplemania event, losing a tag match that el Millionario was on the victorious side of.

After Casas’ victory on Saturday, the induction ceremony for the newest member of the AAA Hall of Fame, notable Exotico wrestler Cassandro, took place. A trailer for an upcoming biopic on Cassandro was also played during the ceremony.

Valkyrie’s Reina de Reinas title reign ends

Flammer put an end to the two-year AAA Reina de Reinas Championship reign of Taya Valkyrie on Saturday night, using ringside support to pick up a victory and start a new title reign.

In an interference-heavy match — which was aided by the fact that the match had a no-disqualification stipulation — Valkyrie overcame early bleeding that intensified as the match progressed. Working through this cut, Valkyrie had quite the gutsy performance against a tough Flammer. Valkyrie hit the Road To Valhalla on Flammer at one point, but that wasn’t enough to end the match. She hit a curb stomp, but had the following pinfall attempt intercepted by a ringside ally to Flammer, who stopped the referee. After a distracted referee missed another wrestler hitting Valkyrie with a chair (which under the no-disqualification ruleset was entirely legal), Flammer scored a piledriver to win the match.

Saturday’s result put an end to a lengthy reign for Valkyrie. She first earned the AAA title in April 2022, defeating Deonna Purrazzo at Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion card that year. She defended the title six times, including at last year’s AAA Triplemania card in Mexico City against Kamille. Valkyrie has held the belt four times since 2014, with her first reign lasting a whopping 945 days.

A 12-man rumble called the Copa Bardahl was won by Laredo Kid, who eliminated Komander last with an inverted Spanish Fly off the top rope. Pagano, the final entrant for the match, was jumped by Texano, who wasn’t part of the rumble. They brawled near the stage for numerous minutes, culminating with Texano throwing Pagano off a forklift. While Texano aimed for a pair of stacked tables that were meant to be on fire but were no longer lit by the time the spot happened, Pagano missed the target and mostly landed on the floor.

The trio of Chik Tormenta, La Hiedra, and Maravilla picked up a win to open the evening, as heel referee El Hijo del Tirantes helped them pick up a win over the trio of Dalys, Lady Shani, and Sexy Star. After Tormenta put Shani through a table, she scored a significantly faster-than-usual pinfall count from the referee to end the match. The rivalry between referees El Hijo del Tirantes and Tirantes Sr. continued in this opening bout, as the older of the two did a run-in after the shady finish and attacked his son. After getting into the ring, Tirantes Sr. raised the hand of Shani. Viewers who watched the Tijuana Triplemania event last month might remember that the two referees had their rivalry showcased at that event as well.

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