Leila Grey happy for Jade Cargill following WWE signing, reflects on The Baddies in AEW, talks potential singles run

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A singles run is in Leila Grey’s sights. She feels she can be champion in AEW. 

The Baddies faction in All Elite Wrestling at one point consisted of Red Velvet, Kiera Hogan, Leila Grey and was headed by then-TBS Champion Jade Cargill. In September, Cargill opted to sign with WWE and thus far, she has appeared on the company’s Raw, SmackDown and NXT programs.

Cargill signing with WWE was brought up during The A2theK Wrestling Show’s interview with Grey. Leila has spoken to Cargill briefly since she joined WWE. Leila found the news out via social media. She went on to call Jade a mega star. 

She shared a tidbit from their conversation, noting that Cargill told her she watched the ‘Wrestlers’ series on Netflix in support of Leila. Grey then went on to express gratitude to Cargill because she became a ‘baddie’ in AEW because of her. 

I’ve spoken to her briefly (Grey responded when asked if she’s been in contact with Jade Cargill since she joined WWE). I found out online just like the rest of the world and I was like, ‘What? No way.’ But, I mean, at the end of the day, I am extremely happy for her. Jade is a superstar, she’s a mega star so, I know she’s gonna kill it out there. She’s gonna do amazing and I told her that, I congratulated her. We briefly spoke and exactly what I just told you guys, I told her that she’s gonna do amazing, I was very happy for her. She also told me she watched the show Wrestlers on Netflix in support of me so we had a nice, little conversation, and you know, I thanked her for everything because I became a baddie because of her and now I’m ‘the baddie’ and I feel like through her, I was kind of able to find my place and kind of more of who I am and she helped a lot with that so I owe a lot to her and I just wish her the absolute best.

She touched on the relationship she formed with members of The Baddies while they were together. Leila stated that they had a solid bond. She added that sometimes, she thinks that her and Kiera Hogan would make a good team. 

Yes, I did form a bond with the group (The Baddies). Me and Jade (Cargill), we worked very well together. Even when the other girls left the group, me and her were still very close and I learned a lot being next to her throughout all that. Kiera Hogan is definitely somebody that I also grew close to in the process. She is very sweet, I enjoyed working with her and I also learned a lot from her as well, and she has super cool style so she taught me a lot about fashion and makeup (Grey laughed). So, Kiera Hogan is awesome. I actually miss working closely with her and sometimes I think that me and her would make a great tag team some day.

As far as Leila’s future in AEW goes, she is interested in being a singles talent. She feels she can be either AEW Women’s World or TBS Champion. Grey is not against forming another group in the company.

In terms of AEW, I would definitely like to see myself more as a standalone star because I truly believe that one day I could be Women’s Champion or the TBS Champion. I definitely feel like I have what it takes. So, I wanna be a standalone character but there’s also something really fun about having a faction with you so I’m not opposed to that. I’m not opposed to that.

Grey is a regular for Ohio Valley Wrestling and for their 10/19 show, AEW’s Paul Wight is being advertised to return to the promotion for the first time in nearly 20 years. 

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