CM Punk states that he’s ‘home’ in WWE Raw promo

Monday Night Raw closes with CM Punk. 

The final segment of the post-Survivor Series: WarGames edition of WWE Raw featured the returning CM Punk. After nearly a decade since he walked out of the company, Punk is back in WWE and he spoke to the audience live from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Punk stated that he’s home. Referring to his exit from WWE, he said a ‘wise man’ once told him that for him to get everything he wants out of this place, he had to leave. Punk smiled and said he hates to say that wise man was right.

He then mentioned that everyone asks about his wife, April Mendez (A.J. Lee) and said she is doing fabulous and sends her regards. He stated that it’s been all smiles, hugs and a few kisses since he’s been back in WWE but not everyone has welcomed him back. Earlier in the night, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins said he’s not going to waste another breath talking about a ‘hypocrite’. 

Punk would add that some people are afraid that the most dangerous man and best in the world just walked back through the front door. He also stated that he has changed and closed by saying he’s not here to make friends, he’s here to make money.

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