Papa Roach is ‘super grateful’ that To Be Loved was the theme song for WWE Monday Night Raw

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The members of the band are grateful for the exposure. 

From 2006-2009, Papa Roach’s ‘To Be Loved’ was the theme song for WWE’s Monday Night Raw program.

Jacoby, Tobin and Jerry of Papa Roach sat down with Robbie Fox of My Mom’s Basement for an interview and as the conversation rolled on, they were asked about their link to WWE through To Be Loved. Jacoby said they are grateful for the exposure and added that it caused the song to blow up. 

Jerry chimed in with a story of when they were played a show in Germany with Iron Maiden. The fan base in attendance were mostly into Metal and Papa Roach was unsure of how the audience would react to them. They started off their set with To Be Loved and it got a massive reaction. Papa Roach later found out that WWE has a big reach in Germany. 

Jacoby: You know, we are super grateful that-that song (To Be Loved) was featured on that (Monday Night Raw) because that made that track pop off worldwide. 

Tobin: That song goes off live every time we play it.

Jerry: Funny story about that was that we played in Germany with Iron Maiden and you know, Metal fans, especially in Europe, are super die hard and we were kind of freaking out, like, ‘Sh*t, are they gonna hate us? Are they gonna boo us?’ And then we came out to that song and they just went nuts, and everybody went, ‘Oh! They love us, cool’ and then we were trying to figure out what it was and then we found out after the show that Germans love WWE and that being the song was like… 

Jacoby: It was the perfect setup for us for a great show. 

The 10/9 episode of Monday Night Raw is going to be covered via written and audio content here on POST Wrestling. The post-show can be found at this link

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