AEW Collision Results: Danielson vs. Andrade, Memphis Street Fight, Starks & Big Bill defend titles

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AEW Collision aired live from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN, with a “dream match” teased by AEW President Tony Khan before the show. The Collision show was followed immediately by an extra hour of action with AEW Battle of the Belts. 

Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade El Idolo

The show started with Danielson making his entrance, with El Idolo following shortly after. With Tony Khan calling this a “dream match,” the expectations were through the roof. In fact, the fans started with a “This is awesome” chant before the competitors even touched each other.

Once the match got underway, the pair locked up and exchanged a series of standing holds before ending up in the ropes, forcing a break. Andrade locked Danielson in a Gory Special at one point, which led to a pinning attempt. The action went back and forth from there, with neither man able to get any sizable advantage before the first PiP break.

Danielson controlled the action through the break, working on the left arm of El Idolo. The show returned with Danielson stomping the arm into the mat. The pair entered a striking exchange, which Andrade appeared to get the better of, but Danielson got up and threw kicks at the weakened arm. Shortly after, El Idolo hit a running elbow to put Danielson down. As Danielson tried to go to the top rope, Andrade jumped up and hit a springboard dropkick, sending Danielson to the outside. He landed a moonsault to the outside of the ring, followed by a split-legged moonsault back in the ring for a near fall. 

Eventually, Danielson gained control from the top rope and hit a missile dropkick. He went for the Yes kicks, but Andrade countered with a series of Dragonscrew leg whips. 

After some more back-and-forth fighting, Danielson went for the LeBell Lock, but Andrade escaped and quickly locked on a Figure Four. As soon as he bridged for the upgraded Figure Eight, Danielson got his hand on the bottom rope to break up the hold. During an exchange of pinning holds, Danielson managed to keep Andrade’s shoulders down for three seconds to get the win. 

After the match, Danielson and Andrade El Idolo shook hands and raised each other’s arms. While celebrating, the lights went out, and Malakai Black appeared in the ring, hitting a huge spin kick on Danielson. The lights went out again, and when they came back on, Black was gone, leaving Claudio and Wheeler to tend to Danielson.

Darby Allin interview

Darby did an interview about Nick Wayne, saying that Wayne used to ask why people hated him. Darby said that even with a fractured shoulder, he could take a tooth away from Wayne. He told Wayne that he’ll be at Dynamite this week when Tony Khan presents his gift to Sting.

Skye Blue vs. Hollyhood Haley

Skye Blue took on Hollyhood Haley, who was making her Collision debut. Blue showed tons of aggression, and her makeup seemed to be even darker than during her appearance last week. After some brief offense from Haley, Blue made her comeback and won the match quickly. 

Surprisingly, she just left after the match with no further development of her story outside of the commentators mentioning that she was sprayed by Julia Hart recently.

Bullet Club Gold’s The Gunns vs. Outrunners

The Gunns came to the ring with Jay White to take on Outrunners. The Gunns were very aggressive, showing off a more intense wrestling style than we typically saw from them. The match was short, with the brothers hitting 3:10 to Yuma after just a couple of minutes for the win.

After the match, the lights went out, and someone was shown backstage in the devil mask. The crowd played along, chanting “MJF” while White and The Gunns looked around for an attack that never came.

Orange Cassidy interview

Kris Statlander does squats using Lexi for a warmup, and Orange says he’s ready for his match on Battle of the Belts. 

Memphis Street Fight

Jeff Jarrett came to the ring with his entire crew and immediately got in guest commentator Dave Brown’s face. Eddie Kingston came out alone, as you might expect. The match started with Kingston attacking Jarrett and his crew on the ramp with a Kendo stick. When he got to Satnam Singh, the big man grabbed the stink and snapped it in half. Kingston kicked Singh in the groin while setting up for a choke slam, allowing himself to escape. 

As you might expect, this match was a mess that included Kingston throwing hot dogs at Jarrett, plenty of garbage can lids, tables, mustard, ketchup, and all the other weird stuff you might expect to find in an old-school Memphis street fight. At one point, Karen Jarrett got involved, distracting Kingston enough for Jay Lethal to land a huge cutter from the entrance ramp through a table on the floor. 

During the PiP break, Kingston grabbed a trash can and started beating himself over the head with it. It’s worth noting that Jarrett fought most of this match covered in ketchup and mustard. 

Jarrett beat Eddie Kingston’s leg with a lead pipe as the commercial break ended. He then started smashing it with a garbage can and various other street fight apparatuses. Eventually, Jarrett put Kingston in a Figure Four leglock, which lasted an extended period of time. Kingston flipped the hold over, reversing the pressure, which prompted Lethal to jump to the top rope for an elbow drop, which both Kingston and Jarrett rolled out of the way of. 

Eddie battled Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal successfully, leading to Sanjay Dutt entering the ring only to be quickly tossed aside by Kingston. Karen Jarrett tried to get involved unsuccessfully. Kingston picked up Jarrett’s guitar and swung it at his opponent, but he ducked, leading to Kingston blasting Singh with the musical instrument. From there, all of the heels got involved, hitting all of their finishing moves on him one after the other, with the Lethal Injection being the final blow before Jeff Jarrett successfully pinned Kingston.

Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed

Lexi interviewed The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass. Max asked Lexi to use a belt on him, which made Billy and Bowens put him in timeout. They hyped their match at Battle of the Belts and walked away with Caster still facing the wall.

Miro vs. Action Andretti

Before the match, CJ Perry’s music hit, and she came out to sit ringside for the match between Miro and Andretti. A sign in the crowd read, “Give us Miro vs. God at Full Gear,” which there is precedence for in wrestling.

Once the match got underway, Andretti had the upper hand briefly, but Miro countered quickly, landing his power moves on the high-flyers before throwing him shoulder-first into the post for the match’s first PiP break.

Action Andretti hit a springboard kick launching Miro to the outside. He followed up with a giant Tope Con Hilo to the outside. Andretti was down, leading to Miro going for Game Over, but he escaped and rolled Miro up for a near fall that got the crowd. Andretti hit Miro with a 450, but the larger competitor kicked out at one. From there, Miro locked in Game Over until Andretti passed out, giving Miro the win.

After the match, the commentary team announced that Ruby Soho would get a title match against Shida on Dynamite this Wednesday.

Former JAS member interview

Lexi asked if everyone was on the same page, which upsets Anna Jay. They have difficulty getting along. 

Ruby Soho walked into the shot next, and she and Cool Hand Ange had a moment. She said she would take on anyone to become a champion any day. It felt like weird timing because they’d already announced that she was facing Shida, so presumably, this was filmed before that announcement. 

Rush segment

Another Rush and company segment happened. It didn’t develop the story much, but it was entertaining.

Eddie Kingston promo

Eddie Kingston talked about Jay Lethal. He used to love pro wrestling, but now he doesn’t respect him. He tells him not to bring Jeff Jarrett to the match. He also said not to bring his mother because she would cry for him if he did. And she will cry for him because she knows he deserves the beating he’s receiving.

FTR vs. Bad Thad Brown and Darian Bengston

Bad Thad Brown and Darian Bengston were some interesting-looking characters, but we never really got to know them because before the match could really get going, the lights turned off, and House of Black appeared in the ring and destroyed FTR. 

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs. Claudio and Yuta

The main event saw Ricky Starks and Big Bill defend their AEW Tag Team titles against the BCC’s Claudio and Yuta. Big Bill and Starks dominated Yuta for the early portion of the match. While sitting outside on the apron, Ricky Starks picked up a microphone and started yelling, “Let’s go, Bill.” He eventually tagged into the match, further beating down Wheeler Yuta. 

After an extremely long heat segment, eventually, Yuta managed to counter the offense of Starks and Bill and made a hot tag to Claudio Castagnoli. He landed more than 20 corner clotheslines on Ricky Starks. 

Wheeler and Claudio hit a double-team shotgun dropkick that led to a near fall on Big Bill, which took Claudio out of the match and the smaller Wheeler Yuta back in. Starks distracted Yuta for a moment, allowing Big Bill to blast him with a giant lariat. However, Yuta recovered and tagged Claudio back into the match after a short period. Claudio tagged Yuta in again and went for the Giant Swing on Starks into a drop kick from Yuta. While Yuta had the pin, Big Bill jumped into the ring and broke up the pin.

When going for their finisher, the House of Black showed up and got involved, disrupting the move and allowing Ricky Starks to hit a spear and Roshambo on Yuta for the win. 

After the match, HOB attacked Yuta, leading Danielson to run down, only to be beaten down. FTR came down to the ring and suffered a similar fate. Moxley’s music hit, and he made his way down through the crowd. He attacked Big Bill and jumped into the ring, leading to a giant brawl, with FTR and Blackpool Combat Club getting the upper hand. House of Black, Big Bill, and Ricky Starks moved toward the ring, but only Ricky Stars jumped in, leading to him taking a Shatter Machine from FTR. After a brief delay, Claudio picked up Starks and swung him more times than I care to count as the show went off the air, transitioning to Battle of the Belts.

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