Mark Briscoe explains why he’s been losing in AEW Continental Classic

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Briscoe states that he’s been a tag team wrestler for 20-plus years. 

At AEW Worlds End, the Continental Classic tournament will conclude and the victor will have become the holder of the ROH World, NJPW STRONG Openweight and AEW Continental Championships. 

In the Gold League bracket of the tourney, Jon Moxley is leading the way with 12 points. 13-time ROH World Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe is in the Gold League but in his four matches, he has yet to score a win. 

As he was doing a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest, Mark explained why his record in the tournament is what it is. He stated that he’s been a tag team wrestler with his late brother, Jay Briscoe, for the past 22 years. He went on to speak about their run and feels they’re the baddest team to ever do it and he’s happy with what they accomplished. Mark added that he considers his current run his rookie season as a singles wrestler. 

I don’t mean to sound like I’m making the same excuse over and over or sound like a broken record that happens to be making excuses but, I really feel like… I’ll put it in this perspective for you: I’ve been a tag team wrestler for (22) years. I mean, from May 2000 up until December 2022, that was 22 years tag team wrestling. We (The Briscoes) left our mark on this business, on this sport and not trying to toot my own horn or toot our own horn or whatever but we’re the baddest team to ever do it. I think nobody could get down like The Briscoes can get down in multiple different situations. There’s some people that might be able to run with us in a technical, classical tag match. There might be some people that could run with us in a No-DQ death match, there might be some people that can run with us in a Ladder match, there might be some people that can run with us in any type of match that you could say but not one individual team that can do it all like The Briscoe Brothers can do it. The way we get down, nobody ever got down like that before in professional wrestling history so that’s 22 years. My 22 is my first career, from 2000 to 2022, tag team wrestling, did it all the way. I think I’m happy with what we accomplished in them 22 years but now here we are, 2023 about to go into 2024. I consider this my rookie season as a singles wrestler. So, as a rookie singles wrestler, it’s like I said, I’m not trying to make excuses because I don’t condone losing, I’m not happy that I lost. Oh, it’s my rookie season so it’s okay that I lost. No, it’s not okay that I’m losing but I’ve been losing these (AEW) Continental Classic matches, I’ve been giving them hell. I’ve been giving them hell every single match but, yeah, I just gotta figure out this singles — the nuances of singles wrestling as compared to tag team wrestling and don’t worry. I think 2024, you’re gonna see big things from Sussex County’s favorite son (he smiled).

The conversation transitioned over to singles championships. He’d be game to go after the International Title and would love to become AEW World Champion. 

Mark said if he became AEW World Champion, he would load up chickens in the back of his vehicle and parade around Sussex County, Delaware while his wife drives. 

I’d be more than happy to take it (AEW International Title)… I’d be more than happy to take it from him (MJF’s AEW World Championship). Take it back down Sussex County, parade right down the street. I’ll fill the back up with chickens. It’ll be a buckin’ and a clucking and a flapping feathers everywhere and I’ll be standing right back there. Hun, will you drive the truck for me? (Mark asked of his wife and she said, ‘I guess’) Thank you. Me and the chickens be back there giving the fine folks of Sussex County what they been waiting for all these years; a true champion.

Mark will have the opportunity to get his first win in the Continental Classic when he meets Jay Lethal in a Gold League match. Lethal has yet to score a win in the tournament. 

At Ring of Honor Final Battle, Mark was part of a six-man tag tribute match to Jay Briscoe. He teamed with FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) to defeat Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli). 

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