GUNTHER proud of his recent promo work, speaks highly of program with The Miz

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Elsewhere in the chat, GUNTHER name-dropped Brock Lesnar. 

This past Monday on Raw, GUNTHER successfully defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship against The Miz for the second time. The stipulation attached to their match was that if Miz lost, he can no longer challenge for the title as long as it is in GUNTHER’s possession. 

GUNTHER was asked about his program with The Miz while on Busted Open’s Holiday Party. He expressed that he’s proud of his recent promo work. GUNTHER feels the storyline with Miz was fantastic for himself and called Miz an ‘absolute pro’. 

He enjoys being in the ring with someone who has a similar style as him but even more so, he enjoys the challenge of being in the ring with someone different. GUNTHER feels what him and Miz did is the second most beneficial program he’s had in WWE behind his work with Sheamus. 

I was very proud of that and happy with it too (improvement in his promos). I feel like for anybody that speaks a different native language, it’s a little bit tricky to keep up a fluent dialogue in a different language because it has to go through the process of you gotta translate it in your head first and that gets better over time. But it’s still a process but yes, especially the program I had with Miz was fantastic for myself. I enjoy being in the ring with guys who have a similar style to me but I gotta say, I even more enjoy the challenge of being with somebody that is completely different and like, Miz is a polar opposite to what I am but, the guy’s a — he’s in the company for 20 years, he’s an absolute pro and I feel like maybe, besides the thing I did at the beginning with Sheamus, the program I had with Miz was like the thing that benefited me the most so far in my run.

To close out, GUNTHER was asked who he wants to face at WrestleMania 40. He does not know if WrestleMania 40 is the time for the match and we’ll have to wait and see but when it comes to the long run in general, he’ll always mention Brock Lesnar. 

I’m always in the position of I don’t have to seek out to anyone. I’m the one with the target on his back and whatever comes, comes. But ideally I feel like — I don’t know if WrestleMania 40 is the time for that and we’ll see but, I feel like in the long run, the one name I’ll always bring up is Brock (Lesnar) because I feel like I’m the end boss to a lot of people, but I feel like Brock is somebody that perfected being an end boss and I gotta prove myself with him in the ring too. I think it’s for myself especially.

After retaining his title on Raw, GUNTHER told Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci that he is going to be taking a few weeks off. The next time Raw will be live is the ‘Day 1’ edition of the show on January 1st. 

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