AEW Collision Results: Danielson, Brody & Andrade win in Continental Classic

Photo Courtesy: AEW

December 2, 2023
Erie Insurance Arena – Erie, PA

By: John Kleinchester


Blue League Brody

Collision kicked off with the traditional Collision cold promos open with all the combatants tonight, finishing up with Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston cutting impassioned promos. The show kicked off with the announcers (featuring Nigel McGuinness in a “Save the Clams” shirt) reminding us of the rules and current standings in the tournament.

The first match of the night was House of Black’s Brody King taking on Claudio Castagnoli. As one may expect, this was a hard-hitting, brutal affair with both men trading the advantage.


Claudio was able to hit the pop-up forearm on Brody and then was able to get the big man into the Giant Swing. 

The finish saw Brody King hit Claudio with a King Kong lariat for the win and Kevin Kelly pointed out that King’s arm cast may have played a role in taking down Claudio. 

Mox Promo

A great Jon Moxley promo aired with him wondering aloud if it was a mistake entering this tournament and talking about how much pain he’s in. 

Abadon vs. Kiera Hogan

Abadon took on and defeated Kiera Hogan in under four minutes with the Black Dhalia. During the match, Tony Schiavone noted that he had been notified that with C2 Tournament matches not taking their full twenty-minute time limit, they had some “Standby Matches” that would fill in. After the match, the lights went out and TBS Champion Julia Hart appeared in the ring. The lights went out again and Hart disappeared. 

Samoa Joe Promo

Alex Marvez asked Samoa Joe why he was upset with MJF for accepting the tag match against the Devil’s men this coming week on Dynamite. Before Joe could answer, Roddy Strong entered yelling “SAMOOOOOA!” and said that his best friend Adam Cole liked Samoa Joe therefore Joe is Strong’s “Best Friend by Proxy”. Strong then repeated his claim that MJF is the Devil and Joe just laughed and walked off. 

Sting Retirement Promo Package

Andrade vs. Daniel Garcia

Daddy Magic was on commentary for this match and Kevin Kelly reminded him that if he got involved in the match in any way, he would be fired. Daddy Magic reiterated his problem was that Garcia wanted to dance during matches instead of just before or after and he wanted Garcia to succeed and just wanted the best for him. Andrade and Garcia had a spirited match with the Erie crowd getting behind the (somewhat closeby) Buffalo native. Ultimately, Andrade scored the pinfall after reversing Garcia’s sharpshooter into a Flatliner. After the match, Andrade shook Garcia’s hand while pointing toward Daddy Magic saying something inaudible. 

Willie Mack Promo

Willie Mack cut a promo on Wardlow saying that he hurt his friend AR Fox and challenged him to a match next week.

The Kingdom vs. Iron Savages


The Kingdom defeated Iron Savages in under three minutes. After the match, Roderick Strong ran in for his “miracle” spot yet again.

Ethan Page, King of Canada?

Ethan Page was interviewed and challenged Kenny Omega to a match next week on Collision from Montreal. 

Nightingale / Martinez Promo Package

House of Black vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal

This was noted as a “Standby Match” even though Tony Khan tweeted earlier in the day that this match would be happening. 

House of Black won after a brutal-looking spin kick from Malakai on Christopher Daniels. After the match, FTR came out and confronted House of Black but were suckered in and they forced Dax to watch Cash take the spin kick. Malakai picked the mic back up and said that no one would help them. Dax then got the spin kick treatment as well. 

Timeless Toni Promo

Just watch it. 

Skye Blue Response

Christian / Copeland Promo Package

Standby Match: Vikingo vs. Kip Sabian

Another “Standby Match” was announced with El Hijo del Vikingo taking on Kip Sabian. This match was a great little surprise with Vikingo winning with the 630 in just over eight minutes. After the match, Vikingo tried to shake Kip’s hand and Kip refused.

Lee’s “Him”

Lexy Nair asked Keith Lee who the “Him” was he referred to last week. Before Lee could respond, Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty interrupted and Taylor challenged Lee to a singles match at Final Battle. Lee accepted and told Lee Moriarty he’d see him later too. 

CJ & Miro

CJ Perry was being interviewed and Miro interrupted trying to get into Andrade’s locker room. Perry begged him to let her find her own way and said not to lay a hand on her client. Miro promised he wouldn’t. 

Main Event: Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

The main event of Collision was Danielson and Kingston colliding in Bryan’s first match in the Continental Classic. This match was just as good as expected. Kingston focused on Danielson’s eye and arm and caught him with a spinning back fist for a two-count. Eddie’s second attempt at the back first later in the match was countered by Danielson, leading to Bryan kicking Eddie’s head in. Both men were completely spent and Eddie gave Bryan the finger. Bryan responded by rearing up and hitting the Busaiku Knee for the win. 

Blue League Standings

Photo Courtesy: AEW


Announced for Collision Next Week in Montreal:

  • Kenny Omega vs. Ethan Page
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

AEW Collision Results:

  • Brody King over Claudio Castagnoli in 12:34
  • Abadon over Kiera Hogan in 3:41
  • Andrade over Daniel Garcia in 11:02
  • The Kingdom over Iron Savages in 2:29
  • House of Black over Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal in 8:41
  • El Hijo del Vikingo over Kip Sabian in 8:05
  • Bryan Danielson over Eddie Kingston in 16:51
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