Sukeban announces signing of Sareee to multi-year deal

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Sareee has signed a multi-year contract with upstart promotion Sukeban and is set to debut next month.

Sareee (Sari Fujimura) began her career in 2011 wrestling for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana and won the group’s world championship in 2018 and 2019.

In 2020, she signed with WWE but did not debut until the following year due to the pandemic. Under the name ‘Sarray’, she wrestled in NXT through August 2022 and returned to Japan this past May.

Since returning, Sareee has wrestled primarily for Sendai Girls and SEAdLINNNG.

In Sukeban, Sareee will be part of the Cherry Bomb Girls stable and will take part in a four-way match against Countess Saori, Atomic Banshee, and Babyface in Miami next month.

The December card will also feature a World Championship Match between Ichigo Sayaka and Commander Nakajima.

From the press release:

Sukeban, a Japanese female wrestling league, today announced that it has signed Sareee to a multi-year contract, with the world-class performer set to debut at Sukeban’s second event, which will take place next month in Miami. Sareee today announced that she has chosen to join her longtime friends in Sukeban’s Cherry Bomb Girls stable.

In her Sukeban debut match, Sareee will take part in a Special Attraction Four Way Match pitting one member from each of Sukeban’s four stables. The match will see Sareee (Cherry Bomb Girls) take on Countess Saori (Dangerous Liaisons), Atomic Banshee (Vandals), and Babyface (Harajuku Stars), with one fall to a finish.

Joining Sukeban’s roster marks the return to the United States for Sareee, a former WWE performer who is widely regarded as one of the most talented and underutilized pro-wrestlers in the world. Sareee epitomizes the spirit of All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, serving as a link to the glory days of Joshi pro-wrestling.

The announced card for Sukeban’s Miami event so far includes:

Sukeban World Championship Match
Ichigo Sayaka vs. Commander Nakajima

Special Attraction Four Way Match
Sareee vs. Countess Saori vs. Atomic Banshee vs. Babyface

Sukeban will release more details about the upcoming Miami event in the coming days.

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