GCW What Is Your Choice? Results: Matt Cardona vs. Jimmy Lloyd, Blake Christian vs. Little Guido

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GCW: What Is Your Choice?
Sunday, December 3, 2023
Roulette Intermedium
Brooklyn, New York

Eight-Person Tag Team Match: Cole Radrick, Alec Price, Marcus Mathers, Dyln McKay vs. SGBUSSY

Mathers and Mance Warner initiated the match for their teams. Mance found himself backed into the corner, challenging Mathers to hit him. Mathers complied, and Mance responded with a series of chops, followed by a powerful big boot. Cole entered the match to intervene but received a couple of jabs. Although he managed to avoid a superkick, he fell victim to Mance’s double-eye poke.

After his title match the previous night, Price joined the fray, executing a springboard DDT on Mance, followed by a leaping kick onto Allie Katch. Price attempted a dive, but EFFY intercepted him, tossing him to the floor. Mathers and McKay then cleared the ring with a sequence of tandem tag team moves. They focused their attention on isolating Katch, working her over until Manders intervened with a double clothesline. Manders was about to send Cole through the door with a powerslam, but Wasted Youth reentered the ring, sending Manders through the door with a spear. Katch thwarted the pin attempt, making the save.

EFFY executed Under the Rainbow on McKay, but Price intervened, lifting EFFY into a torture rack and driving him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Katch unleashed a flurry of jabs on Cole and Price, followed by a substantial knee strike and a pele kick to Price. Mathers set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, attempting to put Katch through it. However, Mance returned with steel chairs, targeting Mathers and McKay. Manders delivered a top-rope powerslam through the door on Mathers, but Cole broke up the pin with a boot to Manders.

EFFY and Mance Warner sealed the victory with the Sack Ryder followed by a running knee strike on Mathers.

SGBUSSY Defeated Cole Radrick, Alec Price, Marcus Mathers, Dyln McKay

Singles Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Tracy Williams 

The two commenced with some chain wrestling, exchanging holds until they reached a stalemate. They reset with another lockup; Tracy grabbed a headlock as the crowd went wild for both of them. Tracy muscled Masha up and delivered a gutwrench suplex. After allowing her to get up, they locked up again, and Masha connected with an elbow. Tracy responded with a chop, leading to an exchange between the two.

Masha was dropped with a forearm to the jaw, but she fired up and hit Tracy with a boot to his face, followed by a lariat. Tracy went to the floor, and Masha executed a senton. She spiked him on the floor with a suplex, but back inside the ring, Tracy dumped Masha with a suplex and a running clothesline into a butterfly suplex for a near fall.

Tracy continued to dominate Masha throughout the match with a variety of suplexes, but that didn’t deter Masha from fighting back. She trapped Williams in the corner and briefly strung together some offense, including a spinning back fist and a couple of headkicks. However, Williams used his strength to spike her with a Death Valley Driver for another near fall.

They exchanged hard forearm shots, with Masha sent reeling in the corner where Williams hit her with a European Uppercut. Masha created some distance with a missile dropkick but was too winded to make the pin attempt. She ran wild with a couple of running boots and a spinning heel kick, but Tracy got his shoulder up at the last second.

Tracy went to the top rope, but Masha met him there. Unfortunately, she was driven face-first into the turnbuckle and locked into the STF. The crowd chanted “Please don’t tap” as Masha forced her way to the ropes. Tracy attempted another suplex, but Masha muscled him up and hit him with an Air Raid Crash in the corner for a very close near fall. Masha waited for him to get back up and attempted a shining wizard, but she missed, and Williams nailed her with a clothesline for another two-count.

Williams was hit with a headkick followed by a Shining Wizard and the White Knight Driver for the victory.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Tracy Williams 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. The Mane Event

Ku and Lyon executed a series of moves. Lyon initiated with a sequence of chops, followed by a significant top-rope arm drag and a Michinoku Driver for a one-count. Dom entered the ring, and they delivered double kicks on Lyon. Dom then leveled the big man with a senton and forearm shots before tagging Ku back in. Ku engaged Lyon, hitting him with a double stomp across his back, followed by a quick cover. Dom tagged back in and unleashed a series of chops and strikes. The champions played with Lyon using quick tags and powerful offensive strikes.

Lyon retaliated by planting Ku with a suplex and making the hot tag to Black. Black connected with a couple of elbows, followed by a rebound kick to Dom’s head. He positioned Dom in the corner for a big boot, followed by a 619, a Lyonsault from Lyon, and a Frog Splash from Black. However, the pin was broken up by Ku, who sent Lyon to the floor.

Mane Event attempted their hoop jump, but the champions thwarted them with forearm strikes. Dom found himself isolated in the center of the ring. Mane Event went for more tandem offense, but Dom evaded, and Ku connected with a knee strike on Black, followed by the Chasing the Dragon for the victory.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW Tag Team Championship

Singles Match: Unagi Sayaka vs. Billie Starkz

They exchanged headscissors and headlocks before wrestling to a stalemate—this being their second encounter. Engaging in a test of strength, Unagi repeatedly stomped on Billie’s foot, catching her off guard. Enraged, Billie retaliated by booting Unagi in the face, sending her to the floor. Billie took Unagi off her feet with a dive and slammed her head repeatedly against the barricade.

Back inside the ring, Starkz delivered a forearm to the back of Unagi’s head followed by a suplex, but Unagi managed to kick out. Starkz slapped Unagi across the face, followed by a running forearm and a kick to her spine. Starkz was firmly in control of the match, portraying a heel character, which added an entertaining element. She engaged with the fans and the referee, dumping Unagi across her knee, but Unagi still kicked out, further frustrating Starkz.

Unagi retaliated with a big boot, a running uppercut into an X Factor, and a snapping leaping leg drop for a close near fall. Starkz threw forearms at Unagi, connecting with a spin kick, but Unagi got her shoulder up at the last second. They both threw boots simultaneously, collapsing onto the mat, prompting a brief standing ovation from the crowd.

In the center of the ring, they exchanged hard forearm shots. Unagi showcased great-looking forearm strikes, but Billie turned her inside out with a lariat. Unagi managed to get her shoulder up again. Starkz climbed to the top rope, and Unagi met her there. They fought for the advantage, with Unagi connecting a headbutt followed by a superplex into another suplex, but Billie got her shoulder up at the last second.

Unagi hit Starkz with the Descirator followed by the Sister Abigail, but Starkz kicked out. Unagi attempted to finish Billie with a sliding lariat, but Billie countered with a Tombstone, yet Unagi kicked out again. Starkz climbed to the top rope for a Swanton and secured the victory. This match was awesome, with a compelling narrative and intense physicality throughout.

Billie Starkz Defeated Unagi Sayaka  

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Little Guido 

Guido appears unchanged from his Smackdown days in 2005. He swiftly shot in, sending Christian scurrying into the corner. Guido then took Blake down with a single leg, working him over with a front facelock and an alligator roll, which forced Blake to retreat to the floor to regroup. Upon his return to the ring, they grappled for control once again, engaging in a series of wrist locks. Guido gained the advantage, prompting Blake to exit the ring once more.

Blake returned with some fast-paced offense, and although Guido managed to keep up, he took some time on the floor to regroup. Blake sent Guido crashing to the mat from the top rope, relentlessly punching him in the head and driving his knee into the former ECW Legend’s back. Guido rallied with a big crossbody, but Blake folded him inside out with a handspring back elbow for a two-count.

Guido continued his offensive, including the Sicilian Slice, but Blake again managed to get his shoulder up. Blake retaliated with a leaping headbutt, followed by the curb stomp, ultimately retaining the World Championship.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Non-Title Match: JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Gringo Loco

Oliver rushed in, but Loco sidestepped him and booted him in the gut. When Oliver attempted a head scissors, Loco cartwheeled out of it. They skillfully avoided each other’s offense until they eventually wrestled to a stalemate, prompting the crowd to chant for both competitors. Loco kicked Oliver in the stomach and unleashed a series of overhand chops.

Oliver retaliated with a missile dropkick, resulting in a quick near fall. Stalking Loco, Oliver signaled for a big boot, but Loco reversed it into a sit-out powerbomb for another close pinfall. Loco stretched Oliver in the corner with his boot, declaring to the crowd his intent to “kill this motherfucker,” adding an intense element to the match.

Oliver, refusing to tolerate Loco’s nonsense, responded with a big lariat, tossed Loco to the outside, and followed up with a crossbody. Despite selling his back, Oliver went for an Acid Bomb, but Loco fought his way out, only to be hit with a top-rope dropkick. Climbing to the top rope, Oliver executed a Superana followed by a top-rope moonsault for a quick near fall.

Oliver then delivered the Cloutcutter, but Loco resiliently kicked out of Oliver’s flurry of offense. Attempting a springboard rana, Oliver found himself caught by Gringo, who countered with a powerbomb for a two-count. Both men, exhausted, were slow to get up. Loco pulled himself to the top rope, missing a twisting press, as did Oliver. Oliver managed to hit Kleopatra, but both competitors ate double-high kicks, collapsing to the mat again.

Standing face to face in the center of the ring, they exchanged high-powered chops, refusing to go down. Transitioning to forearm strikes, Gringo eventually dropped Oliver with a kick to the jaw, hitting him with a twisting splash off the top rope for another close near fall. Loco muscled Oliver up and executed the Base Bomb, but Oliver saved himself by getting his hand on the bottom rope just before the three-count. Oliver concluded the match with a cutter followed by the Acid Bomb, securing the victory.

JCW World Champion Jordan Oliver Defeated Gringo Loco

Non-Title Match: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Tony Deppen 

Rina grabbed a bunch of chairs as the crowd chanted, “Rina’s gonna kill you,” while Tony expressed his disapproval, stating that the last time he was here, he wrestled Zack Sabre Jr, and he doesn’t engage in “trash” hardcore matches. The crowd responded with chants of “Pussy” directed at him as Rina put the chairs back in the corner.

They began exchanging forearm strikes in the center of the ring, and Tony, opting for a different approach, bailed to the floor and struck a charging Rina in the head with a steel chair. He then tossed her to the outside, where he delivered a series of chops. A wild miss allowed Rina to counter with some chops of her own, working him around ringside to the crowd’s delight. Despite his initial reluctance, Tony continued to use the chairs to his advantage.

Rina slapped Tony in the face after he played with her braids and followed up with a flurry of palm strikes, concluding with a big boot that sent Tony to the floor. Rina executed a body block off the apron, causing Tony’s head to collide with the steel barricade. Back inside the ring, Tony unleashed a flurry of offense, culminating in a powerbomb, but the champion managed to get her shoulder up at the last second.

Deppen connected with a jumping knee strike followed by a half-and-half suplex, but Rina kicked out, providing Tony the opportunity to attempt a piledriver. Rina muscled him up but found herself caught in a submission hold. She dragged herself to the ropes, breaking the hold, and responded with a headbutt followed by an Air Raid Crash. However, she couldn’t follow up with a pin as she was too worn down.

They exchanged slaps in the center of the ring, and Rina went for the testicular claw. Deppen blocked it, only to be hit with a headbutt followed by a lariat. Rina set up a door bridge in the corner, attempting Splash Mountain, but Tony escaped and delivered a knee to her face for a near fall. Tony threw a chair at Rina, who responded with a head kick followed by an Air Raid Crash through the door. Despite Tony kicking out at the last second, Rina secured the victory with a Splash Mountain on a pile of plunder.

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita Defeated Tony Deppen 

Tag Team Match: Hammerstone and Richard Holliday vs. Charles Mason and Parrow 

Holliday and Mason initiated the match, but Mason quickly tagged out, sending Parrow in to do his dirty work. Richard fired away with punches on Parrow, but it didn’t do much to the big man just like the night prior. Mason tagged in and landed punches on Holliday. Holliday briefly fired up on Mason, who ended the flurry of offense with a thumb to Holliday’s eye.

Hammerstone was tagged in, and Mason sent Parrow in to try and make a dent in the big man. Parrow attempted to take Hammerstone off his feet with a big shoulder block, but Hammerstone didn’t budge. Hammerstone tried the same on Parrow but again did not affect the big man. Mason kneed Hammerstone in the back, giving Parrow the chance to toss Hammerstone across the ring with a fall-away slam.

Hammerstone fired up and took Parrow out with a top-rope dropkick, then made the tag to Holliday, who took Mason off the apron before turning his attention to Parrow, who was trapped in the corner. Holliday went for a cutter, but Mason blew water in his face, giving Parrow the chance to stomp away on Holliday while Mason bounced Hammerstone’s head off the ring post.

Parrow tagged himself back in and delivered more punches to Richard Holliday, setting up a door in the corner. Holliday managed to escape it and speared Parrow through the door. Mason and Hammerstone each received the hot tag, with Hammerstone running wild with big back body drops that sent Mason flying. This was followed by an inverted Black Hole Slam, but Mason got his shoulder up at the last second.

Mason chopped Hammerstone’s throat, locked in a choke, but Hammerstone used his strength to escape. He set Mason up for an assisted cutter, followed by a deadlift suplex into a powerslam. Parrow broke up the pin attempt after the flurry of offense. Holliday was splashed in the corner by Parrow, giving Mason the opening to hit a running double knee followed by a beautiful Death Valley Driver.

Mason attempted to choke Richard with a belt, but Hammerstone returned to the ring and hit Parrow with a release belly-to-belly suplex. He grabbed hold of Mason and hit him with his finisher. Hammerstone went for the pin, but Holliday broke it up and started choking Charles Mason with a belt. Hammerstone pulled Holliday off Mason, telling him that he was going to finish it. However, Holliday began to choke out Hammerstone with a belt. Mason seized the opportunity and took the pin as Holliday looked on. Hammerstone deserved better.

Charles Mason and Parrow Defeated Richard Holliday and Hammerstone

Post Match: Mason and Holliday hugged 

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Maki Itoh 

Bailey established wrist control, but Maki quickly escaped as they exchanged reversals, leading to a stalemate. Maki then started her trademark poses, inviting Bailey to join in. He obliged, prompting the crowd to chant “Holy Shit” as Veda Scott criticized his posing skills on commentary. Maki headbutted Bailey’s spine as the match resumed. Maki attempted an apron DDT, but Bailey blocked it, countering with a Dragon Screw followed by a Triangle Moonsault to the floor.

Outside the ring, Maki found herself locked in a Boston Crab, and though she made it to the ropes, Bailey slingshotted her against them for good measure. Bailey targeted Maki’s leg with stomps and attempted to bounce her head off the turnbuckle, but it backfired as it only fired her up. Maki powerbombed Bailey, delivering ten punches in the corner, followed by a facewash. Climbing to the top rope, Maki went for a diving DDT, but Bailey caught her and executed a standing shooting star press for a two-count.

Maki retaliated with a Satellite DDT followed by a Kokeshi, but Bailey blocked it with a jumping head kick, leading to a Kokeshi from Maki. Maki unleashed a flurry of forearm strikes, causing Bailey to take her down with a chop, resulting in Maki crying. She stomped on Bailey’s feet and slapped him, and Bailey cried in response. Maki ducked a chop, causing Bailey to accidentally chop the referee, Dan Perch, who then began to cry. Bailey embraced and kissed the referee on the head, allowing Maki to secure a quick roll-up for a two-count.

They traded pinfall attempts, with Maki eventually locking in a half-crab and sitting down on the hold. Bailey managed to escape, but Maki transitioned into a full Boston Crab. The crowd chanted for Bailey to tap out, but he reached the bottom rope. Bailey delivered a series of kicks, but Maki somehow kicked out at the last second. Bailey attempted another kick, but Maki headbutted his shin and hit him with a DDT, yet Bailey kicked out at two.

Maki aimed for an elevated DDT, but Bailey lifted her onto the apron. Attempting a moonsault double knee, Bailey missed as Itoh moved out of the way, allowing her to hit a draping DDT for another near fall. Maki went for another draping DDT, but Bailey blocked it, worked over her leg, and lifted her for the Flamingo Driver, resulting in a last-second kickout. Bailey attempted another crab, but Maki tripped him up for the pinfall victory.

Maki Itoh Defeated Mike Bailey 

Career vs. Broski Match: Matt Cardona with Steph De Lander vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Before the match began, Emil Jay introduced our special guest, Bob Cardona, who was sitting in the front row on the stage. Dave Prazak noted his ominous presence. Cardona entered the ring, visibly emotional, declaring this the most crucial match of his life. He recounted his WWE release on April 15, 2020, expressing the importance of this moment. On July 24, 2021, he shocked the world by defeating Nick Gage, becoming GCW World Champion and the Deathmatch King. Tonight, December 3, 2023, he asserted himself as THE MOTHERFUCKING INDIE GOD, claiming unparalleled success and dominance in the independent wrestling scene.

Cardona attempted to finish it quickly with a Rough Ryder, but Jimmy countered with a powerbomb and a Boston Crab. Taking a break on the floor, Cardona was swiftly taken out by Jimmy, who executed a tope. Steph intervened, pulling Jimmy off the apron, providing a distraction for Cardona to land a big boot followed by a neckbreaker for a quick near fall. Choking Jimmy with his t-shirt, Cardona engaged with the ref, allowing Jimmy to roll him up, but Cardona kicked out. Jimmy retaliated by kicking pre workout into Cardona’s face, delivering a neckbreaker, and attempting the Broski boot. Steph once again interfered, pulling Jimmy’s leg, giving Cardona the opening for a Rough Ryder, but Jimmy kicked out.

Cardona grabbed one of his belts to strike Jimmy, but he received a superkick. Rebounding off the ropes, Cardona threw the belt in Jimmy’s face for another near fall. Steph handed chairs to Cardona, who used them to beat Jimmy in the corner. Cardona executed a chair-assisted Broski Boot, but Jimmy still kicked out. Steph brought in two doors, and Matt set them up in the corners. Jimmy sent Cardona crashing through a door with a Death Valley Driver, appearing on the verge of victory when Steph interfered, pulling the ref out of the ring and running his head against the post.

Cardona capitalized on the distraction, hitting Jimmy with a low blow. Steph put on a ref shirt, and Cardona delivered the Rough Ryder, but before Steph could count the pin, Sawyer Wreck pulled her out of the ring. Steph accidentally hit Cardona, providing Sawyer the opening to spear SDL through the other door. Cardona and Lloyd exchanged forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Cardona took a superkick followed by a Rough Ryder, but he kicked out. Jimmy dodged Cardona’s attack, causing him to hit Ref Dan Perch with a forearm. Jimmy secured a visual pinfall after a driver. Bob Cardona entered the ring, hitting Jimmy across the back with a chair, followed by a perfectly Sabu’d chair. Cardona then hit the Rough Ryder for the victory, establishing Jimmy Lloyd as Matt Cardona’s Broski.

Matt Cardona Defeated Jimmy Lloyd 

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