The IInspiration were not clued-in about Carmella’s 2018 WWE MITB cash-in

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Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee chat WWE and their future. 

In 2018, The IInspiration (Jessica McKay & Cassie Lee), formerly known as The IIconics, made their WWE main roster debuts following WrestleMania 34. They ambushed Charlotte Flair which set up Carmella’s cash-in and SmackDown Women’s Title win

McKay and Lee were interviewed by MuscleManMalcolm and McKay shared that they did not know Carmella was cashing in until her music hit. All they knew was that they would be confronting Flair. 

McKay: So we actually didn’t know that was happening (Carmella cashing in Money in the Bank contract in 2018). They keep that a little bit hush-hush. So we knew that we were debuting a couple days before, which was good and bad because we could prepare but we could also freak out for a couple of days. So that was an interesting time and then, we just knew that we were coming out and confronting Charlotte (Flair). We didn’t know that Carmella was cashing in until her music hit and I love that. I love that they didn’t tell us that because our reactions were like, what’s going on? We’re out here too long or something? It was just really cool and that’s my favorite cash-in so far, I think mixed in with the cash-in and our debut, the SmackDown after WrestleMania, that’s just so memorable so, it was a lot of fun and definitely a dream come true for us to debut in such an iconic way. 

Next month, Cassie Lee is returning to in-ring competition for World Series Wrestling in her home country of Australia. Lee wants to get back into wrestling as a tag team with McKay. McKay, who is currently pregnant, said she wants the same and called for them to be booked once their back in the mix as a team. 

Lee: If I was to go back into wrestling now, I don’t wanna go back as a singles wrestler. I would only wanna go back with Jess. My passion is in tag team wrestling and that’s where I’m at now. 

McKay: Absolutely (the goal is tag together again). That’d be so much fun and I think it would be so different as mothers. I think we would have a different perspective. I mean, Cass already has a totally different perspective on life in general, so I feel like when I have my son and that perspective changes for me, I also think it’ll be interesting, our perspective on wrestling and our team. I think that will just evolve to the next level as well so, that’s definitely something that we talk about and we would love to have another run as a tag team. That’s just who we are to our core. Cassie’s a star. I’ve always been her number one fan and I’ll continue to do that in whatever she does. So, yeah, book us, brother (she laughed). 

The former IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champions revealed that in 2022, WWE asked them to be a part of the women’s Royal Rumble match. To read more on that, head over to this link.

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