Tony Khan AEW Worlds End media call notes: WBD relationship, Tanahashi/NJPW, Continental Classic, VP departures

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Highlights from the pre-PPV media call. 

Nassau Coliseum is playing host to AEW’s Worlds End pay-per-view on December 30th. Going into the event, AEW President Tony Khan hosted his pre-event media call and below are highlights from the session: 

  • Khan says relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery is amazing. He’s excited to work with them through 2024 and after. He is holding Ring of Honor’s rights as a card to be played in AEW’s rights as he assumes there will be a lot of suitors for those. It would take a lot to get away from Warner Bros. Discovery. 
  • He’s excited about Hiroshi Tanahashi becoming President of NJPW. Khan gave Takami Ohbari props for his time in that role. Tony values his relationship with Tanahashi and spoke about his professionalism. 
  • He was asked about the year over year ratings decline for Dynamite and Rampage. Khan mentioned that Monday Night Raw is also down in the fourth quarter year over year along with cable’s decline. He thinks WWE would also say being down 8-10 percent compared to cable is not bad. Like WWE, Khan is expecting a lot more revenue when it comes to the next round of AEW media rights negotiations based on where Dynamite started. 
  • Mike Mansury, Will Washington, Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, Sarah Stock, Dean Malenko and others were in his office on 12/27 with different points and ideas. Khan went on to mention how great ROH and AEW shows are doing on 
  • He’s never felt more on top of things and invigorated than he is right now when it comes to booking. Khan is extremely happy with the recent run of Collision and the ratings for the show. 
  • Speaking about the Continental Classic, it’s the most fun thing Khan has ever done and put together. He attributes to the ratings increase to the sports-based presentation. He’ll lean more into that based on fan feedback. 
  • He was asked if he has replacements lined up for the Vice Presidents and front office people that are departing AEW. Khan said he has big announcements regarding that. 
  • Kenny Omega being sidelined ‘affected a lot of stuff’. 
  • He feels it is the right time to do Swerve Strickland versus Keith Lee. He stated that it was by design and he’s been trying to build up both men. Khan would not have done anything differently and feels Worlds End is the right time and place. 
  • He does not directly answer when asked about a women’s Continental Classic, but said he’ll continue to develop all the talent he can and keep the heat going with the women’s division. 

After Worlds End concludes, John Pollock and Wai Ting will be live with their review of the show.

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