AEW Collision results: Eight-man tag main event, Darby Allin vs. Lance Archer, Swerve Strickland vs. AR Fox

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AEW Collision aired live from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas.

They’re back!

The opening promos are back, and FTR opened the show with Big Bill and Ricky Starks, Jake Roberts and Lance Archer, Darby Allin, and Swerve following up. However, before Swerve could get his promo out, he was attacked by AR Fox, leading to the theme song.

Swerve Strickland vs. AR Fox

Fox threw Strickland onto the ramp to start the show, with the pair eventually making their way to the ring for their match to start. As you’d expect from these two, there was plenty of back-and-forth action with high-flying moves. Before long, The Gates of Agony made their way to the ringside. The match went to a PiP break, and Swerve controlled the action throughout.

After returning from break, AR Fox started getting his offense in, landing an impressive DDT into a twisting vertical suplex. He quickly sprang to the top rope and landed a 450 on Swerve for a near fall. Eventually, Swerve got control of the match and went to the top rope for a double foot stomp to get the win.

After the match, The Gates of Agony and Swerve circled Fox, but before they could attack, FTR came out to help AR Fox. From there, a brawl broke out, and once the heels had the advantage, Big Bill and Ricky Starks came out and got in on the beatdown. From there, LFI ran down, and the heels took off. When FTR extended their hands to shake with the members of LFI, they walked away, disinterested in exchanging pleasantries. 

MJF and BCG promo

MJF cut a promo about Jay White being a pretender and a nobody. He said Jay White only pinned him because he used his whole faction to distract him.

From there, they cut to Bullet Club Gold chanting, “Jay pinned MJF.” Jay reminded everyone that he pinned MJF and said he’d do it again at Full Gear.

Kip Sabian and The Workhorsemen

Kip Sabian is angry that Mark Briscoe attacked him and challenged Briscoe to a match against himself and The Workhorsemen.

Roddy promo and The Kingdom squash

Roderick Strong came to the ring screaming, “Dasha,” as she introduced The Kingdom. He talked about neck health and Adam Cole. From there, The Kingdom won a squash match with a spike piledriver.

After the match, Strong made a brief, miraculous recovery to land a flying knee, and he immediately collapsed. 

Mark Briscoe promo

Mark Briscoe starts to cut a promo, and FTR walks in, saying they will team with him. Briscoe said he has partners and that FTR doesn’t need to be his partner. Lexi asked him who his partners were, and he said he couldn’t disclose. 

Lance Archer vs. Darby Allin

In a rare occurrence, Lance Archer entered without tossing his opponent to the ring and beating them up on the way down. That is, of course, because he faced Darby Allin. Archer controlled the early portion of the match until he tried his own version of Old School, which backfired when Darby Allin crotched him on the top rope. Allin’s control didn’t last long, as the competitors ended up outside the ring. Once outside, Archer threw Darby down the ramp as the show went to commercial.

Archer kept control throughout the break, but Darby found a brief moment of control once the show returned. It didn’t last long, as Archer hit a big step-up knee in the corner to regain the upper hand. Shortly after, he choke-slammed Allin over the top rope onto the apron in a painful-looking spot. Jake Roberts tried to use the skateboard to hit Allin, but the referee caught him and threw him out of the ringside area. Shortly after, Darby and Archer were on the top rope, with Archer going for another slam. Allin countered with a sunset bomb for the finish.

Jake Roberts returned with a microphone, introducing his new crew of Vincent and Dutch. Archer got back up, grabbed Darby, and hit him with a Blackout, leaving him down.

Skye Blue’s storyline development

Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale requested time with Skye Blue. Statlander thanked her for choosing the right side, and Blue said she only helped them because she had Willow’s back.

Swerve and Alex Abrahantes promo

Swerve is cutting a promo, and Alex Abrahantes comes in and challenges Swerve to a match on the next episode of AEW Dynamite on Penta’s behalf. Swerve accepts.

69 Day

Max Caster rapped some fairly non-controversial lines on his way to the ring. Daddy Ass took the mic, acknowledging some of the funny signs. They had pink streamers celebrating their 69 days as champions. 

From there, Bowens took the mic, saying The Acclaimed is fired up. He introduced a surprise for Max Caster, which was MJF on the big screen, saying it was pretty cool that Caster took the bullet for him Wednesday. MJF said he is starting to like The Acclaimed. 

Finally, Caster took the mic, thanking them for the gift. He thanked the fans and said their 69 trophy goes out to all the fans. He talked about 69ing again and again. Daddy Ass wants to know how he’s going to 69 everyone in the arena. The crowd erupted into “Oh, scissor me, Daddy” chants. 

Dalton Castle and The Boys interrupted and grabbed the 69 trophy, handing it to Dalton Castle. He threw the trophy on the ground, which led to a brawl between the two teams.

The Acclaimed vs. Dalton Castle and The Boys

An impromptu match for the Trios Titles broke out. The match was mostly chaos leading to the first commercial break, but it eventually settled down and looked more like a traditional six-man match after the break. 

After Dalton and The Boys got some offense in, The Acclaimed hit the mic drop for the finish. 

Andrade El Idolo

Andrade said he would give his answer to CJ next week face-to-face.

Kip Sabian and The Workhorsemen vs. Mark Briscoe, Dustin Rhodes, and Keith Lee

Briscoe’s partners were revealed to be Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee as they took on Kip Sabian and The Workhorsemen. The heels attacked right as the bell rang, with Kip and Mark starting the match as the official first competitors.

After landing some offense, the heels got control of Briscoe, keeping him separated from his corner.  It didn’t last long, as he made the hot tag, only to be tagged back in himself for the win.

Mark Briscoe promo

Mark Briscoe said he smells gold in those hills. He called out Jay White for a match on Dynamite with the title shot on the line. 

Willow Nightingale vs. Emi Sakura

This match started off a little clunky, and the pair had difficulty getting on the same page for a bit. Once it got going, Sakura landed a cross-body while Willow was seated against the steps. Willow had control going into the first commercial break, during which she tried to lock a Willow in a surfboard, but Willow’s strength was too much.

Willow landed a Death Valley Driver outside the ring. She followed up with a missile dropkick for a near fall.

The pair went into a series of pinning combinations, and neither could lock up the win. However, Willow Nightingale was able to hit a Doctor Bomb on Sakura for the three count.

Samoa Joe interview

Lexi asked Joe if he’d heard back from MJF, and he said he hadn’t. Joe said he’d beaten everyone they put in front of him, and Keith Lee walked in and said that Joe hadn’t beaten everyone. Joe said they could remedy the situation on Wednesday, and Lee agreed.

LFI & FTR vs. The Gates of Agony, Big Bill & Ricky Starks

Preston Vance and Big Bill went at it to start the match by exchanging power moves. Neither team established a substantial period of dominance going into the first commercial. When Rush attacked Ricky Starks with some cable, chaos broke out, with everyone running into the ring and brawling.

The show returned with the heels holding control of Dax Harwood, but eventually, he managed to tag Rush, who ran wild on the heels. When Starks tried to get control of Rush, Preston Vance ran into the ring and stopped him with a forearm to the head. Big Bill ran into the ring, landing a chokeslam on Preston Vance. This prompted FTR to jump in, but they ate a double lariat. Rush countered with a top-rope missile dropkick, but Starks overcame and countered Bull’s Horns with a spear. Rush tagged Dax into the match, and then Rush tagged himself back in quickly. Rush and Dax landed a Big Rig, much to the chagrin of Cash. Rush then hit Bull’s Horns on Bishop Kaun for the win.

FTR went for a handshake, but LFI left the ring again. The House of Black appeared on the big screen, offering threats to FTR. When the video ended, HoB was in the ring behind FTR. The House of Black attacked, but shortly after, the BCC ran out to make the save.

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