Ashley D’Amboise provides update on recovery from broken ankle

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It was a rollercoaster weekend for D’Amboise. 

Back in early July, Ashley D’Amboise and current IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel got engaged. The following day, both Miguel and D’Amboise were scheduled to compete at an independent show in France and in D’Amboise’s match, she suffered a broken ankle. 

D’Amboise provided an update on her recovery when she went live on Instagram with the Montreal, Quebec-based Main Event Wrestling promotion. She detailed the 24 hours she had and shared that Miguel proposed at a restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. She said there were multiple proposals that happened in the restaurant.

Miguel’s proposal was around 9:30-10 PM and by 5 PM the next day, D’Amboise had her injury. She detailed how it occurred. 

It was less than 24 hours (when I got engaged & broke my ankle). It happened with such whiplash. It took me weeks to process. We’re (D’Amboise & Trey Miguel) in France, we got booked to wrestle. It was such a — something I’ve wanted to always do. I’ve never been to France and that’s, for me, like the motherland, right? (She smiled) So I had a list, I made an itinerary. ‘We’re gonna do this, this, this, this, this’ and why not take advantage of everything while we’re there? Eiffel Tower, you can eat inside there. Let’s go. We booked a dinner and Trey had a whole other itinerary but he let me make mine. He’s like, ‘Yeah babe, we’ll do all that.’ But, his plans were undercover to set up for this proposal so he proposed to me in the middle of dinner at the Eiffel Tower, inside of Madame Brasserie. There was so many people. It was really awkward because there are like five different proposals happening around us and we’re trying to enjoy our dinner. We’re like, ‘Damn, everyone’s getting married…’ And I go to the bathroom, I come back out. He pulls my chair out and gets down on one knee and I’m already emotional being there, seeing all this love in the air and then I look down and he’s on his knee. I’m like, ‘Ah!!!’ So he proposed and then we spent — we took around Paris and went to the Louvre (Museum) even though it was closed and we were just so hyped and calling our family and everyone’s messaging us and we went to bed like 4 in the morning. We wake up, we have this show, our debut in France together and the proposal was at maybe 9:30, 10 o’clock at night. By 5:30 PM the next day, I had broken my ankle. It was in a Triple Threat match. I caught a dive. I had to step to the left to catch the dive. My foot stayed, my leg didn’t. It snapped so, yeah. That’s how.

D’Amboise stated that she has a delayed healing. She’ll be in a walking boot for another 12 weeks and then she’ll start physical therapy. She went on to relinquish the Main Event Wrestling Women’s Championship. 

My last doctor’s appointment was this morning and I have a delayed healing. So, I’m gonna be in this boot for another 12 weeks and then I’ll start physical therapy. So, hopefully in like three weeks, I’ll get an accelerated bone stimulator that’s covered by insurance now that I’ve waited enough time. But it’s not gonna be as quick as I thought at all…

Over the last several years, D’Amboise has done work for AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, Ring of Honor and NWA. In April, it was reported by Fightful Select that D’Amboise is under a deal with AEW. 

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