Brandi Rhodes says unaired ‘Rhodes Industries’ vignette was Paul Heyman’s idea

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Rhodes sheds light on ‘Rhodes Industries’. 

Prior to Cody and Brandi Rhodes opting to leave WWE in 2016, a new vignette was taped for him to introduce a new persona. During the one-and-a-half-minute video, Brandi spoke about how Cody deserved more than what he was getting and brought up how the likes of Rey Mysterio had a tour bus but Cody was still flying coach, despite Cody being on the road more than Rey.

‘Rhodes Industries’ was in the lower third of the screen and after Cody and Brandi finished talking, the text was enlarged. As Brandi was speaking to Ring The Belle, she shared that the vignette was Paul Heyman’s brainchild. She added that she was included because Heyman wanted her to be viewed as more than a ring announcer. 

So, how apropos that this video (Rhodes Industries vignette) is designed by Paul Heyman. So Paul Heyman was the brainchild behind this and Paul Heyman was also very, very influential in trying to get me seen as something other than a ring announcer because I was in the role for four, five years, you know? So, it’s very hard to turn your attention, especially when you have new talent coming in and all this other stuff you’re looking at. Why does the ring announcer now wanna do something else? So, this was kind of part of the ploy to get them to say, hey, she’s got character work, she’s got promo, she can do these other things and he was super influential and helpful in that and then now, he’s just a jerk. The Wiseman jerk.

The vignette was posted to WWE’s YouTube channel but did not air on television. 

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