G1 Climax 33 Contest: Final Contest Results

After 112 block matches and 7 elimination matches, the G1 Climax for 2023 is done and dusted. Thanks to all 202 people who participated in the contest and thanks to all of the POST Wrestling podcast hosts for dutifully recapping the daily contest results. As promised here is the full daily PDF for night 16:

And now, for what you came here for… the contest results!

Overall Contest Winners

Place Pts. Contestant
1 80 Jeremy Finestone
2 76 Eric from Cork
3 74 Anthony C

Jeremy Finestone is the most deserving winner in the history of this contest. He was in first every day from day 3 onwards and solely in first from day 4 onwards and never let up. Jeremy finished having predicted 80 out of 112 block matches correctly which is a staggering 71.4% accuracy rate. The most impressive prediction he had was that, at the beginning of the tournament, he correctly predicted that Jeff Cobb and Shane Haste would go to a draw on night 16. Jeremy was the only person to correctly predict this result and that’s the first time in this contest’s history that a single person has correctly predicted a match’s results.

The battle for third place was very hotly contested. There were three people tied based on correct block match predictions at 74: Anthony C, Scotts, and Trevor S. The first level of tie-breakers was correctly predicting block winners and the overall G1 winner. Trevor S. correctly predicted Okada would win the B Block but that was the only tie-breaker point he scored which placed him in fifth.

Anthony C and Scotts had identical predictions for all of the block winners and overall G1 winner. They correctly predicted SANADA, David Finlay, and Tetsuya Naito as block winners and also correctly predicted Naito to be the overall G1 winner. Anthony C and Scotts each finished 4 tie-breaker points (more than Trevor S.) but were still tied with each other so we had to go to the next level of tie breakers, that being the the most days with 8 correct predictions. They each had 1 perfect day so we had to go to the next tie-breaker which was the most days with 7 correct predictions. They were tied again with one each. They were also tied with 3 days with 6 correct predictions and 3 days with 5 correct predictions. The tie was finally broken at the sixth layer of tie-breaker since Anthony C had 4 days with 4 correct predictions and Scotts had only 3. It doesn’t get much closer than that, folks!

POST Wrestling Family Block

Place Pts. Contestant
1 68 Brandon Thurston
2 66 Low Down Davie P
3 66 John Kleinchester

The Master of Wrestlenomics did it! After day 1, Brandon was literally in last place but steadily climbed the ranks and was in second place by day 8. The name we kept hearing was John Kleinchester at the top of the mountain but after Night 13, Brandon leap-frogged the leaders, took hold of first place, and never let it go. Congratulations, Brandon Thurston, on winning the coveted POST Wrestling E Block for 2023.

Low Down Davie P lived up to his moniker by sniping second place from John Kleinchester based on tie-breakers. John’s only correct block winner prediction was SANADA but David P correctly guessed Okada, Finlay, and Naito as block winners and Naito as the overall G1 winner to hold on to second place.

Sadly, the beloved Wai Ting finished last in the block behind Randobot 2000.

Other Contest Statistics

Contest Mean, Median, & Mode

  • Mean Contest Points: 63.8
  • Median Contest Points: 64
  • Mode Context Points: 65 (25 people)

Mean is the average points of all listeners, median is the level at which as many people finished above as below, and mode is the score that the most people achieved.

Most Predicted Block Winners and G1 Winner

Below are the wrestlers most predicted to win their respective blocks and the G1 overall. The number is how many people out of 202 predicted that winner with it expresed as a percentage in parentheses.

  • A Block: SANADA – 105 (52%)
  • B Block: Will Ospreay – 107 (53%)
  • C Block: David Finlay – 103 (51%)
  • D Block: Tetsuya Naito – 95 (47%)
  • G1 Winner: Will Ospreay – 65 (32%)
  • Most predicted group of winners: SANADA (A), Okada (B), Finlay (C), Naito (D) – 9 (4%)
  • Correctly predicted all four block winners and G1 winner: 5 (2%)

Biggest Upsets (not including draws)

  1. Day 8: Shane Haste beats Tetsuya Naito: 13 of 202 correct predictions (6.4%)
  2. Day 11: Tanga Loa beats Will Ospreay: 14 of 202 correct predictions (6.9%)
  3. Day 1: Taichi beats Will Ospreay: 21 of 202 correct predictions (10.4%)

Most Accurately-Predicted Results

  1. Day 11: SANADA beats Gabe Kidd: 195 of 202 correct predictions (96.5%)
  2. Day 3: Will Ospreay beats YOSHI-HASHI: 194 of 202 correct predictions (96.0%)
  3. Day 1: SANADA beats Hikuleo: 192 of 202 correct predictions (95.1%)
    Day 14: Kazuchika Okada beats Hikuleo: 192 of 202 correct predictions (95.1%)

Randobot 2000 Statistics

  1. Randobot’s final score: 48 out of 112 (48%)
  2. People who did better than Randobot: 192 out of 202 (95%)
  3. People who did worse than Randobot: 10 out of 202 (5%)

Mirror Universe Gedo Award (Least Points)

  • Mike Weiss: 42
  • Phil c: 46
  • Roo: 47

Most Perfect 8-Point Days

The 8-match cards made achieving perfect predictions much harder than prior years. Brandon Domany and Jimmy L were both able to predict two perfect 8-point days.