McKenzie Mitchell reflects on her time with WWE, discusses her future, on-screen chemistry with Wes Lee

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McKenzie looks back on her time with WWE. 

In early December, WWE laid off corporate employees and included in that group of layoffs was backstage interviewer, host and correspondent, McKenzie Mitchell. 

Mitchell had been with the company for the last four years and was most recently featured in NXT as the primary backstage interviewer. RDP Promotions hosted a virtual signing with Mitchell and she looked back on her time with WWE. She stated that she enjoyed her time there and NXT is home.

When you do what you love, you’re not working. That’s truly how it was in NXT. NXT is home for me. I love Shawn Michaels dearly and I love all of the talent there. Really excited to see what they do.

As far as what’s next, McKenzie stated that she cannot reveal all of her secrets. When it comes to the wrestling side of her career, she said maybe she does know what’s next or maybe she doesn’t. She added that she will be doing some interviews in the coming weeks. 

I can’t reveal all my secrets, right? (Mitchell responded when asked what’s next for her) I can’t tell you guys everything. I will say I have been talking about my jewelry business, Headline. I’m really excited to see where that goes and then next year, it’s only been six months of the business and it’s been really, really great. As far as wrestling goes, I don’t know exactly yet. Maybe I do. But I can’t tell you guys exactly what I’m thinking. It’s just a matter of time. I’m gonna give myself the holidays, I’m gonna do a couple of interviews. There is one that I’m doing exclusively on the 20th. But I don’t know yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

During the signing, Mitchell told her supporters and those watching that if they want her back in WWE, they should express it on social media because that’s the only way the company is going to see it. 

It’s been really nice to see all the love and support from you guys online. I guess I can say this. If you want me back in WWE, you better put it on Twitter because that’s the only way they’re gonna see it…

Earlier in the signing, Mitchell spoke about her on-screen chemistry with Wes Lee. She mentioned that they’ve known one another since their time together in IMPACT Wrestling. 

McKenzie stated that every interaction between herself and Wes that viewers saw on TV was genuine. She brought up that her last NXT TV appearance was with Wes and they gave one another a high five and told each other good luck. She thinks that was poetic and feels it was a great way for her to go out. Lee has stepped away from in-ring competition to undergo back surgery

Well, if you’re a fan of NXT and you were watching weekly, you notice that Wes Lee and I always had a really great time. Truly. Wes and I have known each other for almost seven, eight years because we worked at IMPACT together and so what you would see on camera is genuine, truly. I would always wanna do that with all of the people I was working with backstage. I wanted to be a member of the NXT universe and how you guys were watching the show is how I genuinely wanted to give reactions and to respond and so I thought like you guys when I was doing the backstage interviews but Wes Lee, hands down (was my favorite NXT talent to interview).

Somebody pointed out to me, the last episode of NXT that I was on, the last time you see me, since the release, that I would be on NXT TV or WWE television, you know Wes Lee and I always did high fives. So the last time you’re seeing me on TV is Wes is giving me a high five and saying, ‘Good luck’ and I’m saying, ‘Good luck’ to him and that’s poetic. I think that’s really cool. That’s a great way to go out and we had such a fun time. So now, I wouldn’t wanna be yelled at by a heel so now this is really cool that that’s my last moment on WWE television is a high five from Wes Lee.

Continuing on the topic of talents she spent time with, Mitchell shouted out Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. She said they spent time together at TVs and she’ll miss them both. 

Cora Jade made a return (at NXT Deadline). Call I tell you — she’s a heel but I absolutely love Cora. She is fantastic. I see big things in the future for her and for Roxanne Perez. They are my girls. I will miss them dearly. We’d spend every Tuesday together so all the love for them.

Mitchell is married to NXT play-by-play commentator, Vic Joseph. Prior to joining WWE, McKenzie was with IMPACT from May 2016 through January 2019 and in September of that year, she joined WWE.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit RDP Promotions with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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