GCW C’mon Dude Results: Blake Christian retains title, Sawyer Wreck wins Death Match

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: C’mon Dude
Webster Hall
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Hartford, CT

A promo from Nick Gage kicks off the show

JCW World Championship Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Azriel

This match marks Jordan’s 20th defense of the JCW World Championship. The two exchanged blows and traded near falls before wrestling to a stalemate. Jordan fired up and took his opponent down with a series of chops, followed by a big top-rope dropkick. Azriel countered and sent Jordan to the floor with a dice, followed by a big crossbody for a near fall. Jordan then tossed his opponent into the corner with a back suplex and continued the assault with more chops. Although the Batista Bomb was initially blocked, Jordan persevered with additional chops and finally executed the move, but it only resulted in a two-count. Azriel gained momentum with a draping DDT and a top-rope splash for another near fall. Jordan recovered, and attempted an acid bomb, and although Azriel briefly blocked it, he was still hit with a cutter for good measure. Oliver followed up with another cutter, a Big Boot, and an Acid Bomb for the victory.

Jordan Oliver retained the JCW World Championship

Singles Match: Marcus Mathers vs. Cole Radrick

The match started with a stiff lock-up; Mathers gained control of the wrist and briefly worked over Radrick. However, Cole fired up, delivering a slingshot DDT and a series of kicks. Mathers countered a flurry, responding with one of his own and a kick to the jaw for a close near fall. Mathers then hit Cole with a big crossbody followed by knee strikes to Cole’s back. They exchanged cutters, and Radrick took Mathers off his feet, hitting him with a lariat to the back of his head. Radrick followed up with a 619 into a Swanton Bomb for another near fall. Mathers responded with a cutter, a deadlift German suplex, and another cutter for a close two-count. Both wrestlers were putting in a tremendous effort. Mathers managed to powerbomb Radrick and attempted a handspring cutter, but Radrick blocked it with a head kick, followed by Lil Sebastian’s Curse for the victory.

Cole Radrick defeated Marcus Mathers

Tag Team Match: Miracle Generation (Dustin Waller & Kylon King) vs. GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita and Masha Slamovich

Rina and Masha jumped the generation right after the bell rang and double-teamed them heavily. Masha landed some heavy kicks on King, but he was able to block one which led to a series of tandem tag moves from Generation. They fired up on Rina, King hit her with a big spinebuster which sent her to the floor. They teased a dude but Masha and Runa cut them off with chairs to their heads. They crawled amongst the crowd, Masha Sabu’d a bunch of chairs at Waller’s head and suplexed him by the bar, Generation fired up with tandem dives from the railing and brought them back into the ring. Masha was isolated in the ring, and Rina stalked on the outside with a chair waiting to strike, Masha and Rina worked Wallse over with chair shots, He tried to fire up but Masga quickly ended that with a back elbow. They hit Waller with a series of suplexes, some on chairs some not; Masha slammed Waller’s head into a chair that was set up in the corner. King was able to make the save before it was too late for his partner. Generation fired up and hit them with a series of maneuvers that resulted in a close near fall. The crowd was living the match, both teams beat the hell out of each other. Masha and Rina hit King with a double powerbomb, King kicked out so Masha went underneath the ring and grabbed a door. The doors tonight were provided by the Henry family. Waller hit runs with a cutter through a door bridge, and Masha was hit with a tombstone through and steel chair followed by a splash but still kicked out. The venue came unglued after she kicked out. Miracle Generation set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, Rina hit King with an air raid crash through a steel chair, and they then hit Waller with a double powerbomb through the door for the victory 

Rina and Masha defeated Miracle Generation

Singles Match: EFFY vs Santana Jackson

EFFY focused on working over Jackson’s arm, dancing his way out of various holds locked in by EFFY. Jackson, in return, showcased his test of strength dance, and EFFY joined in but received a chop for his efforts. Jackson walked the ropes, taking EFFY off his feet with a springboard corkscrew. After dumping EFFY to the floor, Jackson was cut off with an uppercut followed by the Gayrantula. EFFY landed a series of running knees, resulting in a two-count. Jackson retaliated with punches and a big spear, but EFFY kicked out at the last second. Jackson retrieved his thriller mask from under the ring, taking EFFY off his feet with a series of lariats. Attempting an elbow drop, Jackson missed as EFFY moved out of the way, countering with the TKO. EFFY removed the wolf mask, put it on, and unleashed a big boot followed by an Under the Rainbow. Effy stacked Jackson up on the top rope; although Jackson initially countered, EFFY blocked the Moonwalk DDT and secured the victory with the Sack Ryder.

EFFY defeated Santana Jackson

Tag Team Match: Waves and Curls vs. Mane Event

Black and Jaylen initiated the match, wrestling to a stalemate. Waves and Curls showcased their dancing before collectively kicking Mane Event to the floor, with Hayley following up by taking them off their feet with a dive. They targeted Lyon in the ring, delivering a series of chops. Waves and Curls executed an impressive tag team offense before eventually being cut off. Lyon gained a running start, jumped through a hoop back into the ring, and took out Jaylen. Mane Event dominated Jaylen for a while, but he fired up and made a crucial tag to Jordan, who unleashed a flurry of lariats and a big crossbody. Lyon interrupted Jordan with a spike piledriver, but Haylen made the save at the last second. They exchanged fists in the center of the ring, and Lyon’s sloppy offense led to the pinfall victory over Jordan.

Mane Event defeated Waves and Curls

Singles Match: Richard Holliday vs. Parrow

Mason delivered a heel promo, asserting that Hammerstone was too good for a town like Hartford. Holliday jumped Mason during an introduction by Emil. Parrow intervened, saving Mason with a Chokeslam followed by a senton to Richard. While Mason choked Holliday, Parrow distracted the referee. Despite Richard’s attempt to power slam Parrow, Parrow muscled him up and sent Holliday flying into the corner. Mason continued to mess with Holliday behind the ref’s back as Parrow maintained control. Another powerbomb from Parrow was followed by Holliday firing up, hitting Parrow with lariats and a big cutter. Although Parrow backed Holliday into the corner, Holliday muscled out of it. Mason choked the ref with a chain as the crowd rained boos down upon him. With Holliday isolated, Mason and Parrow had the upper hand, and despite Holliday’s effort to fight them off, the numbers were against him. Mason handed the chain to Parrow, who choked Holliday while Mason brought a door into the ring. Hammerstone made the save for Holliday, running wild with an overhead suplex on Parrow and Mason. Mason and Parrow begged off as Hammerstone cut a promo in anticipation of their match tomorrow, emphasizing Hammerstone’s imposing stature.

No contest

Singles Match: LuFisto vs Unagi Sayaka

LuFisto utilized her strength advantage at the beginning of the match, but Unagi fired up, ringing LuFisto’s neck in the ropes and working her over in the corner. The fight spilled to the floor, where LuFisto chopped Unagi before tying her up in the stretch muffler back inside the ring. LuFisto executed some rudimentary offense as the crowd lightly heckled her. Unagi responded with a big boot, a running hip attack, and an X Factor leg drop for a close near fall. Unagi floated out of a hold and applied a chokehold, but LuFisto broke it with her strength, leading to a reset. They exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring, with Unagi getting the better of the situation but quickly dropping to a left hand for a close near fall. Unagi secured the victory by leveling LuFisto with a sliding lariat.

Unagi Sayaka defeated LuFisto.

Death Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer started the match by slamming Jimmy through a barbed wire door and proceeded to beat him down with the broken bits of the door. Sawyer then grabbed a gusset, but Jimmy kicked it out of her hand. They traded fists in the center of the ring, taking each other down with a double clothesline. Each of them picked up gussets; Jimmy hammered one into Sawyer’s head and delivered a cutter, while Sawyer retaliated by slamming one into Jimmy’s head and hitting him with a chair in a sensitive area. Jimmy took a seat in the crowd, and Sawyer followed him with a staple gun, securing a dollar to his head and another to his backside. Trying to come off the apron a cannonball, Sawyer was met with a light tube smashed across her body by Jimmy. The crowd exploded as Jimmy grabbed more tubes and placed them in the center of the ring. They continued trading tube shots, and amidst the chaos, I got hit with some glass. They battled on the apron, leading to both crashing to the floor through a door, but Sawyer kicked out at the last second. Sawyer then placed a bundle of tubes in the center of the ring. Despite Jimmy’s resistance, SDL came from the back and blasted Jimmy with a bundle of tubes. Sawyer seized the opportunity and hit a choke slam for the victory. This match was an awesome sprint of brutality.

Sawyer Wreck defeated Jimmy Lloyd

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Alec Price

Blake jumped Alec during his introduction and began beating him down in the corner. Price rope-walked and took Blake down with a big arm drag, followed by a crossbody for a quick near fall. A head kick sent Price to the floor, but he cut Blake off from diving, still eating a kick that slowed his momentum. Blake executed a beautiful Fosbury flop to the floor and continued his offensive onslaught inside the ring. Price caught Blake with a head kick, sending him to the floor. Price launched himself to the outside with a big crossbody and connected with a big half-and-half suplex for a close near fall.

Blake hit an inverted senton, followed by an attempted top-rope double stomp. Price moved out of the way but still managed to eat a 619 for a two-count. Price hit a step-up tornado DDT for a near fall. They traded running knees, and Blake hit a driver followed by a spear, but Price kicked out. Trading forearms, Price screamed “new champ” at Christian. They dropped each other with head kicks and continued trading forearm shots.

Blake hit a headbutt followed by a handspring back elbow. Price fired up at the last second and hit a big desperation lariat. He called for the surprise kick, but Blake ducked it and hit another handspring cutter. Price kicked out of a 450 as the crowd chanted “new champ.” Blake unloaded on Price with a series of chops, stacked Price up on the top rope, hit a low blow, and followed it with a superplex.

Blake went for the stomp, but Price hit him low and spiked him with a DDT, followed by the surprise kick for an extremely close near fall. Price took too long going for the surprise kick, allowing Blake to tie him up and hit him with the curb stomp for the victory.

Blake Christian retained the GCW World Championship

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