Mace feels as a Black wrestler in a major company, it’s difficult to pitch persona/character that isn’t a stereotype

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Mace expresses his thoughts about the stereotypes that exist in wrestling. 

After Mace (ma.çé) and Mansoor (mån.sôör) were released from WWE, the duo went live on Twitch to discuss all things having to do with their runs in the company along with sharing some of their favorite stories from throughout the years. 

Along the way, Mace spoke candidly about the stereotypes that exist in pro wrestling. He feels that being a Black wrestler in a major company can present some challenges when it comes to pitching characters and personas. He said it can be difficult to pitch ideas as such that aren’t stereotypes, because in the eyes of some, those stereotypical things are easier for the audience to connect with. 

Mace: I’ve never been able to just be myself really and honestly, to an extent, I get it. I’ll say it, as a Black guy and trying to put out a product for a general audience, part of wrestling I think is stereotypes, for better or for worse. I think it’s not just for Black people, it’s for everybody. I think the point of a WWE wrestling show is you see somebody walk down the aisle and you say, I get what that guy is, I get that-that guy’s a rapper, I get that-that guy’s Irish and he drinks. That’s kind of the nature of WWE and a major promotion, going to a major audience. For me, personally, I think it’s a lot easier to pitch, as a Black person, I wanna be a rapper or I wanna do this, maybe being an athlete. Maybe I’m gonna be a pro athlete, MVP-type thing. The kind of thing that registers a lot easier and for me, personally, despite being a pro athlete, I’m a good-looking Black guy, my interests, if I wanted to be me, if I wanted to present Brennan as a wrestling character, it’s not the traditional… 

When you’re like me, they expect something of you and if you wanna do something else, it’s a harder pitch. So, yeah, that’s it. 

Earlier in the chat, as Mansoor and Mace were discussing their futures in wrestling, they teased the idea of showing up in DEADLOCK Pro. Mansoor then brought up ROH World Tag Team Champion Adam Cole competing for the promotion.

Mansoor: ‘Guys, go to DPW.’ Everybody in the chat, I want you to go to Twitter right now and spam @johnblud and DEADLOCK Pro-Wrestling and tell them you demand us in that fed. 

Mace: Say you’re gonna boycott, say you’re gonna have a sit-in.

Mansoor: I don’t care that Adam Cole’s gonna be there, he’s gonna be the biggest star there. We are gonna be the main attraction, okay? 

Mace: If I’ve learned anything, it’s that memes are more important than anything else. 

Mansoor: We’re gonna go to DPW, we’re gonna slime everyone there.

Mace: You’re gonna get slimed, we’re gonna be the slimers.

Mansoor and Mace’s 90-day no-compete clauses are up in December. During their stream, independent talent Kidd Bandit inquired about them being free for a date in March 2024. 

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