REWIND-A-WAI #141: WWF WrestleMania X-Seven

REWIND-A-WAI #141: WWF WrestleMania X-Seven
Photo Courtesy: WWE

John Pollock and Wai Ting review WWF WrestleMania X-Seven from April 1, 2001 headlined by The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship.

Considered by many to be the greatest WWE event of all time, we look back at this legendary card to see if that still holds true in 2023. Featuring TLC 2, Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon, Undertaker vs. HHH, and the Gimmick Battle Royal.

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WrestleMania X-Seven
Sunday, April 1, 2001
Houston, Texas at Reliant Astrodome

  • No DQ for the WWF Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The Undertaker vs. Triple H
  • Gimmick Battle Royal
  • TLC II for the WWF Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz (c) vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardys
  • Street Fight: Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon w/ Mick Foley as special referee
  • WWF Women’s Championship: Ivory (c) vs. Chyna
  • Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
  • WWF European Championship: Test (c) vs. Eddy Guerrero
  • WWF Hardcore Championship: Raven (c) vs. Kane vs. Big Show
  • The APA & Tazz vs. Val Venis, The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
  • WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. William Regal

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