Mark Briscoe talks first holiday season without his brother, says wrestling is “therapy”

Photo Courtesy: AEW

Mark Briscoe has opened up about still adjusting to the “new normal” without his brother, Jay.

Speaking at the ROH Final Battle press conference on Friday night, he described wrestling as “therapy”.

He said of his late brother:

This is our first holiday season, first Christmas without him. And I’m trying my best to hold it together for the family, for his wife and his kids, and mom and dad, and my sister.

And so that’s kind of where I’m focusing that. And tonight, just like I said, therapy, man — the therapy that there just ain’t nothing like it. There’s nothing like it, just nothing like it. But yeah, man, it’s not easy. And we’re adjusting to this new normal. When I say we, me and the family, we’re adjusting to the new normal.

Briscoe added that faith had got him and the family through a terrible year:

It’s hard. But faith in God is what’s getting me through cuz I truly, truly believe that my brother’s in a better place. He’s doing better than me. He ain’t got worries about no bills, none of that bullshit…He’s doing good right now, man.

 He also addressed a reference by the ‘WWE on FOX’ Twitter account, describing Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits as “DEM BOYZ”

He said:

I saw the tweet that I responded to that said “DEM BOYZ” with another tag team…And I thought it was made by somebody from the other company or at least had to be approved by somebody from the other company.

And I thought, “Man, on the anniversary of this match that we had, they’re really gonna do that?” And I was like, “Man, that’s kind of disrespectful. I can’t just keep silent.” There’s only one Dem Boys. And now you talk about Dallas Cowboys, you can talk about, you know what I mean? Multiple songs of the hip-hop genre, you know what I mean? That’s all good, but in professional wrestling, it is only one Dem Boys, and that’s Mark and Jay Briscoe.

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