Nick Gage Invitational 8 Results: Miedo Extremo wins tournament

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Nick Gage Invitational 8
Saturday, December 30, 2023
Showboat Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Opening Round

Ultraviolent Jungle of Death Three-Way Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Emersyn Jane vs. Risa Sera

Masha attempted to strike both of them with a tube, but they skillfully ducked, countering by hitting her with the tubes instead. Risa dragged Shane’s head across the wire, while simultaneously, she delivered a series of tube-assisted blows to Jane using a kendo stick. Risa worked over Jane’s forehead with a broken tube, following up with a double knee strike and an elevated tube double knee. Masha intervened, breaking up the brawl by striking Risa’s back with a tube, leading to a battle over a suplex that resulted in Masha crashing into a pile of tubes.

In a subsequent encounter, Masha slammed Risa onto the tubes after a fine display of wrestling. They engaged in a trade of disarms at the center of the ring, with Masha emerging victorious and subsequently hitting Risa over the head with a bundle of tubes. The crowd erupted into chants of “Masha’s gonna kill you” until Shane intervened, breaking up the pin. Jane executed a suplex followed by a rubbing knee for a near fall, prompting Masha to retaliate by dumping Jane on her head and tossing her into the wire ropes.

Jane rebounded with a running snap German suplex and a Tiger driver onto a pile of tubes, securing a close near fall. However, her attempt at a moonsault failed, allowing Risa to come off the top with a double knee strike. Before Risa could make the pin, Masha intervened again. The three competitors reset, trading fists in the center of the ring and breaking tubes over each other’s heads until none were left hanging.

Risa countered by using tube fans, slamming Masha onto the glass for a close near fall. She repeated the move with Jane, but Jane managed to get her shoulder up. Returning to the top rope, Risa’s ascent was halted by Masha, who countered with a series of headbutts. Jane then took them both off the top rope, missing a tube moonsault on both Risa and Masha.

Seizing the opportunity, Masha executed an air raid crash into tubes in the corner, followed by the White Knight Driver, securing the victory.

Masha Slamovich advances to the Semi-Finals 

Barbed Wire Warfare: Broski Jimmy Vs. Jacob Fatu vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

They all grabbed tubes and started hitting each other with them. Fatu swung for the fence and connected with both opponents using a handspring moonsault, followed by a dive to the floor. They continued battling on the floor, where Murdoch unleashed a series of chops on Fatu. Although Fatu retaliated, Jimmy Lloyd intervened and struck Fatu with a barbed wire chair. The skirmish continued onto the apron, culminating in both wrestlers falling into a barbed wire net on the floor.

While Murdoch and Jimmy were being extricated from the barbed wire, Fatu retrieved a ladder and struck them with a moonsault, entangling them in the wire once again. Jimmy re-entered the ring, engaging in an exchange of shots with Fatu. Fatu grounded him with a headbutt and an Arabian moonsault. Jimmy retaliated by breaking a giant bundle over Murdoch’s head and executing a tube-assisted piledriver for a two-count.

Subsequently, Jimmy grabbed a barbed wire board but faced immediate retaliation with a Samoan drop into the wire. Fatu sandwiched Jimmy between two barbed wire doors and executed a beautiful moonsault for a close near fall. Fatu then set up a pane of glass between chairs. Murdoch low-bridged Fatu, sending him to the floor through some doors, and proceeded to hit Jimmy with a Deep South Destroyer for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch to the Semi Finals 

City of Glass Deathmatch: Shane Mercer vs. Miedo Xrtremo

Mercer sent Miedo crashing through the tube tower in the corner and began carving away at his forehead with the broken glass. Mercer set Miedo up in a military press, delivering a gut punch with a tube on the way down for another close near fall. Despite Miedo rallying with a series of forearms, he was swiftly taken down by a powerful lariat from Mercer. Utilizing his cat-of-nine-tails, Mercer broke a bundle across Miedo’s chest and dragged him through the broken glass for good measure.

In response, Miedo retaliated by sending Mercer crashing through the other tower in the corner for yet another close near fall. They introduced a tube contraption into the ring, where Miedo positioned Mercer on the top rope and attempted a suplex. However, Mercer muscled out of it briefly, only to be ultimately sent through the contraption, resulting in his defeat.

Meido Extremo advances to the Semi-Finals

Boards of Brutality Deathmatch: Ciclope vs. Violento Jack

Jack attacked Ciclope before the bell, and they immediately began brawling on the floor. Returning to the ring, Jack sent Ciclope crashing through a pane of glass in the corner. Using Christmas lights, Jack choked Ciclope and ran his head into the broken glass on the mat. Ciclope retaliated by doing the same to Jack, but a low blow from Jack halted Ciclope’s momentum. Jack then inserted skewers into Ciclope’s head and threw an entire skewer board into his shoulder.

Ciclope fought back, stomping Jack’s head into the skewer board. He set Jack up in the corner with the board on top and delivered a cannonball for a close near fall. This was followed by a spinebuster on a barbed wire board for another near fall. Ciclope attempted to set something up on the floor but was intercepted by Jack, who took him out with a dive. Jack arranged a pane of glass on the floor, and they continued battling on the apron, where Ciclope took Jack off through the pane of glass.

Rolling Jack back into the ring, Ciclope placed a bundle of tubes across his chest and executed a tube-assisted frog splash. Before Ciclope could attempt a pin, Jack countered with a vertical suplex. Ciclope then attempted a tube-assisted moonsault off the ropes, but Jack evaded and hit Ciclope with a package piledriver for a two-count. Jack broke a beer bottle over Ciclope’s head and followed it up with another package piledriver for the victory.

Violento Jack Advances Semi-Finals


Doorway to Destruction Deathmatch: Masha Slamovich vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Masha took Murdoch out with a dive to the floor as he made his entrance. She dropkicked a bundle of tubes into his chest on the floor and proceeded to work him over with a series of punches and broken tubes to his head. Murdoch turned the tables and hammered a gusset into her head, adding one to his own head for good measure. Masha then hit him with a bundle of tubes on the floor and hammered a gusset into his head back inside the ring.

Murdoch retaliated by hitting Masha with a bundle of tubes across her head and legs, then set up a tube door in the center of the ring. Masha managed to muscle out of whatever Murdoch had planned and countered with a leg sweep into the tube door. She then struck Murdoch over the head with a brutal tube shot for another close near fall. Using her sickle, Masha placed it in Murdoch’s mouth and set him up in the corner while the crew arranged a double pane of glass and door structure in the same corner. Masha ignited it, but Murdoch caught her with a Deep South Destroyer and pinned her to advance to the finals.

John Wayne Murdoch Advances to the finals 

Escalera De La Muerte Death Match: Violento Jack vs. Miedo Extremo 

They started brawling on the floor right away and ran into the ladder set up at Stunt’s side. Miedo delivered a couple of tube shots to Jack’s already injured shoulder and attempted another, but Jack blocked it and countered with a few of his own. Jack then struck Miedo with a bundle of tubes, carved away at Miedo’s head with a broken piece of tube, and set up a can lid board in the center of the ring. In their battle, Miedo won and backdropped Jack onto the board, following it up with a driver on the broken glass.

They traded kicks, and Miedo was sent to the floor, cutting off Jack’s dive with a chair to his head. Jack then set Miedo up on the top rope and sent him flying across the ring through a bundle of tubes with an overhead suplex. After exchanging lariats, Miedo scored a near fall with a Death Valley driver through a bundle of tubes. Jack responded with a low blow, followed by coming off the top with a tube-assisted senton. Miedo quickly recovered and hit Jack with a deadlift German.

Jack sidestepped a kick, accidentally hitting Ref Scarlett Donovan. Ciclope intervened, saving Jack from getting hit with a beer bottle. Miedo grabbed the ladder, set up Jack with a bundle, and came off the top with a senton for the victory.

Miedo Extremo advances to the Finals

Nick Gage Promo:

Nick Gage came out and cut a promo on the history of the NGI and Jun Kasai, Kasai came out to confront Gage. They had a pull apart that saw Jun bailing to the floor as Nick Gage called him a pussy. 

NGI 8 Finals:

Glass Ceiling 2.0 Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Miedo Extremo 

Murdoch rudely slapped Miedo in the face, rejecting a friendly handshake. They began exchanging fists and then escalated to trading tube shots, leading to a headbutt that took both competitors down. After regaining their feet, they continued breaking more tubes over each other’s heads, with Murdoch landing a running boot for a close near fall.

Setting up a door bridge in the center of the ring, Murdoch started climbing the scaffolding. Miedo met him there, only to be tossed off through multiple panes of glass and the doors. Astonishingly, Miedo kicked out at one, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Murdoch retaliated by throwing a bunch of tubes at Miedo, causing shrapnel to fly into the audience. Murdoch managed to pop up at one, but Miedo responded with a barrage of tubes thrown at his head.

As panes of glass were set up, Miedo continued unloading on Murdoch. He then positioned Murdoch on the top rope and powerbombed him through the panes, securing the victory. The crowd erupted in cheers, demonstrating their love for Miedo, who consistently delivers outstanding performances, never disappoints in the ring, and is genuinely a good person outside of it.

Miedo Extremo NGI8 Champion 

Post Match: Blake Christian attacked both Miedo and Ciclope after the match, Ciclope fired up but was quickly taken out by Shane Mercer who aligned himself with Christian to end the show. The fans threw bottles in the ring like it was still 2021. 

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