REPORT: WWE cuts begin with Jamie Horowitz, Catherine Newman & Amanda Bloom

Photo Courtesy: WWE

The departures have begun at WWE just days after the completion of the merger with UFC to form TKO Group Holdings.

On Friday, WWE president Nick Khan issued an internal email to employees regarding “workforce reductions” that will take place on Friday and alerting staff to work remotely during the day from home.

Mike Johnson of has confirmed the first two departures of executive vice presidents Jamie Horowitz and Catherine Newman.

Horowitz served as EVP of Development and Digital with prior experience at ESPN, Fox, and DAZN.

Horowitz was instrumental in ESPN’s embracing of debate-based programming and the launch of First Take. At Fox, he served as its head of sports programming before he was released in 2017 following a sexual harassment probe by the network. His lawyer released a statement at the time calling the way Fox treated Horowitz “appalling” and was never notified by his superiors or human resources of any misconduct or inability or adhere to professional conduct.

Catherine Newman has been let go as the company’s head of marketing after fifteen months in the position since coming over from her post as Chief Marketing Officer at Manchester United Media.

Amanda Bloom served as WWE’s Director of Enterprise Data & Governance and had been with the company since 2015. 

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