Ariane Andrew: Without Nikki & Brie Garcia, there would not be a women’s division

The former Total Divas castmates reunite. 

Live from Arizona, Nikki and Brie Garcia, formerly known as The Bella Twins, hosted a live recording of their podcast. Multiple guests appeared including Ariane Andrew a.k.a. Cameron from her time in WWE. 

The former Total Divas castmates caught up and Ariane became emotional when speaking about how much Nikki and Brie mean to her. Andrew shared that they went through a lot together and feels that without The Garcia Twins’ contributions, there would not be a women’s division. 

Nikki and Brie appreciated Ariane saying that, but added that it was not just them that caused a shift for the women of WWE. 

Ariane: I’m gonna get ready to cry because… we’ve gone through so much stuff together and been through — no one would ever understand the things that we’ve gone through and you girls (Nikki & Brie Garcia) set such a high preference of now what these girls get to see. Without the two of you, there would not be a women’s division. 

Nikki: Thank you.

Brie: Thank you Ariane. 

Nikki: Oh my gosh. That means so much. You have no idea… And by the way, you, Total Diva O.G. here. There was five of us. 

Brie: I was gonna say, it wasn’t just us two. 

Nikki: It was a hard time in the beginning but we had a focus that we really wanted to empower women, we wanted the world to see what women wrestlers were all about and a lot people were against that and every day was hard but we also managed to have a lot of fun, kick ass doing it and look it. 

Brie: And you know what it was? It was the first time we all felt when women work together, what we’re all capable of doing. There wasn’t one spot for us all to fight for. It was the minute that we came together, there all of a sudden was many spots and I hope that continues because there’s success for every single person in the world and our locker room at that time saw it and we were lucky. 

This past March, Nikki and Brie’s WWE contracts expired and they departed the company. The duo then rebranded themselves as The Garcia Twins.

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