Kyle O’Reilly gives detailed recovery update on complications from neck surgery

Image Courtesy: Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly has provided a detailed update on his recovery from the neck fusion surgery he underwent over a year ago.

The former NXT and currrent AEW talent took to social media on Friday evening and detailed some post-surgical complications he had faced.

O’Reilly revealed that he had run into a rare but severe complication known as C5 palsy. This had resulted in a complete loss of mobility in his right arm.

During rehabilitation, he had to relearn basic activities such as brushing his teeth with his left hand.

The 36-year-old attributed his emotional well-being to focusing on controllable aspects of his life, including being a devoted father.

He stated that he had reached a milestone in his recovery due to the use of a Neubie device, an electric stimulation machine that assists individuals with post-surgical neurological injuries. Specializing in providing electrical current similar to the human nervous system, the machine reportedly restored his full range of motion in the shoulder within a month.

O’Reilly expressed gratitude to his supporters, acknowledging that the journey ahead is still uncertain but appears less like a “mirage” and more like a realistic destination.

There is no timeline for a return to the ring, but he said he is cautiously optimistic, stating patience and perseverance remain his guiding principles.

The post was accompanied by a video of O’Reilly using the Neubie device.


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