Becky Lynch defeats Tiffany Stratton to become WWE NXT Women’s Champion

The Man is now NXT Women’s Champion. 

Closing out the September 12th episode of NXT TV was an NXT Women’s Championship match. Tiffany Stratton put her title on the line against six-time WWE Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. 

The final sequence of the match saw Stratton go for her ‘Prettiest Moonsault Ever’ and Lynch dodged it. Stratton was able to roll to her feet but she walked into the Manhandle Slam which put Stratton down for a three count. Becky Lynch is now NXT Women’s Champion. 

It is the first time in Lynch’s career that she has won the title. She was a full-time NXT roster member from 2013-2015. 

To hear the Poisonrana Podcast crew’s reaction to the new champion, head over to the POST Wrestling YouTube channel.

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