AEW Collision Results: Texas Death Match, Cage wins TNT title, WrestleDream update

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AEW Collision is airing live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Opening promos

Darby Allin, Christian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Bryan Danielson cut promos leading into the show. 

TNT Title Three-way

Darby Allin made his way to ring on his skateboard for his three-way match against Christain Cage and Luchasaurus. The match was built around the idea that it’s essentially a handicap match for Darby, as Cage and Luchasaurus would assuredly work together against the smaller former champion.

The match started with Christian Cage jumping out of the ring, but Darby threw dust into the dinosaur’s eyes before hitting Cage with a massive suicide dive to the outside. This gave Allin a brief advantage, but it didn’t take long before the numbers caught up to him, giving the heels the advantage. Cage and Luchasaurus set a chair in the ring, which they used to choke Allin against the ropes. Darby took a German suplex while seated on the chair, which looked insane.

The first hints of dissension came when Luchasaurus went for a cover, but Cage stopped him, telling him to get something from outside. Christian moved in for the cover while the prehistoric creature was outside, but Darby kicked out. 

Darby got almost no offense during the PiP commercial break, but shortly after returning, he fought for control, almost landing a Coffin Drop on Cage before Luchasaurus intervened. Christian Cage tried to hit Allin with the TNT Title, but Darby ducked straight into a chokeslam from Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus picked up the title from the mat, which the commentators claimed was the first time he’d held the belt. Christian demanded that Luchasaurus put the title in his hands, which he eventually did. Darby jumped in, stole the belt, and hit Luchasaurus with it. He went to the top rope and landed a Coffin Drop on the dinosaur, but Christian Cage jumped in, threw Darby out of the ring, and pinned Luchasaurus himself to win the TNT Championship.

After the match, Luchasaurus appeared to forgive Christian, even holding him on his shoulders to celebrate. As they walked out, Luchasaurus looked dejected, and Cage smirked joyously.

Don Callis promo

Callis cut a promo with Sammy Guevara and Takeshita by his side. He calls Kenny weak because he loves Kota Ibushi. He says the Don Callis family will face Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and Kota Ibushi at WrestleDream in Seatle. 

Christian Cage promo

He dedicates the win to Nick Wayne’s mom and Buddy Wayne. Tony Schiavone announced that Cage must defend his newly won TNT title against Darby Allin at WrestleDream next week.

Hook and RVD vs. Cool Hand Ang and Daddy Magic

Jake Hager and Anna Jay accompanied other former members of the JAS to the ring, so it appears that some of the group is set to remain intact. After Anna Jay got involved by disturbing Hook, he managed to make his way to his corner to tag RVD into the match. RVD hit a series of impressive moves, prompting the crowd to chant, “You still got it,” as the match went to a commercial break.

When the show returned, Ang and Magic had the heat on Hook, who made a hot tag to RVD shortly after. This allowed him to run through his impressive set of offensive moves. While Anna Jay had the ref’s attention, Hager attempted to interfere, but RVD thwarted him. Hook locked in Redrum, and RVD hit a 5-star Frog Splash for the win.

Eddie Kingston’s double gold promo

An Eddie Kingston promo package aired, highlighting Kingston winning two titles. Eddie says he knows he needs to defend both titles and will put up both against Katsuyori Shibata at WrestleDream. 

Dark Order

Dark Order is back to being a cult again? They aired a weird video package showing buildings falling over and Dark Order saying that they’re good.

Neck Strong

The Kingdom cut a promo about the importance of neck health, leaning into the Roderick Strong neck brace gimmick. They said they’re going to throw piledrivers in honor of necks.

Julia Hart vs. Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan attacked Hart as soon as the bell rang, but that didn’t last long, as Hart took over the offensive quickly. After a mostly one-sided match, Julia Hart won via submission. Once the match was over, she locked in the submission again, leading to Sky Blue coming out to help. Julia Hart sprayed Blue with the mist, leading to Brody King calling out Kris Starlander on Hart’s behalf for a match at WrestleDream. Hart said, “The house always wins,” and walked away.

The Righteous video package

Vincent and Dutch cut a promo over a video package. They say they’ll beat Adam Cole and MJF because they’re The Righteous.

Switch Blade Jay White vs. Andrade El Idolo 

Switch Blade entered first, with the rest of Bullet Club Gold in tow. Cardblade joined the commentary team (yes, Juice put a headset on the cardboard cutout of Jay White). I think I heard it speak at one point, but I can’t be sure.

The match started with the two trading a series of headlocks and takedowns. Andrae went for a Three Amigos, but White escaped before the third suplex. White landed some huge chops before tossing El Idolo outside of the ring. BCG circled him, gyrating their hips and being generally annoying. This led to the match’s first commercial break.

The show came back with Jay White holding El Idolo in a headlock. Andrade escaped, White managed to get ahold of his hair and throw him back to the mat. After BCG pulled White out of the ring, Andrade launched himself out of the ring onto the entire group, taking them all out. Back in the ring, El Idolo went for a moonsault, but White rolled away, leading to Andrade adjusting mid-flight, landing on his feet, and hitting a standing moonsault instead. Andrade hit a huge spinning elbow for a near fall, with White barely getting his shoulder off the mat.

In another near fall, White took a DDT, and Robinson managed to put White’s foot on the ropes, preventing the pin. He then locked a Figure Eight onto White, but the Gunn brother distracted the refs, allowing Robinson to interfere. White escaped the hold and hit a Blade Runner for the win.

After the match, Juice lifted his leg, pretending to urinate on Andrade. 

Santana and Ortiz

They aired a video package about the Santana and Ortiz beef leading to their inevitable match against each other.

Shane Tayor promo

Taylor highlights the story between himself and Keith Lee and says Keith will take on Lee Moriarty first. He calls Moriarty the best technical wrestler in the world.

The Workhorsemen vs. FTR

Aussie Open joined the commentary desk for the match. The Workhorsemen entered first, with FTR following them. They really tried to sell the idea that FTR could lose the match, leading to Aussie Open facing FTR without the belts on the line.

JD Drake hit a huge moonsault for a near fall that actually got the crowd, but in the end, FTR won with a Sharpshooter.

After the match, Aussie Open entered the ring, congratulated FTR for winning, and told them they’d take the title at WrestleDream. They admit they haven’t lived up to the hype yet but intend to prove themselves. Dax said they need to bring that dog on October 1. 

CJ Perry

Lexi interviewed CJ Perry, who says Miro lost his way. Miro enters the shot and says that we all have temptations. He said Perry’s temptation is the lights and the wrestling world. CJ says she’ll take her own path and asks Miro not to lay hands on her clients or people she will manage.

Texas Death Match

Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson faced off in a Texas Death Match. The match started off violent, with the competitors quickly spilling into the crowd. Starks hit a huge splash into the crowd, taking out Danielson and the ringside security staff, to send the match to its first commercial break.

When the show returned, Ricky Starks smashed Danielson’s face into the announcer’s table, targeting the cut on his forehead. Danielson turned things around, smashing Starks in the shoulder with a chair while Starks was trapped on the top rope. Starks bit Bryan Danielson on the cut before spitting out his blood. Danielson hit a superplex into a missile dropkick, putting Starks into position for the Yes Kicks. Starks gained the upper hand again and grabbed Danielson’s braids to ride him around the ring like a horse into the commercial break.

The show returned with a striking exchange between the two competitors before Starks hit a huge spear on Danielson. He wrapped a chain around Danielson’s neck and choked him. Starks released the choke, and Aubrey Edwards began the 10 count, which Danielson beat. Starks went back to chain and choked Danielson again. Bryan used the corner to escape and countered a spear with a Label lock before grabbing the chain and locking Starks into a choke. Starks powered up and escaped, and the two exchanged mounted strikes before going to their knees and headbutting each other until they both collapsed. 

Starks took a Busaiku with a chair, and then Danielson put Starks’ head on a chair and stomped him. From there, Danielson wrapped the chain around his knee in preparation for a Busaiku knee. He hit it, and Starks stayed down for the count.

After the match, Wheeler Yuta and Big Bill came to the ring to check on their friends. Bill lifted Starks, who started to move towards Danielson. This prompted Yuta to push Starks away, but it looked like he just wanted a handshake. The show went off the air before we could see how it played out.

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