AEW Collision results: MJF defends World Title against Kenny Omega

Image Courtesy: AEW

By Dave LeClair

AEW Collision emanated live from my neck of the woods at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The main event advertised for the match is MJF vs. Kenny Omega, which is one of the more exciting matches featured on Collision thus far.

Jay White vs. AR Fox

AR Fox, who’s from Connecticut, took on Jay White in the opening match. The match was filled with plenty of crazy AR Fox spots and no shortage of Bullet Club Gold shenanigans. As the match went to commercial, Jay White threw AR Fox outside of the ring. This allowed Juice Robinson to get some shots in while the White held the ref’s attention. During the PiP break, White cinched in a Muta Lock, which Fox broke by getting to the ropes. White also held an extended chin lock. 

The match returned with White throwing Fox to the corner and the competitors exchanging chops on each other. Frustrated with the BCG nonsense, Fox hit a Tope con Hilo to the group and then ran back into the ring to jump outside and hit Jay White.

From there, he got White back in the ring, allowing him to hit a massive senton from the top rope for a near fall. However, White recovered shortly after, allowing him to hit a Blade Runner for the win.

After the match, MJF snuck in and grabbed the title (his title), but Jay White and the rest of BCG stopped him, with Jay White ending up with the belt in the end. 

The Acclaimed promo

They’ve been champions for 62 days. Max gets a message on his phone from someone he claims is MJF, but Bowens points out that it’s a catfish with only 200 followers and not actually MJF. Daddy Ass and Bowens send Caster to the corner while they finish their promo.

The Gunns vs. The Boys

Dalton Castle and The Boys entered while the Gunns were already in the ring after Jay White’s match. It was a quick match, with The Boys getting a couple of moves in before one of them ate a 3:10 to Yuma to end the match.

MJF and Kenny Omega video package

AEW aired a video package setting up the MJF and Kenny Omega title match, and it did a great job of making this match feel like a big deal.

Danhausen wishes the humans a Happy Halloween

His ‘Very Nice, Very Evil’ song was played, and it ended with him wishing the humans a happy Halloween. He’s still coming back. 

Ryan Nemeth died

Ryan Nemeth was looking for CJ Perry. He found Miro. Miro pulled him into CJ’s locker room and beat him down. 

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Abadon

Abadon challenged Shida for the AEW Women’s title in a Halloween-themed match complete with spider webs and pumpkins on the ropes. After just a few moments of wrestling, the competitors went for weapons. Shida threw Abadon outside the ring, and when Shida went out looking for them, Abandon was gone. They popped out from under the ring to grab Shida and then came out the other side with a trashcan lid, knocking Shida down and leading to a PiP break.

The show returned from break with both wrestlers exchanging blows. Abadon Irish-Whipped Shida, but ate a knee for the trouble. Shida went to the top rope with a broom, but Abadon dodged her attack. Abadon introduced a bat, but Shida countered and choked her with the bat for a few moments before Abadon went into zombie mode, no-selling the champion’s attacks.

They did a candy spot in the style of thumbtacks, which probably still hurt but was less effective than the sharper option. Shida grabbed a pumpkin, put it on Abadon’s head, and hit a running knee to end the match.

After the match, Toni Storm came out and posed on top of the announcer’s table.

Keith Lee and Shane Taylor video package

Keith Lee and Shane Taylor recapped their rivalry with some history from their ROH days.

ROH World Television Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rhett Titus

Rhett Titus took on Samoa Joe for the ROH TV title. According to CageMatch, Rhett Titus lost his last two matches, so I’m not sure how he’s earned a title shot (outside of being a former champion). A few moments into the match, Joe hit his beloved walk-off dodge as Titus jumped off the top rope. Shortly after, he locked in a Coquina Clutch for the win. The Connecticut crowd absolutely loved Samoa Joe. 

Renee with QTV

QT Marshall and the rest of QTV appeared.  QT talked about how busy he’s been defending his new AAA Latin American Championship, but now he’s back in AEW.

Bryan Danielson’s ‘broken orbital bone’

Claudio Castagnoli said Danielson had a broken orbital bone from either an Orange Punch or Rainmaker. He said he would find Okada, whether it be in the US or Japan. He also said he’ll see Orange Cassidy on Wednesday when he challenges Cassidy for the International belt. It was a great promo that made Claudio seem like a badass.

Ricky Starks vs. Dax Harwood

Ricky Starks entered first with Big Bill by his side. From there, Dax Harwood entered the arena with Cash Wheeler in tow. Before the match started, the lights turned off, and The House of Black appeared in the crowd. Once the match got underway, it was a fast-paced affair with lots of back-and-forth action. Ricky hit his version of Old School and then pushed Dax into the ropes throat-first. Starks landed a vertical suplex onto the ramp to lead to the PiP commercial break.

The show returned with Dax hitting a superplex on Starks, but the previous back damage he’d already absorbed prevented him from going for a pin after.

Dax rolled Starks up and grabbed a handful of tights, but Starks kicked out anyway. Shortly after, Dax landed a piledriver on Starks, and while he had the pin on Starks, Big Bill pulled Harwood out of the ring, breaking up the cover. Back in the ring, Starks grabbed Harwood, landed a piledriver of his own, and pinned him for the win.

The lights went out after the match, and House of Black entered the ring, getting ready to attack FTR. From there, Rush and the rest of the Los Ingobernables came out and attacked Black and company, leaving them standing tall along with FTR as Starks and Big Bill ran away. 

Andrade interview

When asked about CJ Perry, Andrade said, “I’m a businessman, and this is my business. Nobody else.” It sounds like he’s not interested in Perry’s services.

Kris Statlander addresses Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale

Kris Statlander asks about what happened on Rampage. Willow asked what was going on with Skye Blue and Julia Hart, and Blue said anything she needed to say to Julia was between her and Julia.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. ‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams

Claudio attacked Williams when the bell rang, destroying him with European uppercuts for a quick win. After the match, he locked in the LeBell lock to send a message to Orange Cassidy and Okada.

Samoa Joe visits MJF

Samoa Joe visits with MJF. He said that if MJF gets into trouble, all he needs to do is scream Joe’s name, and Joe will be his friend.

AEW World Heavyweight Championship: MJF (c) vs. Kenny Omega

Both MJF and Kenny Omega made their way to the ring with positive reactions from the crowd. However, during the introductions, MJF actually got a more positive reaction, with the crowd being more mixed towards Omega. The match with “holy shit” chants from the crowd before either man even touched. They started with a lockup and an exchange of holds. Counters, submissions, and lots of action-packed grappling got things going. 

After fighting for a bit, MJF asked the crowd to be quiet to extend a hand to Kenny Omega for a shake. Omega accepted, and as expected, MJF poked Kenny in the eye, to the crowd’s delight.

MJF and Kenny exchanged dives to the outside, including a Fosbury Flop from MJF.

Back in the ring, MJF hit a huge DDT on Kenny Omega for a near fall. He then mocked Kenny Omega’s poses and went for a V-Trigger, which Kenny dodged into a Snap Dragon Suplex. While MJF was stunned, Kenny climbed to the top rope and hit MJF with a missile dropkick to the back of the neck. Shortly after, Omega went for a V-Trigger, but MJF rolled out of the ring. Kenny didn’t give him a moment as he attacked MJF and launched him hard into the announcer’s table. 

Kenny went outside the ropes and grabbed a table from under the ring. He set it up on the outside, then MJF and Kenny exchanged a series of sunset flips. Omega hit a buckle bomb on MJF, but MJF exploded out of the counter with a clothesline, and both men went down for the referee’s count. They ended up outside the ring on the apron over the table, but instead of throwing him through the table, Kenny Omega hit him with a Snap Dragon Suplex on the edge of the ring.

Kenny lifted MJF up and hit him with a jumping powerbomb through the table, getting loud “holy shit” and “this is awesome” chants from the crowd as they went to a 90-second commercial break.


When the show returned, both competitors were still fighting back to their feet outside the ring (it was a really, really long count from the ref since they were outside for more than a minute and thirty seconds). They ended up back in the ring for a slow striking exchange (in which the crowd mostly booed Omega and cheered MJF). MJF poked Kenny in the eye, but Kenny returned with a V-Trigger.

He went for a One Winged Angel, but MJF countered with a Poisonrana. After some more back-and-forth action that included MJF barely surviving by getting his foot on the rope, they went to another 90-second commercial break. 

When the show returned, the pair were outside the ring, and Kenny hit a huge powerbomb on the crowd barricade. He then removed the padding from the barricade and set MJF up for another attack. However, as the ref warned him of a countout, he threw MJF back in the ring and climbed to the top rope.

MJF stumbled around the ring and fell into the rope, crotching Kenny. MJF climbed up to the top rope with Kenny and taunted him, which gave Omega an opening for a counter. While MJF was in the corner, Omega hit a V-Trigger. He landed a few more big knees to MJF before going for a One-Winged Angel. Don Callis ran out and distracted Kenny.

MJF rolled Omega up for a near fall, but Kenny escaped and countered. The ref threw Callis out, and Kenny went for another finisher. MJF rolled through for a pinning attempt. The pair traded pins back and forth, but neither could seal up the win.

MJF went to the top rope to go for a Panama Sunrise, but Kenny countered into a roll-up for a near fall. MJF went for it again, landing it this time. He lifted Kenny Omega up, put him on the apron, and landed a Heatseeker for the win. 


After the match, Samoa Joe was shown in the back, looking on with a stoic facial expression. Then, they cut to Wardlow, who was also watching the match. From there, they cut to Hobbs, followed by Bullet Club Gold. 

MJF extended a hand to Kenny Omega after the match, which Omega accepted. They even hugged it out, and MJF raised Omega’s hand. One more time: WHAT A MATCH!

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