Transcript: Cash Wheeler faces judge on charge related to alleged road rage incident

Image: Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit Court

Cash Wheeler, real name Daniel Wheeler, has made his initial appearance before a judge on the charge of aggravated assault with a firearm.

The brief proceeding (video starts at 29m 58s) took place at Orange County Jail, Orlando, Florida.

The development came after Wheeler was arrested on Friday morning.

The session appeared to begin with some discussion about the logistics of Wheeler appearing earlier than the 1pm session that had been listed.

During the hearing, before Judge Jerry L. Brewer, Wheeler was represented by attorney Matthew Ferry.

The judge accepted the defense’s request for bond at $2,500 with no contact with the alleged victim and the surrender of any weapons. The state attorney did not object to these terms.

The incident in question was described as a “road rage type incident” during which Wheeler allegedly “flashed” a gun. It was described as “not domestic.”

Wheeler spoke only once to agree with the Judge’s instructions.

Transcript of proceedings

Mr Ferry (Defense Attorney): Standing to my right is Mr. Wheeler, Daniel Wheeler. He turned himself in late last night on a warrant by the Orlando Police Department. The charge was aggravated assault with a firearm. It’s a third-degree felony.

We are requesting that the court set bond in the amount of $2,500, with no contact with the alleged victims in the affidavit, and no possession of weapons.

My client is 36 years old. He’s a US citizen. Has no prior record to my knowledge. He owns a home in Maitland. And so those are the reasons.

Judge Brewer: Just a second. I didn’t get a chance to look at this affidavit. Let me take a look at it. So this is not domestic related — doesn’t appear to be.

Mr Ferry: No, Your Honor. I don’t think he — I haven’t seen the affidavit, but my understanding is he does not know who these people are.

Judge Brewer: Well, State, did you want to be heard on bond or conditions?

State Attorney: No, Your Honor. Mr. Wheeler appears to have no other criminal history. It does appear to be a road rage type incident. He allegedly flashed a handgun at the alleged victim.

But given that he has no prior history and does not know the victim, the conditions that defense has laid out, we he have no objections to.

Judge Brewer: Thank you. All right, well, that sounds reasonable. $2,500 for the bond. In addition to that, sir, you’re going to be ordered to have no contact with the victim or any other witnesses involved in the case.

You’re also going to be ordered to have no weapons on or about your person. Now, that means that any weapons that you own that aren’t in the custody of law enforcement at this point are going to have to be turned into the Sheriff’s Department pending the outcome in this case, and that’s to be done within 12 hours of your release. All right?

Daniel Wheeler: Yes, Sir.

Judge Brewer: Now, anything else, State?

State Attorney: No, Your Honor.

Judge Brewer: Mr. Ferry?

Mr Ferry: No, Your Honor, thank you so much for your accommodations. –

Judge Brewer: Not a problem, and good to see you.

Mr Ferry: Thank you, sir. Good to see you. Take care.

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