Paul London & Cheerleader Melissa were supposed to be a duo in WWE

London and Melissa chat WWE. 

Joining Captain’s Corner for a virtual signing were Cheerleader Melissa and Paul London. As the signing went on, it was mentioned by Melissa that herself and London were a duo that was supposed to happen. London then added that they were supposed to come together in WWE. 

In the early 2000s, Melissa had several workouts for WWE and she was in action on a May 2006 edition of ‘Heat’.

London: Book me. 

Melissa: Book me, book us… The duo that never happened. That was supposed to be it. 

London: WWE (is where that was supposed to happen). But unfortunately, my amount of power and stroke is, well, kept behind closed doors. 

Further speaking about WWE, London told the story of when the roster was on an overseas tour. He shared that while several talents were in his hotel room, Brian Kendrick decided to urinate outside of London’s window. He claims that the wind blew the fluid onto Australian rock band ‘Air Supply’, who were sitting outside.

London said Kendrick did it because John Cena and a few other talents were sitting on a patio and thought it’d be funny to urinate on them. Those in London’s room left and when they returned to the hotel, police were interviewing people in the lobby. 

Mark Carrano, former WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, said ‘schematics’ signaled that the fluid came from London’s hotel room and police needed to interview him. London stated that it was Ricky Steamboat who got him out of the situation. He would go on to jokingly add that if Air Supply wanted to know who urinated on them, he’ll take them to Kendrick’s home in Venice, California and livestream the interaction. 

London: We were somewhere in Europe and we were up in I wanna say… it was in my room actually. We were in a corner room… And there’s like (other talents) and myself, Randy and Brian (Kendrick) and Brian decided to… I guess some of the boys and (John) Cena and stuff, they were all down beneath my window, outside on the patio having lunch or something and Brian thought it’d be funny to pee so that the air would drift onto them or pee on them or something. But the wind carried over (to) the party next over and it was the band, Air Supply. Brian pissed out the window and it blew over onto Air Supply. I swear. I couldn’t even make this sh*t up (London laughed) and so, we all bolt and leave the hotel for like an hour or whatever. We get back to the hotel in like an hour, maybe an hour-and-a-half later and there’s all these cops in the lobby and they’re like interviewing everybody and we’re like, ‘What the f*ck’s going on?…’ It was Mark Carrano actually and this was on an international tour and I’m like, this is an office guy talking to me. Office stooge. So he was like, ‘Hey, police need to interview you, because well basically, the schematics point to your room.’ I was like, ‘Schematics?’ What forensic kind of bullsh*t do you got on me? ‘Well, the speed of the wind and…’ So, I was like, ‘What?’ And then believe it or not, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, shout out to Ricky Steamboat, we love Ricky Steamboat, he was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no! Paul wasn’t here. No. He wasn’t here.’ (Steamboat leaned over to London), ‘Get out of here. Go upstairs.’ ‘He wasn’t here,’ and totally saved my ass and yeah, Brian had pissed, it was just out of my window. 

I didn’t do it! It wasn’t me. You’re looking for Brian Kendrick… he lives in Venice (California). I’ll take you to his house, Air Supply. I’ll livestream that sh*t. Seriously, if you ever wanna find out who pissed on you, I’ll take you to his house. I’ll be the stooge. 

Cheerleader Melissa was back on television in 2023 as a part of IMPACT 1000. She plays the role of Raisha Saeed, the manager of Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong). 

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