Jimmy Jacobs: My AEW job really doesn’t involve writing wrestling television; it’s more admin

Jacobs explains his role at AEW and why he departed IMPACT. 

After five years of being a part of the creative writing team for IMPACT Wrestling, Jimmy Jacobs opted to depart the company and he landed in All Elite Wrestling. Bryan Danielson asked Jacobs to come to AEW. 

While being interviewed by Developmentally Speaking, Jacobs opened up about his departure from IMPACT. He knew his time there was done and felt he did all he could in five years. Jacobs added that he was creatively burned out. 

It was time (Jacobs responded when asked what led to him departing IMPACT). My time at IMPACT was… I had done what I was gonna do there and it kind of hurt. It hurt me to go… I knew my time there was over before I was gone to AEW and I just knew, I knew intuitively like, this is done. I’ve done what I can do, it’s been five-and-a-half years. I felt creatively burnt out and they need new creative blood in the company to sort of get it propelling. The dynamic with the guys on the creative team, it had become what it was going to become and I felt like this is the show we’re gonna do and this is it and it can be better. I don’t have the answers and that’s what it felt like. I don’t have the answers to get IMPACT where it can go. I’ve done what I can do for the company and at the very same time, Bryan Danielson called me up about coming to AEW and I was like, well, this is how it works. This is how reality works, this is how the universe works so to speak where it’s like, I’m done here and then the door’s gonna open here and you go, ‘Okay,’ you know? Let’s walk through.

He went on to detail his role at AEW and said he mostly formats shows. When he joined the company, it was never supposed to be for a creative writing role. He reiterated that he was burned out on writing wrestling television. 

Mostly what I do is I format the shows and I organize information and communicate information. It was never supposed to be like a creative role. Like I said, I was burnt out at IMPACT. I was burnt out writing wrestling television every week and I really didn’t want to do it anymore so my job at AEW really doesn’t involve me writing wrestling television. It’s far more admin.

Jacobs has been with AEW dating back to the summer of 2023. The next episode of Dynamite is emanating from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. It is being billed as the ‘Homecoming’ edition of the weekly program. 

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