ROH Final Battle Results: Athena vs. Billie Starkz, BCC vs. FTR & Briscoe

ROH Final Battle

December 15th, 2023

By: John Siino

Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Taya Valkyrie (w/ Johnny TV) vs. Jazmin Allure (Zero Hour)

Taya Valkyrie starts the match by kicking Jazmin Allure down with a boot, in Allure’s Ring of Honor debut. Taya keeps Allure against the corner and ropes and attacks her with chops, but Allure tries to come back with a wheelbarrow just to be trapped and kicked into the ropes followed by Taya’s sliding German Suplex. Taya stays on the attack in the center of the corner until Allure mounts a bit of a comeback. Taya hit a superplex and then started stretching out Allure before stomping her out for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie by pinfall at 4:30

The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich) vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum) (Zero Hour)

The Outrunners start the match by ‘Code of Honoring’ themselves with a handshake as Ross Von Erich & Truth Magnum start the match. Ross hits a dropkick into a standing hurricanrana, before tagging out to Marshall Von Erich. The Outrunners regroup on the outside as the Texas crowd chants for the Von Erichs. Turbo Floyd tags in and takes his time trying to suplex Marshall, who escapes and hits a pair of body slams and a jumping elbow drop. Ross comes in and teases the Claw, which has The Outrunners outside to regroup again. The Outrunners use this to take control of the match until Marshall comes in and goes after both Floyd & Magnum with clotheslines and cannonballs in the corner. All four go at it for a bit, with a double dropkick from The Von Erichs followed by a double Claw, as The Outrunners submit to end the match.

Winners: The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich) by submission at 6:10

Kevin Von Erich joins Ross & Marshall in the ring after to celebrate with the crowd as commentary tells us to set our DVRs to see them later tonight on AEW Rampage.

Survival Of The Fittest Qualifying Match: Bryan Keith vs. Jack Cartwheel (Zero Hour)

Bryan Keith comes out to ‘Still Tippin’ by Mike Jones, Slim Thug & Paul Wall. They start the match trying to hold each other on the mat, but this quickly turns into them running the ropes with cartwheels and a moonsault from Cartwheel for two. Cartwheel keeps dodging and ducking Keith with cartwheels until Keith catches him and knocks him down with a dropkick for two. Keith stays in control until Cartwheel comes back with a cartwheel Dragon Screw. Cartwheel stays on the attack with Keith on the apron, springboarding back in with a moonsault followed by a cartwheel power slam for two. Cartwheel heads to the top rope, but Keith gets right back up just for Cartwheel to hit a cartwheel Death Valley Driver for a two before kicking Keith off the apron to the outside before flipping onto Keith on the outside, just barely clearing the ropes. Back inside, Cartwheel misses off the top rope as they trade enziguris before Keith stops Cartwheel with a knee to the face followed by a Tiger Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bryan Keith by pinfall at 7:14, to advance to Survival of the Fittest

Bobby Cruise introduces Tony Khan and talks about returning to Garland where FTR vs. The Briscoes began, Final Battle 2003 where Jay Briscoe & Bryan Danielson tore it up, and last year’s Final Battle where Jay Briscoe wrestled his last ROH match and calls this a special place to be before throwing to an impromptu match with two of the best wrestlers out there today.

Daniel Garcia vs. Blake Christian (Zero Hour)

Daniel Garcia is back to the long pants here as he and Blake Christian lock up before Garcia backs off with Christian on the ropes. Christian does the same to Garcia in the corner, but not before mocking his dance and landing a slap. They go back and forth on the ropes until Garcia lands a back elbow, knocking Christian down. Garcia kisses Christian’s hand before knocking him right back down with a hard chop. They start fighting in the corner, as Christian springboards back in at incredibly fast speed before finally settling on a kick to the back of Garcia’s head for a two. They fight in the corner, and one kick seems to stun Garcia for a bit as the referee gives him a bit of breathing room. Christian continues attacking Garcia with forearms, as Garcia continues to sell from the kick earlier, by falling after each shot. Eventually, Garcia eats one and starts punching and kicking away at Christian in the corner, before hitting a face wash and a butterfly suplex into the corner for a two-count. Garcia places Christian into the Tree of Woe, does his dance, and lands a dropkick in the corner for two.

Christian comes back and misses off the top rope but hits a backbreaker, an enziguri, a 619, and a springboard forearm to the back of Garcia’s head for two. They run the ropes a bit, trading kicks, boots, and strikes before Garcia hits a Saito suplex, as Christian comes back with a running Spanish Fly for two. Christian tries a springboard 450, but Garcia catches Christian and cranks his leg back before turning it into an ankle lock. Christian escapes and sends Garcia to the outside where he hits a Fosbury Flop, holding on for the inverted DDT on the outside. Christian sends Garcia back inside and hits the springboard 450 splash, for a close two. Christian mocks Garcia’s dance, but Garcia stops Christian and reverses into the Dragon Tamer as Christian taps out.

Winner: Daniel Garcia by submission at 12:16

Eddie Wants To Fight

We go backstage to Tony Khan who talks about some of the best wrestlers on the planet being here tonight, as Eddie Kingston interrupts and asks why the ROH World Champion isn’t booked on the card. Khan mentions how Kingston is wrestling tomorrow on AEW Collision, but Kingston says he doesn’t care and wants to wrestle tonight. Anthony Henry walks in and says The WorkHorsemen have been on a role and he’s available and wants to fight Kingston, as Kingston suggests a Proving Ground Match. Khan says if Kingston wants to fight, he will book that match and if Henry lasts ten minutes he will get a future title shot against the winner of the Continental Classic.

AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs. Black Taurus

El Hijo del Vikingo tries the handshake, but Black Taurus smacks it away before smacking away at Vikingo in the corner as well. Taurus catches Vikingo off the ropes with a shoulder block, as Vikingo is trying his best to knock Taurus off his feet. Vikingo ends up sending Taurus to the outside where he tries to dive onto him, just for Taurus to powerbomb Vikingo straight down to the mat on the outside. Taurus continues on the inside, hitting a power slam for a two. Fans start to chant for ‘Vikingo’ here, but Taurus just tosses Vikingo to the outside to boos. Taurus hits a corkscrew dive to the outside and continues on the outside with a crazy fast crucifix driver and pop-up Samoan Drop for a two. Vikingo starts to sell a bit, as Taurus heads to the top but Vikingo dodges him and goes after Taurus with kicks in the corner before hitting his inverted shooting star press/hurricanrana and more crazy Vikingo shit, sending Taurus to the outside. Vikingo starts and stops three times before finally springboarding off the ropes to Taurus on the outside, who was just there standing waiting for him. They keep going back and forth until Vikingo hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. They fight on the apron for a bit before Vikingo hits a 450 splash inside for a two. Vikingo heads to the post, running the ropes with a dropkick sending Taurus to the corner just for Taurus to catch him and toss him into the corner. They start fighting on the top rope where Taurus just press slams Vikingo off to a big reaction from this Texas crowd, as Taurus gets a two. Moonsault Samoan Driver from Vikingo, followed by a spear from Taurus as the crowd chants ‘Fight Forever’. Vikingo just tosses Taurus to the outside like he’s nothing, before going to the ropes and hitting a 720 dive to the outside. Back inside, Taurus hits a backbreaker, another crazy-looking backbreaker dropping Vikingo on his head and a discus lariat for two. Vikingo comes back with a crucifix driver, a poison rana, Meteora in the corner, and the 630 senton to get the pin and the win in a hell of an opener.

Winner: El Hijo del Vikingo by pinfall at 16:29, to retain

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship: The Mogul Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) (c) (w/ Prince Nana) vs. TMDK (Shane Haste, Bad Dude Tito & Kosei Fujita)

This is coming off of TMDK getting a win over the Gates of Agony while they were over in Japan for the NJPW World Tag League, although Mikey Nicholls is not in this match. Sadly Gates of Agony didn’t bring their fantastic entrance gear with them from Japan for this match. Kosei Fujita and Bishop Kaun start the match, before Toa Liona tags in as they keep Fujita in the corner of the Mogul Embassy. Kaun and Bad Dude Tito start trading chops for a bit before the Embassy starts to work on Fujita again as Prince Nana tells Brian Cage to ‘drag him’ and screams at Mike Posey for counting too slow. Cage starts curling Fujita as the crowd counts on. Fujita is able to come back and take Cage down with a release German Suplex as Tito and Liona both tag in. Cage comes in just for Tito to drop him on Liona before diving onto Kaun on the outside, heads to the top rope, and hits a crossbody on Liona, followed by a satellite DDT for two. Shane Haste tags in and goes after Liona, getting a two-count but Liona comes back with a uranage and points to Nana to do his dance. Everybody starts going at it in and out of the ring until Liona hits a spear on Haste for a two that Fujita breaks up. More action from everybody as Fujita hits a springboard dropkick on Kaun for a two. Cage hits his suplex from the apron to the inside on Fujita, but Tito is there to break up the count. The Mogul Embassy starts surrounding Fujita, who bravely tries to fight them all off, but poor Fuijta ends up getting attacked in the corner by the Gates of Agony before they hit their swinging Pendulum bomb on Fujita, as Cage gets the pin and the win.

Winners: The Mogul Embassy (Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) by pinfall at 12:03, to retain

I Quit Match: Tony Nese (w/ Mark Sterling) vs. Ethan Page

Stephon Smith doesn’t start the match until Mark Sterling is handcuffed, so Mark Henry walks out to make sure he is indeed handcuffed to the ring post. As this is happening, Tony Nese attacks Ethan Page from behind to start the match. Page takes control of the match as the crowd is fully behind him. Commentary brings up how Cezar Bononi was the one who helped Ethan Page get into shape. They start fighting on the outside for a bit, but as they enter back inside Sterling gets on the apron to try and toss his protein into Page’s face, just for him to duck and Sterling to hit Nese with it instead. Page goes after Sterling, but Sterling holds onto Page’s leg as Nese takes him out against the steel steps and asks Page if he quits; Page says no so Nese hits him with a running knee against the steel steps as Page is now busted open from his forehead. Page still doesn’t quit as Nese says he’s as dumb as all these fat pieces of trash in the crowd. Nese goes to ask for the key to release Sterling, but Page attacks him from behind. Page ends up sending Nese over the barricade, but he bounces back in with a clothesline. Nese tries to attack Page with a weight, but Page is able to avoid it. Nese then starts whipping Page with a jump rope, but Page takes it away and starts whipping Nese right back. Nese backs away into the corner and says he can’t take it anymore and teases quitting, just to hit a cheap shot on Page and choke him out with the jump rope on the apron, sending him to the outside where he hits him with a Fosbury Flop. Nese lands on his feet and starts doing jump rope. Nese sets up two tables on the outside, but Page is able to place Nese on one of them and heads to the top rope. Nese gets up and joins Page, but Page stops him with a slingshot cutter, before hitting another one through the tables on the outside. Nese doesn’t quit, so Page sends him inside and tries to power slam him off the top rope onto chairs set up, but Nese blocks it and hits a top rope hurricanrana, just clearing both chairs as Page says no to quitting. Nese goes after Bobby Cruise and takes the key to go release Sterling. Nese pushes the referee Stephon Smith down and frees Sterling, who joins Nese in the ring to stomp away at Page. No Mark Henry this time, as Page still refuses to quit. Sterling talks about giving Page a taste of his own medicine as they will handcuff Page, and smash his head with a weight plate then send the video to Page’s daughter for her future therapy. Scorpio Sky, Page’s future Men of the Year partner comes out and takes out Sterling, as Page stops Nese, smashing his fingers under the weight plate and DDT’s him on said plate. Page takes out Sterling with the plate before hitting the Ego’s Edge, as Scorpio takes Sterling to the back. Nese escapes from an Ego’s Edge attempt and starts attacking Page with the chair before handcuffing him. Nese gives Page one last chance to quit or he knocks his head off with the chair.  Page says fuck you and dodges a chair shot that almost hits the referee, before attacking Nese while his hands are handcuffed. Smith takes off Page’s handcuffs, and Page takes out Nese with a wild chair shot, before choking him out with the handcuff chain as Nese says ‘I Quit’.

Winner: Ethan Page by submission at 20:05

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky embrace after the match, before being joined by Mark Henry on the top of the apron as Sky says ‘we’re back’ into the camera.

Nyla Rose vs. Vertvixen

Commentary brings up how Nyla Rose & Vertvixen both are gamers and have that in common, alluding to Vertvixen’s ‘Glitch the Gamer’ character on Women of Wrestling, as we get our second WOW talent on this show tonight. Rose goes right after Vertvixen and tries a powerbomb, Vertvixen escapes and they start trading blows. Vertvixen dodges Rose in the corner and springboards right back onto Rose with a stomp from the apron, but not before being caught off the ropes and slammed down by Rose. Rose picks up Vertvixen before the three-count and places Vertvixen on the apron where she punches her, and with Vertvixen draped on the ropes, Rose hits a flying knee. Rose follows with the Beast Bomb and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose by pinfall at 2:41

ROH World Television Championship Survival of the Fittest Elimination Match: Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson vs. Bryan Keith vs. Komander (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

On his way to the ring, Dalton Castle calls to give people what they want and give them ‘tiny Dalton Castle action figures’. Kyle Fletcher is out with new music and a bit of a new look here with ‘Prince Devitt’ like red veins all over his right side. Komander comes out in a fancy jacket for his birthday, which commentary says is only used for special occasions. Lee Moriarty & Castle start the match, but Fletcher tags himself in and tosses Castle to the outside to get fanned by The Boys. Castle runs in, just to get tossed back out as Lee Johnson tags in for tonight’s Battle of the Lees. Castle runs in and gets tossed out yet again, as Komander enters the match. Bryan Keith & Komander start trading chops, as Castle gets tossed out again. Castle & Keith have a bit of a staredown before Castle gets tossed to the outside yet again, this time falling over the barricade. After some back and forth, Castle is finally able to throw someone else over the ropes, with Fletcher, but Moriarty takes Castle outside where he takes him and Keith out with a dive before hitting a Fosbury Flop on everybody. The move of the show. Komander starts running the ropes, jumping over Fletcher who’s on the top rope, to dive to everybody else. Johnson & Moriarty go back and forth until Moriarty puts on the Border City Stretch, as Johnson taps out at 8:46, to be the first one eliminated.

Castle & Moriarty face off as the crowd chants for Castle, so the Boys start slapping away at Castle’s legs to get him in the zone. They all start going at it, as Johnny TV makes his way down ringside, takes out The Boys, and mocks chanting for Castle. Castle tries to take a swipe at Johnny on the apron, as Johnny rolls in The Boys to distract Castle. Moriarty takes out Castle as he’s distracted with his jumping DDT to pin and eliminate Castle at 11:20, as the crowd boos heavily. The final four starts going at it until Komander & Keith got face-to-face. Keith & Fletcher end up on the top rope, as Moriarty joins them, before Komander powerbombs them all off. They start trading pin attempts before Keith hits a Ushigoroshi but only gets a one-count. Keith follows with the Tiger Driver to eliminate Moriarty at 15:38.

Keith goes right after Fletcher and hits a running knee followed by a Tiger Driver attempt, but Fletcher escapes and hits his spinning jumping Tombstone to pin and eliminate Keith at 16:52, as the crowd doesn’t like that either. Komander & Fletcher face-off, being the final two in this match before trading chops and forearms off the ropes. Komander escapes from a Tombstone attempt and hits a springboard poison rana, sending Fletcher to the outside. They start fighting on the apron, where Fletcher hits his Tombstone, luckily with Komander landing more on his back. Fletcher re-enters as Alex Abrahantes cheers on Komander to make it in before the twenty-count, which he does miraculously at 19. Fletcher goes right after Komander, hitting a brainbuster, and getting a two-count. They start fighting on the top rope before Komander hits a freaking crazy-looking springboard Destroyer, but only gets a two! ‘This is awesome’ indeed, chants from the crowd. Komander walks the ropes and hits a 450 splash to Fletcher, heads back to the top rope, and hits another 450, as Fletcher somehow kicks out at two. 900, as Caprice Coleman says. Komander heads to the top again, but Fletcher kicks him off and hits a brainbuster, dropping Komander on the top rope, and guess what, still gets a two! Fletcher goes right after Komander and hits the spinning jumping Tombstone to get the pin and the win, sending Komander home empty-handed on his birthday.

Winner: Kyle Fletcher by pinfall at 25:54, to become NEW ROH World Television Champion

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Tom Lawlor

Tom Lawlor luckily comes out with the fantastic theme song he uses in NJPW, here in his ROH debut, but it sadly gets cut off right before the good part. Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs & Jerry Lynn are the judges for this match. Caprice Coleman is caught a little off-guard at Lawlor removing his shorts to reveal his trunks as the crowd gives a ‘Holy Shit’ chant. They go back and forth on the mat, as Lawlor puts on a cross-arm breaker while slapping away at Wheeler Yuta’s stomach, but Yuta puts his foot on the rope, using his first rope break. They both hit each other with closed fits, but Mike Posey only catches Lawlor’s, so he issues him a warning. Yuta continues on the attack, as Lawlor uses his first rope break. They go back and forth for a bit until Yuta holds Lawlor down with an Octopus Stretch, which Lawlor is able to power out of for two. Lawlor continues with a hammerlock piledriver for two and holds on to the submission, as Yuta uses his second rope break followed by his first warning for a closed fist. Yuta uses his third and final rope break, as Lawlor starts bending back the arm of Yuta, just for him to slide out and put out an ankle lock. Lawlor gets out on puts on the double-wrist lock, before turning into a Chicken Wing. They go back and forth as Yuta traps on the Seatbelt pin and gets a sloppy pin and wins there as they were trapped in the ropes during this.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta by pinfall at 13:11, to retain

They go to shake hands after, but Yuta hits Lawlor with a low blow and goes to take him out some more as Hook makes his way to the ring and chases Yuta away. As Hook is attending to Lawlor, Yuta enters and hits a low blow and a DDT to Hook.

Shane Taylor vs. Keith Lee

It was a long time coming for this match between the former Pretty Boy Killers, who are having their first singles match, which never happened after breaking up in 2017. Shane Taylor stops to greet his kids at ringside before the match. Keith Lee & Taylor start the match slow circling each other and testing each other out with lock-ups. They keep testing each other until Lee knocks Taylor down with a shoulder block. They fight on the apron where Taylor catches Lee in the Tower of London, only getting a one count. Taylor stays on the attack, hitting a leg drop to Lee on the apron getting one. They go back and forth, trading punches before Lee splashes Taylor in the corner. Taylor comes back with a splash off the ropes for a two. Lee takes control and teases going off the top rope, as Lee Moriarty shows up and gets on the apron just for Keith Lee to bring him inside and back down with a sitout powerbomb. Taylor takes advantage with a knee to the back of Keith’s head for a two. Taylor heads to the ropes, as Lee tries to stop him, before Taylor eventually hits an Avalanche Destroyer, getting a two count. Taylor goes for the knockout punch, but Lee seems to get his hand up, as Taylor only gets a two. Lee dodges another punch and hits Big Bang Catastrophe to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Keith Lee by pinfall at 14:40

Lee picks up Taylor after the match and raises his hand, as Taylor’s children clap on.

Here To Collect Gold

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Bryan Keith and asks him what’s next for him. Keith says he’s here to prove himself on the big stage that he’s championship material and he’s here to collect gold. Orange Cassidy walks in and says he has some gold right here, and tells Keith to come collect it tomorrow on Collision.

Fight To Honor Jay Briscoe: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & Mark Briscoe vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli)

FTR comes out in ‘Dem Top Guys’ gear. This is Bryan Danielson’s first match in ROH since 2009, and Jon Moxley’s first official ROH match after doing some dark matches for them around the same time. Before the match starts, Dax Harwood goes to a girl in the front row who’s face deep into her phone and asks her what’s going on. Dax & Moxley start the match, as Moxley tells Dax to hit him which he does with a chop. Claudio Castagnoli tags in and keeps Dax in his corner, before they start trading uppercuts and chops. Danielson is now in as he and Cash Wheeler start trading uppercuts. Claudio & Wheeler then start trading uppercuts, before Mark Briscoe tags in and goes after Claudio in their corner. A bit of back and forth with BCC staying in control, as Claudio hits the Giant Swing on Dax. Dax dodges Moxley who goes shoulder-first into the post.

Briscoe gets the hot tag and goes after Claudio & Danielson with redneck kung fu. Briscoe knocks Moxley off the apron and hits a suplex to Danielson followed by Redneck Boogie along with Wheeler on Danielson for a two. They all start hitting moves including Froggy Bow from Briscoe to Danielson, followed by dives to the outside as Dax is now bleeding profusely from his eye. Danielson escapes out of a Doomsday Device attempt as Claudio catches Briscoe with a European Uppercut. All six men started going after each other with moves before they all had a face-off before continuing the fight, but Danielson stopped a Shatter Machine attempt with a Busaiku Knee. Briscoe starts fighting off Danielson & Moxley, but Claudio joins in with a European uppercut and the Neutralizer for a two-count. Claudio keeps Briscoe grounded in the corner with uppercuts before they come back and hit the Super Shatter Machine on Claudio, as Briscoe gets a two-count. Briscoe calls for the Jay Driller on Claudio, but Moxley stops him. BCC starts ganging up on Briscoe and calls for the Doomsday Device, but FTR breaks it up. They start fighting around the ring, up the ramp, and into the crowd, as the referee counts them all out at 18:51. Bobby Cruise is about to announce the match ending, but Briscoe stops him and says this match is to honor Jay and tells them to restart the match, which they do to a Fight Without Honor.

Winner: Double Countout at 18:51

Fight Without Honor: FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) & Mark Briscoe vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli)

They continue to brawl as Briscoe sends Claudio to the outside, sets up his chair, and dives onto Claudio. Briscoe finds a bucket full of barbed wire and thumbtacks, and pours them on a table, before putting the bucket on his head and heading to the back. Briscoe comes back with a barbed wire-covered wire, as Moxley is digging into Dax’s face with a fork. Cameras are trying to keep up with all this action as Briscoe places Claudio on the barbed wire ladder, and climbs the top rope but gets stopped with a chair shot from Moxley, who sends Briscoe crashing onto the ladder. Moxley attacks Dax with chair shots, before hitting a curb stomp onto it. Moxley asks ‘Where’s Cash?’ as he finds him to dig the fork into as well. Danielson’s eye patch is barely hanging on as he starts attacking with a chair. They start attacking Cash with the barbed wire over his eyes, with a LeBell lock, but Cash still doesn’t give up.

Moxley puts the choke on Briscoe, as Claudio & Danielson hold FTR back, eventually crashing into Moxley breaking up the submission. BCC starts stacking up chairs in the middle of the ring as Claudio sets up a table against the barricade but gets speared through it by Wheeler as Dax puts Moxley through the table full of thumbtacks. Danielson starts kicking away at Briscoe and says ‘This isn’t your night’, but Briscoe flips him off. Briscoe ends up hitting the Jay Driller to Danielson on the stack of chairs to get the pin and the win.

Winners: Mark Briscoe & FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) by pinfall at 10:46

Dynamite ‘Holiday Bash – Tournament For Tots’ Line-Up

  • Gold League: Mark Briscoe (0) vs. Jay Lethal (0)
  • Gold League: Rush (6) vs. Swerve Strickland (9)
  • Gold League: Jon Moxley (12) vs. Jay White (9)

Collision ‘Winter Is Coming’ Line-Up

  • Blue League: Brody King (6) vs. Bryan Danielson (6)
  • Blue League: Andrade El Idolo (9) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (3)
  • Blue League: Eddie Kingston (3) vs. Daniel Garcia (0)
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Bryan Keith

Proving Ground Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Henry

They start the match circling each other while trading kicks and punches. They brawl on the outside for a bit, before Anthony Henry hits a top rope stomp for a two. Henry starts kicking away at Eddie Kingston, who eats them while giving chops of his own before giving machine gun chops in the corner. Henry goes after Kingston, hitting a piledriver for a two. Kingston follows with his back first, half Dragon Suplex, and puts on the Stretch Plum as Henry taps out.

Winner: Eddie Kingston by pinfall at 5:45

As Kingston makes his way up the ramp, Daniel Garcia is there to face him, but Kingston just laughs him off and walks past him.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena (c) vs. Billie Starkz

Should be noted in the video package before the match, that Athena stated if she loses tonight she will leave Ring of Honor forever. Lexy Nair, who has been involved in this storyline, does the ring announcing for the match. Athena comes out in Bane-inspired gear, while also wearing a face mask after getting her nose broken on the last episode of ROH on HonorClub. Athena gets a big reaction, being her hometown here in Garland, Texas. Billie Starkz starts the match in control, knocking Athena into the corner as the crowd chants ‘Women’s Wrestling’.

Starkz tries to dive into Athena on the outside, but she catches her and starts tossing her against the barricades, driving her head first into it before smashing into her with a splash. Athena stays in control, choking out Starkz on the ropes, as Starkz is now bleeding from the forehead. Starkz takes over a bit, until they start trading pin attempts and kick attempts until Starkz hits a Dragon Suplex. Starkz starts working on Athena and pulls off Athena’s face mask before keeping on the attack, hitting a spinning kick and a top rope senton. Starkz follows Athena on the outside with a tope suicida, before she starts sending Athena viciously into the barricades. Athena comes back and does the same as they go to the top of the commentary table and Athena yells at Billie that she will never have what is hers. Starkz blocks a suplex attempt on the table, to hit her suplex to the mat, followed by another one on top of the plywood covering that was from the commentary table.

They start fighting in the crowd before Athena sends Starkz face-first off the barricade with a sling blade. They head to the ropes as Athena has Starkz on her shoulders and she hits a super German Suplex while holding onto Starkz’s legs, crashing down to the mat. The referee gets taken out by accident, as Athena has the visual pin and tells Lexy to bring her, her belt. Lexy starts acting like she can’t understand Athena, before eventually heading towards her with the title. They tussle with the belt for a bit, as Starkz hits a drop kick to Athena, and she goes head first into the title belt followed by the Star-Ten to get a two-count. With Athena on her shoulders, Starkz hits an Electric Chair Driver to her on the apron. Athena dodges a Swanton attempt and hits her knockout punch, as both are now laid out. They trade strikes before Athena hits Despicable Knee, as Starkz kicks out at one. Starkz blocks the O-Face attempt as they now go back and forth and trade pin attempts. Athena rolls up Starkz while trapping her legs and arms back in submission until Starkz eventually quits.

Winner: Athena by submission at 28:30, to retain

Lexy Nair joins the ring and helps Billie up, as Billie keeps asking Athena what she wants from her. Athena says she wants Billie to be her minion, as she gives her a hug and they embrace.

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