REPORTS: Latest on the backstage incident involving CM Punk & Jack Perry

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

One day removed from AEW’s most successful event in the company’s history, there was another backstage incident grabbing the attention.

Tony Khan confirmed during Sunday’s post-show press conference of a backstage incident without naming the individuals involved. Khan stated the company was investigating the matter and could not comment until they learned more.

Earlier, it was reported by Fightful and of an incident involving CM Punk and Jack Perry between Perry’s match with Hook, and Punk’s pay-per-view opener with Samoa Joe, which were back-to-back.

During the FTW Championship Match with Hook, Perry looked into the camera and made a reference to “Real glass, go cry me a river”, a not-so-subtle reference to an online report of an issue during a Collision production where Punk and Perry had a dispute over usage of real glass for a segment. It had been stated that Punk felt Perry wanted to use real glass in angle to receive time off and later noted that Perry had scheduled time off and allegedly believed his mischaracterization was designed to make him look bad.

There are varying reports regarding the start of the incident and who triggered the interaction backstage with reporting from Fightful, Haus of Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Torch.

It is believed that Punk met Perry in the Gorilla position and asked if Perry had something to say and it escalated into shoving with Punk allegedly applying a choke before the two parties were separated and Nick Hausman reporting that no punches were thrown. It was also consistent that Perry was removed from the building with Punk also leaving, but it has been disputed if the company ordered Punk to leave, or if he left of his own volition.

Wade Keller at the Torch added that Punk allegedly threatened to quit AEW in the heat of the moment and there was even concern of having to change the match order with Punk set to go on with Joe immediately, but cooler heads prevailed and Punk worked the match in the scheduled slot.

We cannot confirm if any punishment or suspensions have been levied. POST Wrestling has reached out to multiple AEW officials for comment on the matter.

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