Lyra Valkyria still processing NXT Women’s Title win: “It definitely feels like the payoff after years of the grind”

Photo Courtesy: WWE

She is still processing the title win. 

Closing out night one of NXT Halloween Havoc was the NXT Women’s Championship bout between the champion Becky Lynch and challenger Lyra Valkyria. 

The final sequence of the match saw Lynch go in for another Manhandle Slam to which Valkyria countered into a pin and got a three count to become NXT Women’s Champion. Lynch and Valkyria’s history was documented leading up to their title bout and a week removed from the moment, Valkyria is still processing it. 

She told Irish Mirror that it feels like the payoff to all of her hard work over the years. 

It definitely feels like the payoff after years of the grind. I have imagined this so many different ways. The things that you think about are who would I beat? How would I do it? What would I say after? How would that feel holding that title up? What would I be thinking? It’s like an out-of-body experience because all the times I imagined that and then when it happened, it’s just sheer shock so I’m still processing. All the ways I imagined it happening, that wasn’t one of them because it never seemed within the realms of possibility. Becky, who has gone on to main event WrestleMania, one of the most decorated women in WWE. I couldn’t imagine that she could have been NXT Champion in 2023. What were the odds? And how could I see that happening and for me to be the one to dethrone her, it’s a picture that is so perfect I couldn’t have painted it.

Night two of Halloween Havoc is taking place on 10/31. The Poisonrana Podcast is going to be reviewing the show on the POST Wrestling YouTube channel.

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