Mahabali Shera shares that he’s not under contract to IMPACT, AEW reached out to him two years ago

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Shera expresses that he’s hungry for any opportunity. 

Guest appearing on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast was Mahabali Shera. Back in 2018, Shera had a stint with WWE before being released from the company.

During the conversation, he was asked if there’s any interest from his side to return to WWE. Shera is currently working with IMPACT Wrestling, but he stated that he’s not under contract and they’re working on a handshake deal. 

If any opportunities come his way, he’ll talk to IMPACT first because of the relationship that has been established. He remembers talking to IMPACT President Scott D’Amore in 2017 about the WWE opportunity. D’Amore told him he should go for it. 

I’m just starving for work, you know? (Shera responded when asked if he’d be interested in going back to WWE) And I think what I see in me and I think… I just always wanna be bigger, bigger, bigger because for my country and for my career-wise. Maybe when I was there, it was not (the) right time. So, in the future, because you never know and any opportunity comes to you, if it’s the right opportunities, yes, I would definitely consider about, you know? And I’m still with IMPACT Wrestling but I’m not under contract with them, but I’m working for them because we have a deal, like handshake deal, you know? But if there’s any big opportunities (that) come to me and I will definitely consider and I will talk to them, ‘Hey, what do you think?’ Because IMPACT Wrestling had me many ways as well. But, they’re also very nice to me, they’re always nice to me and Scott (D’Amore) and everyone. I love them, but if any opportunity comes to me, I will talk to them first because always, like last time, NXT, they reached out to me (in) 2017. I tell Scott. He said, ‘If you wanna go, go for it.’ He didn’t say anything, you know? But definitely, I’m looking for big opportunities because, you’re gonna see all of it on Netflix (‘Wrestlers’ series) and I can’t live life like this, you know? Because I have a responsibility and I definitely need bigger money, bigger roles, so that I can do (my) best and put myself in (the) best position. Everyone wants (to) do that I think. Nothing wrong with that.

The topic of AEW was brought up and Shera said they reached out to him two years ago, but he was under contract at the time. 

They (AEW) reached out to me two years ago. I was under contract. But like I said, if WWE or AEW or any company or other work out of wrestling, if anything reach out to me then I definitely want (to) concern about because I wanna do it. I wanna do the best I can do it. If it’s possible, I will be (at) work for 16-hour day and I can do that because I’ve been waiting for it. I’ve been waiting for three years, four years, putting all the work hard in. Now it’s just time. I will do my best to succeed and take (the) opportunities.

The 32-year-old Shera was most recently featured on the 10/5 episode of IMPACT on AXS in a mixed tag. Coming up for IMPACT is their Bound For Glory pay-per-view on October 21st.

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