AEW Collision results: Tag Titles change hands, Kingston retains, Copeland and Allin laid out

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AEW Collision started an hour early this week. The show aired from the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The second hour is up against WWE Fastlane, while the first hour only has to battle with WWE’s kickoff show.

Opening promos

Bryan Danielson started off the hype promos, saying he has to wrestle a 24-year-old stud. Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher followed, as the aforementioned 24-year-old. Starks, Big Bill, Eddie Kingston, and FTR rounded out the opening segment.

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. FTR

Starks attacked FTR right as the bell rang, giving himself and Big Bill a quick advantage. However, Dax managed to fight back, but when he went to tag in Cash, he was nowhere to be found from the initial attack. Big Bill went outside and choke-slammed Cash through the commentary table, leaving Dax alone in the ring. He managed to dodge a big splash from Big Cass, but Bill overpowered him again when he tried to lock in a Sharpshooter. 

Big Bill landed a choke slam on Dax, and when he went for the pin, Starks told him to hit another. Starks kept calling for one more, and eventually, Bill tagged Starks in for an assisted spear, leading to Big Bill and Ricky Starks winning the championships. 

The commentary team made sure to put over how beat up FTR was before the match, but it was still surprising to see FTR lose the titles on an episode of Collision. 

Bryan Danielson vs. Kyle Fletcher

Danielson and Fletcher started the match with a lockup, which the larger Fletcher actually got the better of. The match was very technical and appeared to be Fletcher’s attempt to follow up on the Sabre Jr. match. Eventually, Danielson got control and locked Fletcher in a surfboard, which he followed up with some brutal ground and pound. Fletcher went for a suicide dive, which Danielson dodged, driving Fletcher into the guardrail. It looked ugly, but Fletcher got up and appeared fine during the commercial break.

When the show returned, Fletcher firmly controlled the match, hitting a series of body slams on Danielson. However, he managed to escape and land a huge clothesline on Fletcher. Eventually, Fletcher countered a Danielson running kick in the corner with one of his own. From there, he landed a brainbuster for a near fall. Fletcher locked Danielson in a tight dragon sleeper, but Danielson escaped. The pair ended up on the top rope, and Fletcher hit a reverse superplex into another dragon sleeper. This time, Danielson escaped quickly and countered with a pinning move for the finish. 

After the match, the Mogul Embassy attacked Danielson, but before they could do much Damage, the rest of the BCC (minus Moxley) ran out to save him.

Starks and Big Bill interview

Big Bill says they whooped the best tag team in the world’s ass. He said they walk like stars, talk like stars, and act like stars. Starks says FTR doesn’t get a rematch and that he and Bill are the real faces of Collision. He called themselves the top dogs. 

Bullet Club Gold vs. Metalik, Gravity, and Angelico

The Bang Bang Gang’s Juice Robinson, Austin Gunn, and Colton Gunn took on the Metalik, Gravity, and Angelico. Jay White came to the ring with MJF’s championship, and they recapped how he stole the belt from MJF after attacking him on Dynamite. As you might expect, the team of Luchadors and Angelico had an impressive match filled with plenty of cool moves. 

Gravity almost exclusively worked the first half of the match for the babyface team, but eventually, he made a hot tag to Angelico, who ran wild on the Bang Bang Gang. Angelico locked both Gunn brothers in a crazy double submission, but Juice ran in and broke it up with a swift punch to the face. Metalik landed a hurricanrana and looked like he landed right on his head, but he appeared to be fine. BCG hit the 3:10 to Yuma on Metalik, and then Juice landed his swinging DDT for the finish.

After the match, White picks up the microphone and says they’re missing someone, pointing to Cardblade. He says they brought some gold this time and calls out MJF, which leads to an MJF chant from the crowd. He said he expected MJF to try at least to get the title back. He called out Hangman Page for a non-title match on Title Tuesday, calling it a title eliminator. 

Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne cut a promo explaining why he betrayed Allin. He said Cage is the father figure he’s always needed.

The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass vs. Iron Savages

The Iron Savages cut their normal promo about being pumped up before the match. It sounded like Jacked Jameson called the team the Iron Sandwiches. He also said they were going to eat The Acclaimed’s ass. Max said the Iron Savages doesn’t have a lot of girth during his rap. He also mentioned Mormons and pink eye. Daddy Ass reminds everyone that they’ve been Trios champs for 41 days. Ian Riccaboni said he scissored his wife for their anniversary. 

The match started off with plenty of posturing and posing, including some proposed butt-eating by the Iron Savages while Daddy Ass was on the ground. At one point, Caster hit slams on Boulder and Bronson one after the other, which was nothing short of impressive. After a solid match, The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass finished Jameson for the win.

Toni Storm is still going nuts

A black and white video package aired with Toni Storm talking about how timeless she is as she seems to be descending further into madness.

Toni Storm vs. Kiera Hogan

Toni has a new entrance to accompany her new character (it has a classic film effect similar to the Vaudevillians NXT days). During the entrance, she gave the commentary team scripts, and before the match, she presented Kiera Hogan with one, which Hogan promptly ripped up and threw at Storm. 

I fully expected this to be a squash match where Storm walked right through Hogan, but it actually had some back-and-forth action and even went through a commercial break. Shortly after the commercial, Toni hit Storm Zero to win the match, but she definitely gave Kiera Hogan plenty of offense. After the match, the screen returned to black and white as she celebrated her win.

Ruby Soho interview

Ruby talked about having Shida pinned to the mat, but she didn’t because of Shida’s fat fingers. She finds out from Renee that she’s banned from ringside during the Saraya vs. Shida match and is clearly unhappy about it.

Eddie Kingston vs. Komander for the ROH World Title

Komander and Kingston are opposites, with one being a pure high flyer and the other being a smash-mouth, in-your-face striker. Despite that, the pair had a great match that included Komander running the apron and jumping over the turnbuckle, landing on Kingston on the outside. He followed up with a 450 for a near fall. After a competitive match, Kingston hit his spinning back fist to retain his ROH title.

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland cut a promo in front of the live crowd, talking about Jim Ross and how Ross helped him early in his career. He talked about how he was told he could never do this again, but he worked hard, and now he’s in an AEW ring. He then addressed Christian Cage, who also was told he couldn’t wrestle again. Copeland called Cage a dick but said he also loves him. He asked Christian to explain why he won’t take his calls, prompting Cage to appear on the big screen.

Cage says he comes and goes as he pleases because he’s the TNT Champion. Cage said he’ll give Copeland his answer on Tuesday and asked Copeland if he’s going to make it to Tuesday, which leads to Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne coming out to attack. Copeland went for a spear on Wayne, but Luchasaurus stopped him. While the big dinosaur was setting up for a ConChairTo, Allin came in from behind and smashed him with a chair. 

Allin stood over Nick Wayne with the chair but couldn’t bring himself to hit him. Luchasaurus and Wayne didn’t have the same sympathy, hitting a ConChairTo on Allin’s already injured arm, leaving both Copeland and Allin lying as the show went off the air.

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