Chris Jericho makes surprise appearance at wrestling show in Vietnam

Photo Courtesy: Aurelien Foucault

Chris Jericho has been filmed making an unexpected appearance at a wrestling event in Vietnam.

Fans at the Vietnam Pro Wrestling ‘Immortal Glory’ event on Saturday were shocked to see the AEW star.

Jericho commented on the appearance in a Threads post.


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The appearance was also documented on social media by several people who attended the show.

In one clip, Jericho is shown taking the camera from the in-ring videographer to film the crowd, who were chanting his name.

In another, he is seen coming to the ring through the crowd and greeting fans and VPW officials.

Vietnam-based photographer, Aurelien Foucault, also documented Jericho speaking to members of the promotion’s roster.

On the July 13th episode of his podcast, ‘Talk is Jericho’, the veteran spoke with VPW founder, Rocky Huynh and its English-language commentator, Canadian-born Carey Wass.

It is not yet entirely clear why Jericho made the visit. A Reddit user who said he was in attendance claimed that a documentary team was there.

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