Cardi B would want her WWE WrestleMania entrance to be ‘grand’ like Melina’s, shares she wanted to use Triple H’s name in song

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Pro wrestling becomes a topic of conversation during another Cardi B media appearance.

Earlier this month, Grammy-award winning artist Cardi B expressed that she would love to attend a wrestling event. On several occasions, Cardi has spoken about how much she enjoyed watching WWE growing up. 

Pro wrestling became a topic of conversation during her appearance on Hot Ones. It was brought up that she used Jimmy Snuka’s name in her song ‘Hot Sh*t’. She revealed that she originally wanted to use Triple H’s name but it did not rhyme. 

I really wanted to say Triple H (in my song ‘Hot Sh*t’). But it didn’t rhyme, so I just said ‘Jimmy Snuka’. Because I was picturing ‘on top’, like, jumping like a wrestler. But I really wanted to say Triple H but, that wouldn’t even rhyme. It’s not even going with this flow or anything so, I just said, ‘Jimmy Snuka on the top rope, super fly sh*t.’

As far as what Cardi’s WrestleMania gear would look like, she said ‘very skimpy’. She went on to add that her entrance would have to be ‘grand’ like 5-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina’s entrance. 

Very skimpy (outfit for WrestleMania) but I feel like my entrance would have to be grand. Like, what’s her name? Melina? Do you remember her? She used to walk in with two guys and then she would do a whole split on the ropes. She would enter on a split. I have to enter grand like that. She was just crazy.

In early 2021, Cardi B had a back and forth exchange over social media with former WWE talent Macey Estrella a.k.a Lacey Evans. Cardi has interacted with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus as well. 

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