Valentina Feroz reacts to Yulisa León’s WWE exit: “It may not be today or tomorrow, but we’ll fight together again”

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Feroz and León were tag partners in NXT. 

The NXT duo of Valentina Feroz and Yulisa León is no more as León was granted her release from WWE last week when the company was making cuts from their talent roster. 

Feroz and León have been tagging since 2021 and they’ve documented their close friendship on social media. Feroz wrote a message on Instagram about their friendship and said Yulisa is far more than just a tag partner. She added that she’ll miss her but knows that one day, they’ll fight together again. Here is her full post: 

Amiga, you know how much it hurt, and it’s still hurting. You weren’t just my tag team, you became my best friend, my family, the one who made me laugh every day, who believed in and dreamed my dreams, and my English teacher. You would come up with crazy ideas, and I would always go along with you! 💕

I’m going to miss you so much, it’s going to be hard without you, but I’m going to fight for us! And I’m sure you’re still going to shine! I also know that it may not be today or tomorrow, but we’ll fight together again 🐯🦁.
I love you, I love your family, and I know that God is looking after you, and our moments will always be kept in my heart

My Mexican most Brazilian in the world, we’ll always be together! 🇲🇽🇧🇷
I’ll always be here cheering for every achievement you make because I believe in you 👏🏼✨


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Feroz and León last teamed together on the August 1st episode of NXT against Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice. 

They had a total of 19 tag matches together and in the summer of 2022, they challenged for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Valentina and Yulisa made their main roster debuts on SmackDown this past May.

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