GCW The Wrld on GCW: Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco highlights Korakuen Hall show

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GCW: The Wrld on GCW
Thursday, October 12, 2023
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan 

Match Recommendations: The entire card. If you don’t have time: Rina Yamashita vs. Masha Slamovich, Gringo Loco vs. Vikingo, Blake Christian vs. Jordan Oliver, Jun Kasai vs. Joey Janela 

Commentary: Emil Jay and Brett Lauderdale 

Six-Person Tag Team Match: BUSSY and Maki Itoh vs. Kikutaros

Kiku and Allie started the match. Katch got Allie in a wrist lock and tagged in EFFY, who came off the top rope with an axe handle and hit the EFFYrooni. Maki and Kiku tagged in and attacked their opponents with a rope, while BUSSY and Itoh punched and thrust all three Kikus in the corner. Katch went for her running hip attack, but Kiku kicked her and hit her with a cowbell.

Kiku and Maki received the hot tag. Maki hit running facewashes followed by a tornado DDT. She grabbed the pizza cutter and went to attack Kiku, who shoved her away. But Maki tripped him up and went after his forehead with the cutter. Maki also pulled the mask off one of the Kikus, revealing him as Jimmy Lloyd. EFFY then attacked Jimmy Lloyd with the cutter. Allie tripped up the other Kiku, who was revealed to be Abdullah Kobayashi, and Katch started to cut him up. They hit the real Kiku with a running hip attack, followed by a triple Kokeshi for the victory.

BUSSY and Maki Itoh Defeated Kikutaro, Kikutaro, and Kikutaro

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Toru Sugiura and Takashi Sasaki (Champions) vs. Los Macizos 

The champions jumped Los Macizos before the bell and sent Miedo crashing into the corner through a barbed wire board. Ciclope returned to the ring and was taken off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Toru wrapped a strand of barbed wire around Ciclope’s head and drove it into his forehead with a series of punches. Ciclope’s shoulder looked like chopped meat; it’s amazing that he is competing after the hellacious bump he took this past weekend.

Sasaki and Toru placed a barbed wire board over Ciclope’s back and hit it repeatedly with a steel chair. Sasaki tried to suplex Ciclope onto the wire, but Ciclope reversed it and hit him with a backbody drop. Miedo tried to take Sasaki off his feet with a lariat, but Sasaki didn’t budge. Miedo responded with a kick to his head and placed the barbed wire board on Sasaki. He then hit him with a somersault senton for a close near fall.

Sasaki and Miedo traded kicks and strikes in the center of the ring. Miedo ducked a lariat from Toru, and Los Macizos dropped him with a backbody drop. Sasaki dropped Miedo with a DDT followed by a knee to the face, but it wasn’t enough to put Miedo away. Los Macizos hit Sasaki with a series of tag team moves, but Toru broke up their momentum with a chair to Miedo’s face. Los Macizos placed the barbed wire boards onto Sasaki, and Ciclope came off the top rope with a senton, but Toru broke the pin up with a stiff lariat to Ciclope’s face. Miedo followed by folding Sasaki in half with a bridging German Suplex to secure the victory.

Los Macizos Defeated Toru Sugiura and Takashi Sasaki to Regain the World Tag Team Champions for the 4th Time 

Four-Way Deathmatch: Masaki Takeda vs. John Wayne Murdoch vs. Violento Jack vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda

John Wayne Murdoch came to the ring all fired up, revving a weedwhacker. Everyone attacked each other before the bell. John Wayne and Violento squared off in the center of the ring, but Violento took everyone out with a dive to the floor, and Murdoch did the same, taking out Violento Jack.

Murdoch rolled Violento Jack back into the ring and started to tear away at his mask, hitting him with a jawbreaker followed by a lariat to follow up. Takeda hit Murdoch over the head with a steel chair and then hit himself with a gusset plate, headbutting Murdoch. Takeda went after Murdoch’s head with a gusset. He placed a chair over Murdoch’s head and brained him with another one. Sakuda broke up the pin with a somersault senton. He grabbed the weedwhacker and went to attack Takeda with it, but Takeda moved out of the way.

Sakuda evaded a charging Takeda and hit him with a big crossbody. Takeda still had the gusset plate stuck in his forehead as Sakuda set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. Sakuda placed Takeda on the top rope but was hit with a DDT from Violento Jack. Murdoch took them both off the top with a Tower of Doom spot, which sent Takeda crashing through the door.

Sakuda skewered all three of their cheeks. Takeda returned the favor and did it to Sakuda for good measure. Murdoch hit Violento Jack with the Deep South Destroyer, and Sakuda did the same to Takeda. Murdoch caught Sakuda with the weedwacker followed by a piledriver for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Masashi Takeda, Violento Jack, and Toshiyuki Sakuda

Singles Match: Gringo Loco vs. El Hijo Del Vikingo 

Vikingo rushed in and jumped on Loco’s shoulders; they traded various Lucha evasions and wrestled to a stalemate. The crowd was going crazy, chanting “This is awesome” before they even locked up. Vikingo started with a big spin kick, followed by a tope to the floor. He then climbed to the top and executed a beautiful frog splash for a close near fall.

Loco countered with a flapjack and grabbed a hold to slow down the lightning-quick luchador. Loco hit Vikingo with a series of chops, but Vikingo ended up trapping Loco’s arm and locking him in a submission, slamming him on his lower spinal region. Vikingo slapped Loco across the mouth and kicked him in the head. Loco got Vikingo up and tossed him with a big fallaway slam, then attempted to put Vikingo away with a double jump moonsault for a two-count.

Vikingo evaded a lariat and sent Loco to the floor with a springboard dropkick. Vikingo launched himself to the floor with an inside-out middle rope dragon rana, then climbed onto one of the railings and took Loco out again with a big rana. He sent Loco back into the ring and hit him with an outside-in-middle rope-twisting splash, but Loco kicked out again. Vikingo is truly incredible.

Vikingo connected with a kick to the jaw, but Gringo got him on his shoulders and planted him with a Base Bomb on the apron. Gringo tossed Vikingo back into the ring and went to the top rope, but Vikingo caught him with a headkick and met him on the top. Gringo fought out of it and hit a Triangle Spanish fly, followed by an inverted torture rack slam for a very close near fall.

Vikingo hit Gringo with a big running double knee that knocked Gringo to the floor, then executed a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press off the apron. Vikingo climbed to the top rope and hit another Shooting Star, but Gringo kicked out at 2. Vikingo responded with a pump kick, rushed in, but Gringo caught him with an over-bomb into the turnbuckle. Gringo pulled Vikingo up to the top rope and hit him with a big avalanche sit-out press slam. They battled on the top rope again, with Vikingo taking Gringo back into the ring with an avalanche poisonrana, followed by the 630 for the victory.

Vikingo Defeated Gringo Loco

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver

The match started at a furious pace, with each man evading the other’s incoming offense. Oliver connected with a big knife-edge chop and went for a vertical suplex, but Christian reversed it, and they battled over vertical suplexes. Both men tumbled over the top rope to the floor after a suplex. Oliver connected with a couple of chops before Christian went back into the ring and took him off his feet again with a double-handed chop.

Oliver whipped Christian into the buckle, and went for another one, but Christian hit him with a springboard clothesline, followed by a big dropkick that sent Oliver to the floor. Christian hit Oliver with a Fosbury Flop, followed by an inverted DDT that slammed Oliver to the floor. They traded chops on the floor, and Christian worked Oliver around ringside before rolling him back inside the ring and locking him in a head scissors. Christian released the hold and hit Oliver with a series of kicks in the corner, followed by a shotgun dropkick into a low crossbody in the corner.

Blake went to the top rope, but he got caught after taking too much time, and Oliver sent him back into the ring with a super top-rope rana. They traded chops, and Oliver ducked a rana, hitting Christian with a low dropkick followed by a top-rope moonsault. He went for a Dragon Screw, but Christian caught him with an inside cradle. Oliver popped back up and locked Christian in a figure-four leg lock. Blake reversed the hold, and Oliver had to release it.

Oliver went for a Batista Bomb, but Blake blocked it and hit him with a double sledge to the back. Oliver connected with a chop, but Christian hit him with a series of ripcord clotheslines, followed by a scoop slam. Blake called for the curb stomp, but Oliver moved out of the way, catching him with an Acid Kick to the back and face, followed by a Liger Bomb for a visual pinfall.

Jordan captured both arms and hit Christian with a German suplex, followed by another Acid Kick and a Liger Bomb, but Christian kicked out again. Blake hit Jordan with a low blow and grabbed a chair. The ref tried to take the chair out of his hands, but Blake managed to hit Oliver with the title belt.

Oliver moved out of the way of another chair shot and locked in the Boston Crab. Blake tapped out, but the ref wasn’t there to call the finish. Oliver went to check on the ref but ate a belt shot to the face, followed by a handspring cutter. Oliver somehow managed to kick out at the last second. They continued to trade near falls, with Oliver hitting the Cloutcutter on Blake Christian, but Blake got his shoulder up. Oliver grabbed a chair from underneath the ring, but Blake took it out of his hands and hit him across the back. Blake then delivered a chair-assisted running knee and a curb stomp to retain the title.

Blake Christian Retains the GCW World Championship

Deathmatch: Joey Janela vs. Jun Kasai 

Joey came to the ring with a razor board cross, not to be outdone, Kasai entered with a knife and fork board. They each grabbed a tube and swung them at each other, with Jun making contact first and sending Joey back-first into the tubes strung up on the ropes. Joey did the same as both men started bleeding right away. Joey connected with a stiff right hand and attempted to whip Jun into the corner into the razor board, but Jun held up and tried to spear Joey through them, running shoulder-first into the razors. Joey connected with a series of right hands, followed by a couple of chops. Jun fought back quickly and broke a tube over his own head. Joey did the same and used the broken end to jab into Jun’s forehead. Joey set Jun up on a chair and hit him with a running back elbow for a close near fall.

Joey connected with more right hands, but Kasai responded with a tube-assisted headbutt, causing Joey to start bleeding from the forehead as well. Jun hit Joey with a backdrop suplex onto the broken glass, and Joey had a pretty decent cut on his shoulder from the tubes. Jun hit Joey with a big DDT onto a bundle of tubes and set up a razor board bridge in the center of the ring. Jun tried to powerbomb Joey onto the board, but Joey fired up and hit Jun with a backbody drop. Jun went to the floor, and Joey put him on the apron and placed a bundle of tubes across Jun’s chest. Jun got up, placed the tubes on the apron, broke a tube over Joey’s head, and skewered him for good measure.

Jun took Joey off the top and slammed him onto the tubes that were on the apron. The crowd chanted “Holy Shit” as Kasai brought Joey back into the ring and hit him with a vertical suplex on the broken glass. Janela absorbed it and popped back up. They each put a bunch of tubes in the center of the ring and started to unload on each other. Kasai ran into a superkick, followed by a package piledriver, but managed to kick out at two. Joey brought a knife board into the center of the ring and gave Kasai a Death Valley Driver onto the board but still kicked out at two.

Joey set up a forkboard bridge in the corner and pulled Jun up for an attempted avalanche destroyer through the forkboard. Jun blocked him and hit Joey with an avalanche piledriver through the forkboard. Jun slammed a fork into his own head for fun as he gained momentum and hit Joey with a big lariat for a two-count. Jun placed the forkboard across Joey’s chest and climbed to the top rope for a big splash, but Joey kicked out at one.

Joey broke a bunch of tubes over his own head and started to trade fists with Jun in the center of the ring. Kasai hit a short-armed lariat, followed by a J-Driller, but Joey kicked out at 2. Jun placed a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring and hit Joey with a cross-arm piledriver into the tubes for the victory.

Jun Kasai Defeated Joey Janela 

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Masha Slamovich 

This is a rematch from their encounter at Cage of Survival 2, during which Blake Christian cashed in in the middle of the match and pinned Masha to win the GCW World Championship. Rina grabbed a bundle of tubes and placed them ominously in the corner as they locked up. Masha secured a waistlock and attempted to utilize her technical wrestling prowess to gain the upper hand. Rina countered with a sleeper, but Masha managed to return to her feet and delivered a series of blows with the bundles. Masha snapmared Rina repeatedly, kicking her in the back and chest for the first near-fall of the match. Masha then sent Rina into the corner and shattered another tube across Rina’s midsection. Rina, however, evaded the second attempt and shattered some tubes over her own head to ignite her fighting spirit. Rina shifted her focus to Masha, smashing some tubes over Masha’s head and beginning to carve into Masha’s forehead with the broken end of the tube.

Rina subsequently tossed Masha to the floor, arranged a couple of chairs, and placed a bunch of tubes across them. Rina tried to put Masha back up on the apron, but Masha fought out of it and sent Rina crashing through the tubes from the apron with an Air Raid Crash. As a result of that bump, Rina’s back was shredded. Masha hit Rina with a spinning wheel kick, but it wasn’t enough to put the champion away. Masha laid a bundle across Rina’s chest and ascended to the top rope. However, Rina sat back up and took Masha off the top with a superplex through the tubes.

Rina was screaming for Masha to get up, and Masha struck Rina with a tube but absorbed a vicious superkick followed by some brutal tube shots. Masha got Rina up for the Gin and Tonic but was too exhausted to make the cover. They exchanged forearm shots in the center of the ring, and Masha was leveled with a headbutt. Masha grabbed a crown of barbed wire and placed it on her head before headbutting Rina. Rina also headbutted the wire, and Masha kicked a tube across Rina’s head. Rina kicked out at the last second. Masha took hold of several loose tubes, shattered them over Rina’s head, and hit her with another Air Raid Crash onto the broken tubes, followed by another onto the bundle of tubes. Yet again, Rina kicked out.

Rina countered with a cradle suplex onto the broken glass, but Masha kicked Rina in the face. Rina retaliated with a big clothesline, only for Masha to kick out at two. The crowd began chanting “Fight forever” as Rina placed a bundle of loose tubes across Masha’s chest. She climbed to the top rope and executed a big splash, but Masha reversed the pin and secured a near fall of her own, setting a new standard of excitement. Emil Jay pointed out that this was the closest anyone had ever come to defeating Rina. Masha ascended the top rope and executed a moonsault, but Rina still kicked out. The match advanced to its late stages, and these two competitors continued to exchange blows, elevating the match to a completely different level.

Masha kneed Rina in the side of the head, and Rina retaliated with a series of strikes. She caught a kick from Masha and executed a sitout Death Valley Driver. Rina fired up, grabbed several tubes, and hurled them at Masha’s head. She then took another bundle of tubes and placed them in the center of the ring. Rina hit Masha with the Gin and Tonic, but Masha kicked out. Rina grabbed some loose tubes, and as Masha flipped Rina off, Rina swung the tubes at Masha like a baseball bat. Rina got Masha up for the Splash Mountain, but instead of going for the cover, she arranged the remaining tubes in the center of the ring. She lifted Masha for the Splash Mountain through the tubes and secured the victory. It was an absolutely incredible match and easily one of the top three deathmatches of the year, showcasing amazing performances by both competitors. This was easily Masha’s best match in GCW. 

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita Defeated Masha Slamovich

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