WWE Survivor Series press conference notes: Paul Levesque discusses CM Punk’s return to WWE, update on Jade Cargill, Rhodes on Punk

Triple H takes the stage after Survivor Series. 

First up to speak and take questions from the media following WWE Survivor Series was Chief Content Officer Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque. 

He touched on CM Punk, Randy Orton and R-Truth’s respective returns to WWE, the business numbers for the Premium Live Event, Jade Cargill and more topics. Below are highlights from Levesque’s press conference: 

  • Levesque stated that it was the highest-grossing Survivor Series in history. 
  • He jokingly said let’s talk about the big return of the night, R-Truth. 
  • Expresses that he’s proud of Randy Orton for coming back from back surgery. 
  • Levesque said Punk’s return is one of those lightning in a bottle moments that came together quickly. If the WWE fans want it, he’s game. 
  • He added that a lot of time has passed. Levesque stated that he’s a different person and Punk is a different person, WWE is a different company. When it comes to what’s next for Punk, it’ll be interesting whatever it is and it’ll be a thrill ride. Everyone is glad to have Punk back ‘home’. 
  • Very few people knew about Punk’s return besides Levesque and Nick Khan. 
  • He implies that top people at TKO were probably surprised when they saw Punk because they did not know he was coming. 
  • Levesque discussed having his eye on Joshi talents. He did not know what that term was until a few years ago. 
  • Seeing as how Jade Cargill has been off TV, he has no less belief in her now than he did when she came in. He wants to make sure she can take whatever is thrown at her. He added that it’s no fault of her own, but she was limited. 
  • He commented on WWE’s concussion protocol. He was asked about Jon Moxley’s recent comments but did not have a response to that in particular. He brought up Rey Mysterio’s concussion from August.

Joining the stage was Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. 

  • They were asked about a potential Women’s Tag Title run and joked that they’re only courting one another right now. 

Wrapping up the press conference was Cody Rhodes. The following notes are from his presser: 

  • Rhodes states that if Punk can help with where WWE is going, welcome aboard. He thinks this version of CM Punk is hungry. 
  • Further speaking on Punk, he said one can ask all the talents about him and whether it’s an up or down response, it’s all about business. 
  • Cody gets emotional when he brings up that Randy Orton told him after WarGames, ‘Thanks for the phone call.’
  • He mentions that his father-in-law is in the hospital. Michael Cole referenced that on commentary.
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