ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (September 2023)

ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (September 2023)

John Pollock and Wai Ting answer their patrons’ questions about anything and everything in the September 2023 edition of Ask-A-Wai. This month:

  • Should AEW go back to their rankings system?
  • Was Roman Reigns’ babyface run a failure?
  • Should Tony Khan have purchased ROH?
  • Can a promotion manufacture a backstage controversy for buzz?
  • How can a new fan get into MMA?
  • Which WWE cuts can end up in AEW?
  • Assessing Sting’s run in TNA
  • John’s process for writing obituaries
  • How we’d spend our “ideal day”
  • … more

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