SmackDown Results: Knight Defeats Jimmy Uso, Belair/Sky Added to Crown Jewel

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October 27, 2023
Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI

By: John Kleinchester


Cena vs. Sikoa Confirmed for Crown Jewel

SmackDown kicked off by confirming the news that broke via People earlier in the day that John Cena would indeed square off against Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel. 

Contract Signing

With that, it was onto the contract signing between Roman Reigns and LA Knight for their Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match next weekend at Crown Jewel. Reigns’ entrance began and he was only able to make it to the stage before LA Knight’s music hit and Knight marched right past Roman and to the ring, completely ignoring him. LA Knight promptly took the seat at the head of the contract-signing table and Reigns was aghast. Knight signed the contract immediately and Reigns got on the mic and ran him down, calling him an idiot and asking if he had ever had a contract signing or even a championship match before. Reigns said that he would go easy on him, signing the contract, and started getting up to leave.

Knight admitted that Reigns was right that it was his first WWE Championship match and Reigns would be left wondering what happened when he walked out with his title at Crown Jewel. This broke Reigns as he attacked Knight and went to put him through a table. Knight was able to reverse and gain the advantage until Jimmy Uso appeared allowing Roman to retreat. Heyman and Reigns ordered Jimmy to get Knight but Knight was able to reverse and put Jimmy through the table. 

LWO vs. Street Profits

The first match of the evening was The Street Profits (complete with new entrance theme and new gear) with Bobby Lashley taking on what was originally scheduled to be Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, but before the show, Carlito asked GM Nick Aldis if he could replace Mysterio as Rey had to focus on his upcoming match against Logan Paul. The LWO looked good early on with Carlito hitting an impressive dive out of the ring onto both Profits leading to the first commercial break. After the break, Montez Ford was in firm control until Escobar finally made the hot tag to Carlito. During the match, Rey Mysterio was shown watching the match from the back and was suddenly attacked by Logan Paul. Escobar sent Carlito to the back to help Rey as Escobar attempted to win on his own. Escobar was swiftly hit with “The Revelation” finisher for the victory. 

More Football References

Backstage Paul Heyman was showing Roman Reigns a custom WWE Title made for the Green Bay Packers. Heyman said that he was going to give it to LA Knight because it was the closest either of them would come to being champions. Jimmy Uso then plopped down on the couch and went back into his never-ending football references saying he ran the wrong play tonight. Roman said if Jimmy didn’t handle this tonight, it was done. Jimmy claimed he was on the Injured Reserve list but Roman ordered Heyman to ask Nick Aldis to give Jimmy a match against Knight later tonight.


One for Two

Cathy Kelley asked Logan Paul why he sucker-punched Rey Mysterio earlier. He then blew off Cathy and ran into Kevin Owens who was wearing a Mysterio shirt which he called “wack” and walked off. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller then approached Owens asking about him saying they had punchable faces. The three argued and were separated only to have Owens return and nail them both in the face with one punch. 


Chelsea vs. Shotzi

Shotzi thanked Nick Aldis for allowing her to host Halloween Havoc on Tuesday and was interrupted by Tag Team Champions Chelsea Green and Piper Niven who thought Shotzi was dressed up as Pinhead. This led to Shotzi challenging Chelsea Green to a match. Shotzi picked up the win in just over three minutes. 


The Samoan Spike Will Silence You

John Cena was out next and started off saying how exciting it was tonight but then got somber and said that it hadn’t been this serious since twenty years ago when the WWE wanted to fire him. He went on to say that for the first time in twenty years, he felt like he was in jeopardy of losing the fans’ support and respect but he wanted to keep this ride going. He called Crown Jewel a “must-see” and a “must-win” for him. Paul Heyman then interrupted and got in the ring offering a handshake to Cena to which he obliged. Heyman thanked Cena for the house, for the twenty-one years of sellouts based on him. Heyman then claimed that he hand-selected Cena from OVW and he is the the greatest of all time on the microphone. But Cena pissed off The Bloodline and when Solo Sikoa hits him with the Samoan Spike, he won’t be able to talk anymore. Sikoa then ran out and jumped Cena from behind hitting him with the Spinning Solo and the Samoan Spike. 


Cedric Alexander vs. Dragon Lee

This match was set up earlier in the night when Cedric Alexander interrupted Kayla Braxton interviewing Dragon Lee backstage leading to Cedric challenging Lee to a match. The pair had a fast-paced, intense match with Dragon Lee picking up the win with an Inverted DDT. After the match, Lee and Alexander shake hands. 

Bianca Belair Gets Another Shot

Bianca Belair was out to the ring next and talked about how excited she was to be back. Belair said while she was gone all she could think about was when Damage CTRL attacked her from behind backstage two months ago and how she was going to make them pay. She then revealed that she asked Nick Aldis and received her rematch against IYO Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship and it would be happening at Crown Jewel. She then also revealed that she would be facing Bayley next week on SmackDown.

Jimmy Uso vs. LA Knight

The main event of the evening saw Jimmy Uso taking on LA Knight. The two had a back-and-forth match with the crowd chanting “Jey is better” and “Jimmy sucks”. During the match, Michael Cole promised that Knight’s match against Roman Reigns next Saturday would be “long and grueling”. LA Knight was able to kick out of the Uso Splash and then counter a second attempt into a superplex followed by the BFT for the victory. As Knight is celebrating, Reigns appears and attempts to hit Knight with the spear but misses and LA Knight is able to hit Roman with the BFT as the show goes off the air.

Announced for SmackDown Next Week (Taped Tonight):

  • Bianca Belair vs. Bayley
  • US Championship Weigh-In: Rey Mysterio & Logan Paul

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Street Profits over Santos Escobar & Carlito in 11:52
  • Shotzi defeats Chelsea Green in 3:17
  • Dragon Lee over Cedric Alexander in 8:10
  • LA Knight over Jimmy Uso in 13:32
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