Vince McMahon in Saudi Arabia: says the country is ‘our home now’, discusses relationship with Dana White

Image Courtesy: MMA Junkie

Vince McMahon is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for Saturday’s boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

McMahon was filmed at a reception at Kingdom Hall (formerly Boulevard Hall) before the event, accompanied by The Undertaker.

Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie and other reporters caught up with McMahon, and asked him about Saudi Arabia as a destination for sports and entertainment. He was also asked about his relationship with UFC President Dana White.

During the rare exchange with reporters, McMahon said Saudi Arabia was “our home now.” WWE returns to Riyadh at the nearby Mohammed Abdu Arena next Saturday for its Crown Jewel event.

McMahon also denied trying to “F” Dana White on multiple occasions and sticking him in the “cheap seats” at WrestleMania.

He claimed he and White get along very well, although he (McMahon) was the better businessman. The Undertaker, who was by McMahon’s side, found the fact that White and McMahon were in business together “hilarious.”

The interview is below:

Reporter: I guess just for you, first, Vince. Obviously you’ve done a lot of business here already. TKO is gonna be bringing a UFC event here in March. We have this going on. In your mind, is this place the future of sports and entertainment?

McMahon: Yes is the answer. You’re holding microphone, and the answer is yes.

Reporter: What are they doing so well in your mind?

McMahon: Well, I think they’re doing so much. They’re delving into the superior aspects of all of sports and entertainment, and everything that’s the best in the world — it’s gonna be here.

Reporter (to Undertaker): What are your thoughts on these spectacular events that are happening?

Undertaker: I believe they’re awesome, and it’s a commitment that you can tell that they’re making to bring the absolute most outstanding sporting events and entertainment — they’re trying to bring it here, and they’re doing everything possible to make that happen.

Reporter (to McMahon): This is a pretty special venue, obviously, just coming together. Is this where you’re expecting to hold events going forward?

McMahon: Well, this is our home now. It’s been pronounced. This is our home. WWE’s home.

Reporter: Vince, I had a question. What’s it like, to put it bluntly, now working with Dana White after busting his balls for so many years?

McMahon: Busting his chops?

Reporter: He said you tried to ‘F’ him on multiple occasions.

McMahon: Please, I don’t do business that way. I don’t bust anybody’s chops, unless they get in the way. But Dana and I do get along very, very well. He’s really a good guy. And —

Reporter: Do you think it’s a case of two alpha males in the same spot and they’re gonna have to try and take each other out or eventually realize they can coincide and build it even bigger?

McMahon: We’re good partners and good businessmen. If you’re good businessmen, you get along.

Reporter: Is it true that you stuck him in the cheap seats for WrestleMania?

McMahon: No, no, no. Not at all.

Reporter [to Undertaker]: What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Vince and Dana now that they’re working together?

Undertaker: I think it’s hilarious. They’re so similar, the both of them. So it’s, well, all due respect —

McMcahon: He’s a tough guy, come on.

Undertaker: But yeah, they’re very similar. They say what’s on their minds and they’re both really good businessmen. And they both, they definitely want the best for each of their brands.

McMahon: I’m a better businessman.

Undertaker: Oh, by far, yeah, yeah, no doubt.

Reporter (to Undertaker): You’ve obviously been a big mixed martial arts fan for a long time. To have these two companies under the same umbrella now, what do you think the future is, and the possibilities for this TKO group?

Undertaker: I’m gonna get a lot of good, good tickets to UFC and WWE events. You know he charges me. He didn’t even let me in. I’m just kidding, but no, it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Obviously, you know, I’ve been involved with WWE for 33 years and been a big fan of the UFC for a long time, so I’m really excited about the merger and the potential for growth worldwide.

Reporter: Lastly for you, Vince, what coming up on the schedule for you has you most excited that the fans should be looking forward to and that you’re looking forward to the most?

McMahon: Well, it’s Crown Prince — “Crown Prince”, I might meet him later on — It’s Crown Jewel quite frankly. We’re gonna be here next week, and this is our home.

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