Sonny Kiss shares that plan for IMPACT debut came together after podcast appearance with Tommy Dreamer

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Kiss clarified her status with IMPACT as well. 

At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory, the company presented their Call Your Shot Gauntlet and one of the participants in the match was former AEW talent Sonny Kiss. That was Sonny’s IMPACT debut. 

In a new interview with Women’s Wrestling Talk, Kiss started off by clarifying that she is not signed to IMPACT . 

Well, let me just already start you off with I am not signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Yeah, let me just give that disclaimer right now (Sonny laughed).

Speaking about the Bound For Glory appearance, the plan came together in September after Kiss appeared on Busted Open Radio. Tommy Dreamer, co-host of the radio show, told Kiss to contact him afterwards and when they had their conversation, that’s when the idea for Sonny to be in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet was locked in. 

So Tommy Dreamer, good friend of mine, always loved him. He has been such a shining light in my life and in my career for a long time. Since way back when Sonny Kiss was first a thing, you know? Since I first got on the indies. So he’s always been there, and some kind of guidance. Helping me out, giving me ideas, telling me to try certain things and I did Busted Open… So I did the podcast and then Tommy was like, ‘Text me after this’ and guess what I did? I texted him after that and we talked about it and he was like, ‘The entire staff thinks you’ll be great for the Call Your Shot’ and I said, ‘Yes sir. Sign me up for it. I would love that’ and then, it happened and it was a wonderful experience. The IMPACT locker room is absolutely amazing. Great, really great place to work. I really enjoyed everyone there. So professional, everyone was so kind and so sweet. It was a great locker room.

When asked about potential matchups in IMPACT, Kiss shared that she would like to team with Knockouts World Champion Trinity Fatu and go after the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. She thinks a program with Gisele Shaw, Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans would be fun. 

Honestly, I would love to team with Trin and become Knockouts Tag Champs. I think that-that would be really fun. Like, a really fun feud with Gisele (Shaw) and Jai Vidal and Savannah (Evans), that would be really, really fun. I think that would be incredible.

There was a point in the conversation when Sonny dove into her time with All Elite Wrestling. She reacted to AEW President Tony Khan’s comments about her departure at the All Out 2023 media scrum. Sonny appreciated what Khan said and added that she is forever grateful to him. 

I did (see Tony Khan’s comments about my AEW exit) and I wanna say this too, I am so grateful for Tony Khan. Tony Khan has always been great to me in the sense of he’s — first of all, he helped pay my bills during a global pandemic. But, there’s so many great things about Tony Khan and people expect me to say something negative about him but, no. He’s given me my life. He gave me stability in my life. Like I said, he helped pay my bills during a time where a lot of people were not — things were so uncertain. So, I am forever grateful for Tony Khan, and I always will be.

Since becoming a free agent, Kiss has competed for GCW, House of Glory, WrestlePro and Black Label Pro. Kiss is 29 years of age and in the midst of her eighth year as a wrestler. 

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