Kiera Hogan thinks she would’ve played pro soccer if wrestling did not work out

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Kiera speaks about her interests outside of wrestling. 

Joining Monteasy for an episode of Teasy’s Table was AEW’s Kiera Hogan. During their chat, Hogan opened up about her love of soccer and growing up playing the sport. 

She believes that if wrestling did not work out, she’d probably be playing professional soccer. She started in the sport at a young age and by the time she was a senior in high school, she was one of the top scorers in the county she played in. 

Well, my dad was the one who put me in soccer. His best friends growing up, their daughters were in soccer, so they put us all on the same team when we were like eight, nine, 10 years old and then once I got to middle school — so I was playing rec soccer for a while, for a long time. I then played club soccer and then when I got to high school, I was on the varsity soccer team my freshman year and by my senior year, I was one of the top scorers in my county. I was a little fire cannon. I was fast, I used to love running. Now, it’s kind of work, cardio but, I used to love just being on the field, getting dirty, bumping into girls, shooting goals, sliding on the — that was me. I absolutely adore soccer and one year when I was in high school, I couldn’t do it because of my grades and some other stuff, and it hurt me so bad that I could not play because it was, again, one of those outlets. It was wrestling, makeup, soccer, and even before the soccer season started, we were conditioning for months before soccer started and I was the first one on the field, I was the one helping out. I was never a captain but I was doing captain duties. I was leading the girls, I was leading the new girls coming in. I really enjoyed playing soccer and I did have dreams eventually to play in college but then again, like I said, wrestling was just a bigger love for me. I was like, ‘I really wanna do this’ so I think if wrestling did not work out for me, I’d probably play professional soccer.

On the 10/7 episode of Collision, Hogan went one-on-one with Toni Storm. Earlier this year, Kiera had a program in Ring of Honor with ROH Women’s World Champion Athena. 

Athena opened up about that program and to read her comments, head over to this link

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