Tiffany Stratton wanted Barbie elements for her character since she started in NXT, WWE couldn’t trademark it

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Stratton always wanted to implement that into her character. 

With NXT No Mercy inching closer, representatives of the brand such as Tiffany Stratton, NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, Shawn Michaels, are speaking with the media to promote the Premium Live Event. 

On Stratton’s front, she chatted with ComicBook Nation. She told the outlet that she’s always wanted Barbie elements for her character and even wanted to be called ‘Big Buff Barbie’. WWE told her they could not trademark Barbie. 

The whole Barbie stuff, I actually wanted to be called the ‘Buff Barbie Doll’ since the very beginning. I pitched the Barbie stuff for a while and they always told me that, ‘Oh, we can’t trademark Barbie. It’s already a thing.’ But I was actually — so when I was a bodybuilder, I got on (the) little Snapchat stories thing and they called me the ‘Buff Barbie Doll’ and I thought it was so cool, it matched perfectly and then I tried to bring it to WWE and they told me no but, I think just with the Barbie movie coming out, I think it was just the perfect time to put my name in the Barbie letters, the pink gear and just kind of incorporate some Barbie stuff there.

Stratton is getting her rematch for the NXT Women’s Title at No Mercy when she takes on the champion Becky Lynch.

While the pre-No Mercy media call was ongoing, Shawn Michaels revealed that the next Premium Live Event after No Mercy is Deadline on December 9th.

If the quote in this article is used, please credit ComicBook Nation with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.

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